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  1. Aloha Don

    Ricki's Japanese and Thai

    To all... This is Mexico. Eat Mexican Food. Not Modern as stated by Bobby's or the excellent article in the Reporter this week about Mexico City's Quintonil Restaurant. Life is too short to bitch about woks. Try tempura yourself and if it's not the same...at least since you made it, it's not too bad. Learn Mexican cooking . All this reminds me how so many people come here and live in gated communities with the same people you left and want food you left. Enjoy Mexico.......I Do.......Aloha Don
  2. Aloha Don

    licence renewal

    Thanks RVGRINGO...that is what I mean. What do I need to bring with me?
  3. Aloha Don

    licence renewal

    It's the car license renewal...the annual renewal. What is needed and the address in Chapala. Thanks!
  4. @pappysmarket It's the principle! Unfortunally somethings only Walmart carries. I used to live very close to Walmart in San Antonio but would drive to Soriana's. Just think...the thousands that shop at Walmart getting short changed... adds up. However, bottom line... It's the principle. You pay and receive change.
  5. Walmart Is nortorious for short changing. You need one person watching the prices and another to watch what goes into bags. I always stand in line and count my change (cambio). Walmart always kept small change. It adds up for them.
  6. Aloha Don

    Restaurant Los Cinco Potrillos

    There is a new (about 4 months) restaurant I recommend. It's called Alberelli. It's located on the frontage returno. Coming from Chapala, take the returno to Ixtlahuacan...go past the Pemex and begin taking the returno back to Guadalajara...just a few blocks , you'll see the sign in yellow. Open Mon-Sat at 3:00 pm and Sunday brunch at 9:00 am. Great Mexican-Italian food at great prices. Nice atmosphere,..Check it out. You'll be surprised.....cell # 333-903-0338