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  1. computer guy,thank you! mainecoons, I appreciate the feed back johs,thanks so much! Syver117, thank you kindly for your reply.. Now I have something to show my daughter ? CANT WAIT TO GET THERE!!!!! Blessings all
  2. hello to all! traveling to ajijic/chapala area by vehicle. My daughter is scared because she read an article about traps that are set to get you to stop so they can rob you and sometimes even kidnap you.. Talking to people on here,I've been reassured that Ajijic is safe.But what about the process to get there? Is it true there are people that dress as military personnel so you stop for them,or is that just the American press??? Please any comments are very appreciated
  3. Hello all ! Does anyone know of a home for rent with 5 plus bedrooms? Ajijic or chapala area.
  4. I want to do EXACTLY that! Invite someone to be part of our family,live in our home. Someone that may feel alone,or may need a bit of help/assistance but wants a family environment. If anybody knows of someone,let me know!
  5. Hello! I was wondering if you have found someone to care for your husband/assist you? I am a Cna. I speak perfect English and Spanish. Travel wouldn't be a problem. I'm honest,reliable,and gentle. Please email me: Blessedlovedn4given@yahoo.com
  6. hi there! We too have our eye on Lake chapala. We have kids same age as yours ? when do you plan on moving up there? We are traveling to ajijic spring break, so I can let you know what we found out,if you'd like? our family will also be looking at Chapala as well. We know Chapala is cheaper than Ajijic,but are a bit more attracted to Ajijic because our kids don't speak a word of Spanish. My hubby and I are bilingual If you go up there before we do,please fill us in! I'd like to keep in touch so we have a friend up there! Best of luck to you
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