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  1. Covid restrictions do not allow tourist travel to Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and my destination city of Cebu, Philippines. I am not getting younger, so I am going to Pattaya, Thailand to wait and debauch. As a vaccinated (planned) tourist I will endure seven days in a 5-star hotel, just perfect to get over jet lag.
  2. There is a well know plan offered in Chapala for direct cremation services. Total cost is 10,000 MXN. I am offering my policy for 4,000 MXN because I am moving to Asia. I paid another expat 4,000 for hers four years ago because she decided to die elsewhere. The buyer simply pays 1,000 MXN to get the registration changed by a notario and all that is done at the closing at Funeraria San Francisco in English.
  3. No, the one between the burrito shop and the beauty school.
  4. There is a restaurant at Galeana 526 in the market area, across from la Fonda Chapala that I must bring to your attention. It has no name and from the outside looks unappealing. I have walked past it hundreds of times while looking for a place to eat. Some friends from CDMX went there and bragged on the place. I decided to try it and WOW! can that lady cook. Her fare is strait Mexican spoon grub. Everything is made from scratch to order. I has made me appreciate the flavors I have missed for so long.
  5. Yes, the same day as they get the part from Guad.
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