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  1. Hi, Does anyone have any experiences with the solar panel company [ Soluciones Green ] in the plaza mall across from Wallmart? Their shop is new as the mall is still being populated. I'm interested in hearing the good and bad as we are shopping for panels. Jon
  2. Sorry, This is a long shot but this board has been so helpful to me. I've read in official "how to do it" pages that I need a broker to process the importation paperwork of out two pet cats. Anybody have experience with this? Jon
  3. If there are some of these road topes 6 inches tall then I'm in trouble.I have a conversion van but the stock height was only 5.4 inches clearance. We can clear the bumps here in North Carolina. Jon
  4. Thanks so much for the information. My van is fit to handle my power wheelchair so switching vehicles is not an easy option.Jon
  5. Hi, bringing my Chrysler handicapped van down on a move to Lakeside. There has been some question about the ride height of vehicles clearing rough streets or - I call them "speed bumps" to slow traffic speed in places like parking lots. Any idea about how high these things are? Thanks for your help. Jon
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