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  1. I did, but their cost to WA state would be ~$4,000 because their minimum container is 4' x 7' x 7', and I only need a fraction of that much space. Thank you, though!
  2. Hello everyone! I am moving back to the states and have some things I would like to have shipped. It's not enough to warrant an entire 4' x 7' x 7' shipping container -- there's no furniture, just some large masks and some boxes of household goods. Does anyone have any suggestions how I might get this transported at a decent price? Thank you!
  3. I am asking for a recommendation for a restaurant where I can find the molcajete dish, as in food to eat. Thank you!
  4. Does anybody have any suggestions for fantastic molcajetes in Ajijic or Chapala?
  5. Does anybody know where I can get sourdough bread in Ajijic or Chapala? 🙂
  6. Does anybody know of a good makeup tattooing artist in Ajijic?
  7. Does anybody know of a really good seamstress who has the capability to sew specific clothing? I have a pair of pants that I would like to have duplicated as closely as possible.
  8. Does anyone know where I can buy the small, handheld-size bottles of propane?
  9. Does anyone know where I can get artists canvasses made for a reasonable price?
  10. Does anybody know of a good shoe repair place in Lakeside?
  11. Does anyone know if there is any place to get water tested? I live in Riberas and have a well and would like to know what the residue is that settles in the bottom of my glass.
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