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  1. There is only one brand from Tamaulipas. They once had only English on their labels and exported it to the US because it is such high quality. I bought directly at their facility and paid 90 pesos per 500 ml.
  2. Thia guy isn't that far and always welcome the sugestionables.
  3. Definition of eh —used to ask for confirmation or repetition or to express inquiry —used especially in Canadian English in anticipation of the listener's or reader's agreement Examples of eh in a Sentence Recent Examples on the WebNothing like getting scared by the mascot of your former team, eh?— Dallas News Here's hoping Avengers proves more like Destiny than Anthem, eh? Hayden Dingman Games Reporter, PCWorld https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/eh
  4. Or better but my neighbor gets 40 Mb/s.
  5. Your check has been mailed, there is nothing more they can do. Start checking from this end as in at the post office.
  6. Has anyone that had a check mailed here bothered to ask at the post office? The check I got was sent registered mail and sat at the Chapala P.O. for 11 days before they attempted to go the three blocks to my home.
  7. Volcán de Colima with Nevado de Colima on its left. Colima state.
  8. Looks like the first time I visited Taxco. The place rocks at night.
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