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  1. That is the absolute fastest way to cross. The only drawbacks are their hours of Banjercito and INM offices.
  2. Jerry and Lori have for years said that it was cheap to live in Ajijic. Enough of us challenged them and they now are reporting what it actually cost. They too were shocked at the tally.
  3. If you use Windows 10, there is a program in Windows Accessories named Windows Fax And Scan.
  4. Huarache (food) The huarache is a typical Mexican dish, whose form simulates the sandals that the indigenous people use as footwear. It is made with corn dough and is often stuffed with beans. It is common to be served with steak, rib or crashed egg and accompanied with sauces and cheese. Go to navigationGo to search Huarache (food) Full name Huarache Birthplace Mexico City Ingredients corn , bean Distribution Central area of Mexico City [ edit data in Wikidata ] Preparation of the typical huaraches.
  5. https://www.vidanta.com/web/nuevo-vallarta
  6. That hasn't been our experience in Chapala. They asked no questions about affiliation.
  7. Flu shot at LCS for 600 pesos or at Seguro Popular it is free for all, member or not.
  8. faggot noun (FOOD) [ C usually plural ] UK a ball of meat mixed with bread and herbs, fried or cooked in sauce
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