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  1. It was too much of a PIA to actually search that form but my experience requires the formal Spanish name for the US., Los Estados Unidos.
  2. The Hippocratic Oath is an oath of ethics. Not much to do about clinical trials and peer review of effective treatments.
  3. Same old is witchcraft, homeopathy, and chiropractic. SOS... different day.
  4. I have tried all the ways and I can assure that you would never try twice.
  5. Other than topes, 35 is the way to go. La Barca is a terrible route and may still be on the US State Dept. no-go list.
  6. Don't forget that an easy license experience can be had at Ocotlan.
  7. That box is called the scientific method.
  8. The person to contact is the husband of Gaby at La Media Luna in Ajijic, sin duda.
  9. Call a diferent consulate. Some people make it their last stop in the US heading south.
  10. Don't futz around with the ignorant and peruse the pro shop in Guad. Nice Vaping English or Spanish, Dollars or Pesos, D.H.L., Estafeta, or pick up, just like the best NOB.
  11. I love it and will gladly help you move.
  12. I have never been there but they probably used dogfish, a small species of shark, hence the "baby" shark name. I has been said that dogfish is what is sold in the UK for most of the world famous fish and chips, so I tried it at Taco Fish La Paz in Guad. While it has more flavor than basa, no me gustó.
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