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  1. Not sure if these phone numbers are up to date or not: Pablo's Garage 376-766-4347 33-1808-1190
  2. Isn't it true that all Capital One 360 customers are required to have an address in the U.S.A. ?
  3. Circuit breakers on poles located at the corner of the Carretera and San Vicente tripped overnight for the second time in a row on Aug. 23 & 24. Most likely tree branches heavy with rain are being blown against wires causing a short circuit that trips the breakers.
  4. Thank you to everyone -- I will use your answers to check my Telcel balance, etc. I would still like to stop receiving text messages from UNOTV everyday. If I find out how I will add it to the post later on. Take care.
  5. I have Telcel service on my Mexico cell phone. Sometimes instructions tell me to send a text message as follows: To check your current balance, text "saldo" to 333 For activation or renewal text the proper code to 5050 To stop unwanted UNOTV messages send a text with "BAJA" to 2222 or 2252 But when I try this, with my iPhone using the Apple iMessage app, it always fails. I have no problems sending and receiving other text messages. Anyone know how to send these special types of messages from an iPhone?
  6. Several TV news reports about this are available via YouTube: Llegan cuerpos a Ajijic TV Azteca Jalisco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvBK1TgcyeY Luto en Ajijic por la muerte de varias personas por ingerir alcohol adulterado Tráfico ZMG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECPs58L1gcI Mueren seis personas por ingesta de alcohol adulterado en Chapala Milenio Televisión https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adR7v3K-qMo
  7. You can buy a trimming head at a local ferretería hardware store and attach it yourself to a standard diameter metal pole, if you wish.
  8. A concentrated solution of 1 part liquid bleach to 10 parts water (10%) is only used for extreme disinfecting applications - like cleaning up vomit or other body fluids. Much lower concentrations of 1 part liquid bleach to 100 parts water (1% or less) are recommended for disinfecting kitchen surfaces and household items.
  9. "I use the Mi Telcel smart phone app to pay using a U.S. credit card." This is for cellular service only -- I do not have a Telcel landline.
  10. I use the Mi Telcel smart phone app to pay using a U.S. credit card. It was a little quirky using it the first time -- the application doesn't seem to like U.S. zip codes very much but I kept keying that in several times and finally it was accepted.
  11. The Ambassador of the United States to Mexico Christopher Landau is hosting a virtual town hall for American citizens tomorrow, March 31 at 3:30 PM (Mexico City time) through Facebook Live. Take part by going to the Embassy’s Facebook page to watch the Facebook Live event. https://www.facebook.com/mexico.usembassy/
  12. I bought this (see photo) at the plumbing supply place next to Farmacia Guadalajara in Ajijic. It works OK but it's a small bottle and it takes more than one application to remove older stains.
  13. Sr. Miramontes and Mostlylost are correct. The culture in Mexico is exceedingly polite and folks go to great lengths to avoid saying the word "no". It follows that the phrase "no thank you" is rarely used. Instead you hear a grateful-sounding "gracias" (thank you) when you offer someone something they do not wish to accept. Similarly, if you invite someone to a party next Tuesday they may respond with a polite "gracias" meaning "thank you for the invitation, I may attend" so as not to offend you by appearing to treat your invitation with indifference. As with many other matters, context is
  14. Large bags at the Pasturería Los Redes feed store in Chapala, near the corner of Zaragoza and Av. Pepe Guízar.
  15. Here's another location for independent living: The Penthouse Living-in-Community Riberas del Pilar https://www.livingincommunity.org
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