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  1. Perhaps the Chapala police should be alerted because, based on this discussion, a riot might break out when when Lakeside Medical Group begins presenting their Medicare Advantage Plan seminars at the American Legion this week.
  2. If I were a duck, I'm not sure I would hang out in a place that sells bird wings!
  3. It's hard to argue with English author Thomas Kyd who first said back around the year 1590 that, " . . . evil news fly faster still than good". But here's a piece of good news for a change -- the Semáforo de riesgo epidémico, or COVID-19 warning "traffic light", for Jalisco state will return to the status of "yellow" beginning September 6, 2021. Source: https://coronavirus.gob.mx/semaforo
  4. Clearly, the message sent earlier in the month was not at all the last word about this topic . . .
  5. If you believe COVID-19 "traffic signal" sanitation warnings are based on miracles and magic then you are misinformed. Here is an exhibit showing the empirical evidence used to determine the "red signal" warning for Jalisco for 9-22 August 2021. You can review the methodology for yourself if you wish by accessing the link below. Semáforo de riesgo epidemiológico COVID-19: indicadores y metodología https://bit.ly/3sgkqaD
  6. Godwin's law: As the length of an online discussion increases, the probability that someone will introduce a comparison involving Nazis or Adolf Hitler approaches "1".
  7. Here is a copy of the most meaningful comments I have seen that pertain to this post.
  8. Makes you wonder what happened to the old Voltairean principle we all learned about in civics class -- "I disapprove with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
  9. I do agree with one of the statements made earlier in this post -- that the world would be a much different place if people were actually required to read reference materials themselves before citing them or criticizing them on social media.
  10. This report tells the story of Lake Cuitzeo, with an area around 1/3rd the size of Lake Chapala located about 275 km east from here, which today is 70% dry. The story highlights a number of contributing factors -- dry weather, pollution, expanding cities, poor water management, the lack of infrastructure needed to collect and preserve rainfall. Can it happen here? "Doomed to Stay: The Dying Villages of Mexico’s Lake Cuitzeo" As Mexico’s reservoirs run dry, the fishermen, farmers and ranchers stuck on the drying lake beds wonder how they will survive. Al Jazeera news - 25 July 2021 https://bit.ly/3ztFQUi
  11. If you have a Samsung smart TV connected to the internet, "Samsung TV Plus" was introduced in Mexico earlier this year. This provides users with several free streaming TV channels, some of which are now showing Olympics coverage. "Samsung TV Plus se lanza en México brindando televisión gratuita y sin suscripciones a los usuarios de una Smart TV de Samsung" https://bit.ly/3eWqcsO
  12. I know TUDN Channel 5 and Azteca Sports Channel 7 will be providing coverage . (At this time on Friday morning they are broadcasting the opening ceremonies.)
  13. Thanks ibarra -- I edited my post to eliminate any confusion. - Brian D.
  14. Actually, one of the paintings by Efrén in his auction is from France! (Aix en Provence).
  15. Happy to give local artist and community champion Efrén González a plug here, even though his event has nothing to do with the French national holiday "le 14 juillet" (a.k.a. Bastille Day).
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