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  1. I went to Chapala to renew my license last September. At that time I was told it is no longer done in Chapala. I was told I had to go to Guadalajara. I don't recall the exact address Guadalajara but I can I can tell you it took about an hour. If you stuck for the address e mail me at RJSCHOEN@JUNO.COM AND I WILL LOOK ON MY GPS I'M SURE I HAVEN'T ERASED IT. ROBERT
  2. I have been a patient of Dr Lastra since I injured my back several years ago. He is a licensed pain specialist, works with a Dr. in Guadalajara and is a very good doctor. He can provide any opiate pain medication and have it delivered to his office. Will you pay a bit more, yes but to pick up medication in Guadalajara would easily cost 500Mx. He speaks perfect english. I had fallen cut my hand open and he arrived at my house within an hour to stitch it up. A Dr. that makes house calls?
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