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  1. AngusMactavish

    Friendly Factor

  2. AngusMactavish

    Friendly Factor

    I was referring to Nicolás Maduro of course.
  3. AngusMactavish

    Friendly Factor

    You mean those watching a criminal run a country into the ground?
  4. AngusMactavish


    I can picture that outcome.
  5. AngusMactavish

    Anybody knows a place?

    Just curious... what is his impression on using cream cheese in what the locals call sushi?
  6. AngusMactavish


    Any of those kind of quacks depend on it. "Chiropractic is a freak offshoot from osteopathy. Disease, say the chiropractors, is due to pressure on the spinal nerves; ergo it can be cured by 'adjusting' the spinal column. It is the sheerest quackery, and those who profess to teach it make their appeal to the cupidity of the ignorant. Its practice is in no sense a profession but a trade – and a trade that is potent for great harm. It is carried on almost exclusively by those of no education, ignorant of anatomy, ignorant even of the fundamental sciences on which the treatment of disease depends." -Susan L. Smith-Cunnien. A profession of one's own: organized medicine's opposition to chiropractic
  7. AngusMactavish

    Friendly Factor

    The only rude people I have ever experienced here in Chapala Centro were not Mexican.
  8. AngusMactavish

    Got Egrets...How do I get them gone!!!

    You are outside their bedrooms too. They can't use earplugs like you can.
  9. AngusMactavish

    Social Security Question

    Contact via email the FBU at the Guadalajara Consulate. They will get it fixed and your friend will receive all the back suspended benefits due him. OR... have him make an appointment at the consulate for the repair of his benefits.
  10. AngusMactavish

    Richard's restaurant in Chapala

  11. AngusMactavish

    Passing on highways with paved shoulders

    If oncoming traffic is impeding your passing, don't pass. I am probably going way over the speed limit and again, I do not wish to dodge the holes, litter, and rocks on the berm, so patience dear sir, pass when it is clear to do so safely.