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  1. Has anyone tried having a large 16x18x6 box shipped to Ajijic from the USA? Is it more likely not to make it?
  2. Good news to learn there are good stores without going to Guadalajara to shop. Thanks for the recommendations. So, sounds like the beds are not sold in the standard twin, full, queen and king as in the States. I shall measure!
  3. Thank you, thank you all so much for the fantastic detailed information! You're a wonderful, helpful group. Just read the posts; I have not been on this site for days now because I'm so time stressed to the point of distraction!! Trying to sell off everything I have. It's so depressing and difficult. I fear I won't make the deadline of the end of the month when my lease is up. Bummer to learn dog beds are expensive and they don't sound too great while I'm giving away beautiful Lands End large dog beds:( Shipping costs to Mexico are unreal, I have no choice. Surely there must be some way to safely ship relatively small boxes of shoes and clothes to Mexico. Has anyone tried it? I'm a difficult fit, tall with a long waist. I really want to keep my clothes. If anyone knows of a long term rental with no stairs, off street parking with some private outdoor space and pool access that allows a totally quiet well mannered large dog please advise. Again, I appreciate such great advice I'd be lost without it.
  4. Your reassurance is appreciated. Do you have a dog friendly hotel recommendation for these cities? Is it easy to find a good dog bed for a very large dog in the Lakeside area?
  5. Does anyone know where one can purchase a US or European brand queen sized mattress in or near the lake Chapala area. Do you need to go to Guadalajara? The same question for well made leather sofa and chairs.
  6. Great news, I can take my dog on lead into the restroom at a rest stop in Mexico. That's a relief because that's exactly what I do driving cross country in the USA. Thank you! Andi
  7. Oh dear, I hoped it would still be cool out. So if your dog can't go inside, what do you do with your dog if you need to go to the toilet or get food? I'm traveling alone so no one to hold the dog if I leave for a moment. Andi
  8. Thank you Nacho OE, I feel better the dog issue is improving. Joyfull........Oh that information really helps, I appreciate the information on hotels. If I need to stop in Hermosillo, do you have a recommendation on lodging? Is it safe to leave you dog in the car or outside a restaurant while you run in for a take out or use the toilet at a rest stop? Is dog theft an issue?
  9. To hensley....if you could send your driving directions to margaritanna123@gmail.com it would be wonderful!
  10. Thank you all for your replies to my post last fall. I became frightened by the postings on dogs being poisoned, the campaign rhetoric against Mexico and decided not to go to Mexico. Even though the political fallout is worse now, I regained momentum to emigrate to Mexico although I admit I'm nervous about driving down alone plus very upset by the seemingly hostile environment for dogs. I leave by car March 2nd from Tucson with my large service dog. Hensley If you can still share with me your recommendations on where to stay on the way and any other travel pearls you've gained in your travels, I'd be most grateful. I have reservations for 3/5 at Nueva La Posada in Ajijic.
  11. Thank you Wide Sky for suggesting searching the forum. I'm new to this site; now finding what a fantastic resource it will be for my transition. Don't belong to face book so I'll stick to this site. Your help is highly appreciated.
  12. I shall be driving alone with my dog from Tucson, Az to Ajijic. Has anyone recently made this trip crossing the border at Nogales? I would like to know what cities, (and hotels) are safe to stop at along the way. US State Department and Trip Advisor post danger warnings that make me very nervous. Any information you may have on the route down would be appreciated. Ann
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