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  1. Those that can Google are able: While I did not see an obvious choice for the ear, most studies are less than 4,000 pesos. The cost includes a radiologist's report. See: https://www.chopo.com.mx/guadalajara/estudios/resonancia-magnetica?p=4
  2. That Covid-19 PCR test is not as simple as it seems with the following lab's pre-test requirements: We ask you not to carry out any of the following actions, at least 4 to 5 hours before taking the sample: -Do not eat or drink. -Do not brush your teeth or tongue with toothpaste. -Do not gargle. -Do not use mouthwash or antiseptic. In the case of home service, we ask you to meet the following requirements: -The patient is requested to wear a disposable surgical mask (face mask) in case they have respiratory symptoms. -There must be an isolated room or private bathroom that has a sink with
  3. https://www.chopo.com.mx/guadalajara/deteccion-covid-19-por-pcr
  4. Just went to the market and the cousin was masked and Joaquin's mask was below his mouth.
  5. Sometimes need to get more often and it can be renewed at any time. Renewals get a new passport number. You can even get a second one if you travel between certain countries. The name thing is quite a joke.
  6. Until they get a new passport, when they are a new person to the computers. Been there, done that, and got a TIP.
  7. The name the owner said was, "pierna". The shop is on Juarez behind the mercado in Chapala and is named Boca del Mar. She also said it was good for ceviche. I got her to filet one and brought it home, decided it was too dark to use as planned, and fried it. It would have made good fish tacos but I had to leave the house for a while, the smell was so strong.
  8. No algebra required. 44,139.60 MXN to CAD = 2,753.25 Canadian Dollars
  9. https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/
  10. The brand name drug is Humira. Its generic name is Adalimumab.
  11. Justin Trudeau: Canada-US border will stay closed until America gets COVID-19 under control https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2020/10/15/justin-trudeau-canada-us-border-not-reopening-covid-19/3661758001/?fbclid=IwAR00P0QAQcb7bdbUmjGReOBlFOcrGqa9xpwZ2nUhkWFi3ElK7lKCr6icij8
  12. When I lived on the other coast, my Jarocha would often use the leaves of the the plant in green mole, tamales, and quesadillas. It has a licorice type flavor. Walking on Niños Heroes, Chapala Centro I saw the vines growing onto the sidewalk. I have no idea if the leaves are sold here as I never knew they could or if many use them. My cleaning lady said she never heard of it. I will share the location with anyone that wants it. Piper auritum, also known as hoja santa (Spanish for "sacred leaf"), yerba santa, hierba santa, Mexican pepperleaf, acuyo, tlanepa, anisillo, root beer plan
  13. I went back to the new fish store in Chapala. They have this fish and they call it by a local name that is not Googleable to this one. Anyone know what kind it is, please?
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