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  1. I am posting this announcement for some people I know who are selling many items from their large home in Vista del Lago.
  2. Link is not working for me -- I am using Safari v.13.0.01 My screen shows: {"error":{"code":"EC-4008","requestId":"28ff1580-e6ac-11e9-c000-57c79e60ab74"}}
  3. For your advice to work, users must also navigate to "more search options" and select "find results that contain all of my search term words" or "find results in content titles only". Otherwise, they get hundreds of results that are not related to Mexican citizenship.
  4. Sorry, the Cross Border Express web site only has advice for foreigners who are checking into Mexico, and provides no instructions for foreign residents who want to properly check out of Mexico.
  5. You can try contacting Chef Amador Valdez at the Smoke House Restaurant and Bar, Carretera Poiniente 520, west Ajijic. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and may be able to help answer your questions.
  6. Having a .pdf copy of the FMM forma migratoria múltiple is still useful -- that way you can fill in the blanks ahead of time (when you're not in such a rush) and copy the information over to the official form at the airport or border crossing. Spencer McMullen kindly posted the new form on his chapalalaw.com web site. - - - - - - - - Changes to common immigration forms effective August 1, 2018 Spencer’s Office SC, Abogados http://bit.ly/2y1kSOT
  7. I'm in far east Riberas -- my Telecable internet has been down Fri. July 19 and Sat. July 20. TV and telephone are working fine.
  8. Some folks like to "stir the pot". Others like to go further and both create the pot and stir it up, all by themselves.
  9. I would add this reminder from the article -- that despite whether emissions tests are or are not underway, ". . . que cuando se tiene un auto afinado . . . que se cumple la responsabilidad de contar con un vehículo." (Maintaining a well-tuned car is part of the responsibility of owning a vehicle.)
  10. The original poster may be referring to messages from the Chapala Town Facebook Group. It's a closed group, so I'm attaching a screenshot below.
  11. Mosquitoes' wings make an annoying buzz or whining sound whenever they fly. Both male and female mosquitoes buzz, since they both have wings. The buzz of female mosquitoes makes males want to mate with them. Some people say that mosquitoes which buzz don't bite. Well, that's true. As long as they're buzzing, they're flying, so they won't bite you. But as soon as they land, look out! Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Your Ears http://www.mosquitoreviews.com/mosquitoes-buzz-ears.html
  12. Many folks use an immigration specialist for this, others do it themselves. Here are two references: Getting Permission to Leave Mexico While Your Resident Card is Being Processed From: Two Expats Mexico blog http://bit.ly/2WnHCaA How to Get an Exit Permit from Mexico While Your Temporary Residency is Pending From: Hippie in Heels blog http://bit.ly/2wz47tu
  13. JM Mechanica Automotriz Guadalajara - El Salto Highway 35 Col. La Ermita, El Salto, Jal. 33-3689-7312 33-3904-4036 received my inspection sticker there on 4 May 2019
  14. Now you've really done it . . . started a whole new controversy about whether it's supposed to be "Katmandu" or "Kathmandu"!
  15. The CURP Clave Única de Registro de Población program is used to manage access to government services in Mexico. A valid CURP is needed to get a driver's license, register a vehicle, apply for employment, file taxes, start a business, open a bank account, use government healthcare services, obtain government-sponsored senior discounts, and for many other matters. When the program began the CURP document was a wallet-sized card. The format has now changed and today the CURP document is a letter-sized certificate, not a card.
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