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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/06/huge-phone-scam-targeting-americans-leads-to-750-arrests-in-india
  2. "sweets and sugar drinks" are thanks to Coca Cola". Mexico is the largest consumer of coke in the world!
  3. We have been taking down every year 100-150 pairs of prescription glasses for all types of prescriptions ( we are in Nayarit). Our optometrist collects them for us. We have donated them numerous ways: to the Senior's Centre; to Seguro Popular; at Cancer de Mama gatherings for women from impoverished villages; to local charity groups; directly to people through the assistance of local Public Health Nurses in isolated villages. There are many ways to donate, and it is very rewarding. When donating to people directly (including many children), it is a very primitive process of them trying the gla
  4. We got our Residente status last year. Last April we left Mexico for Europe. At the airport INM counter we received the form we were required to complete, and the agent told us to only complete the bottom part. We did so, and upon checking in, the form (top and bottom) was taken from us. Now we are returning to Mexico, and we understand that we are required to hand in the other half of the form upon arrival, which appearently we were supposed to keep. We do not have it. Can someone please give us advice on how we should handle this? Many thanks in advance.
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