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  1. Believe it. Mexican governor is slammed for claiming the poor are IMMUNE to the coronavirus Miguel Barbosa, governor of the city of Puebla, said the wealthy are at risk He controversially said: 'If you are poor, no... we poor people, we are immune'\ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8154403/Mexican-governor-says-poor-immune-coronavirus.html?ito=social-twitter_mailonline https://dmlnewsapp.com/report-mexican-governor-says-poor-immune-coronavirus/
  2. It was over four hours ago (now 9:45 PM) but that matters not as I understand that the rate is a daily one. Tomorrow it will reflect that days exchange rate. PS, it is now 9:50 PM and they say: 1 USD = 24.2948 MXN
  3. The present MasterCard rate one gets at an ATM is 1 USD = 24.2948 MXN
  4. I thought that too but it must be 1,200 a month with four hours a week.
  5. Even toddlers know that masks should be worn.
  6. Mr. Google took me here but it isn't the report that I first read about it. White Supremacists Talked Using Coronavirus As A Bioweapon, Reveals Fed Document March 23, 2020 - 12:00 pm by Desire Thompson There is reportedly "big concern for these accelerationist groups to strike." https://www.vibe.com/2020/03/white-supremacist-coronavirus-bioweapon-federal-documents
  7. I am also paying my help for the duration. I do not want their exposure to be mine and anyway it is a small cost to me and real important to them. With the recent 30% change in the USD to MXN ratio it is even less a sacrifice.
  8. With an authoritarian regime there is only one person to blame.
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