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    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    ¡Me vale madre!
  2. AngusMactavish

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    Have you ever been to the interior of Mexico? More importantly, has your spouse? If you can't embrace the culture, you will be toast and headed north quickly. Living a cloistered life in a land as exotic as Korea can get to be a drag. If you want cheap, I would move to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Now, what do you know of Mexico beyond Google and Cancun? EDIT: Many have suggested that anyone wanting to move here be shown this short film.
  3. AngusMactavish

    san miguel de allende

    People can live anywhere and not be bored with the funds. SMA is to me a place to vacation for a few days as it is in a myopic sense beautiful. To live there and tolerate the expats, NFW.
  4. AngusMactavish

    san miguel de allende

    San Miguel is:
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    We were presented with opinion, not facts.
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    With written laws. If one wishes to harvest labor here be prepared to follow them.
  7. AngusMactavish

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    Realize that there are many cheaper places to live than on the lake's north shore. A rental car is a luxury, but quite affordable. Bus transport is super cheap and can tote you almost anyplace you would want to see. I can eat very well on $20 USD a day in Chapala. You may find rentals of modern furnished houses quite expensive running about $650 a month for a ready to occupy unit. Your reason for wanting to live down here is not unique, but if it is the only reason you may find it insufficient to succeed here IMHO.
  8. Limes everywhere in Mexico and who would have thought.
  9. AngusMactavish

    Lime Disease Warning - not a typo

    Can't read, eh?
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    Recommendation Water Purification system

  11. AngusMactavish

    Sugar replacement

  12. AngusMactavish

    Joco emissions station

  13. AngusMactavish

    Lime Disease Warning - not a typo

    I have never had a problem with it on either side of the border, but some do. Squeeze on, trouper.
  14. AngusMactavish

    Fido in Restaurants

    Quite a bunch of drivel, chillin.
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    Installing a computer extender

    The server software may be free but hosting it on the internet is far from it. The software is universally the most used and its core costs are irrelevant to the host's performance.
  16. AngusMactavish

    "Tourist visa" question

    I find that the fear of being denied a tourist permit quite a stretch. Did it for many many years, all back-to-back, buying my next one from the same agent that I surrendered my old one to. There is no visa required, the permit is solely a tax. One is the number of their passport with a change of identity only requiring a simple renewal of it. The only downside beyond some tax issues is that you and your car going to the border twice a year.
  17. AngusMactavish

    Installing a computer extender

    Mac be thy name.
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    Fido in Restaurants

  19. AngusMactavish

    Fido in Restaurants

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    Here in Centro with Telmex's 499 plan:
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    Need direct contact for Mod on I.L. Board

    Take your computer back to where you bought it. I can do the CONTACT tab and I am not logged in, so obviously you have a malfunctioning system.
  22. AngusMactavish

    Immigration office closed

    Illegal entry, whether intentional, accidental or a matter of inconvenience is a felony, sir. Tell the immigration office your sad tale and see if he thinks one is being cyberbullied or not. The free trip to the border and a ten-year ban on reentry will give the interloper some time to think about it. felon 1: one who has committed a felony Notice that a conviction is not mentioned.