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  1. Does anyone know the construction status of La Pueblita located west of Ajijic? Wasn't it supposed to be completed and people moved into the towers by now? Seems like it's come to a halt.
  2. AMEXCARE is the new insurance billing company for Hospital San Antonio, one of many in their worldwide network. Their local representatives (Kate or Gabriel) are physically located directly inside the hospital. Both are extremely helpful. Contact info: 55 9161 9998 (Kate); 55 4810 9903 (Gabriel) *On a separate note, for those who are already members of Lakeside Medical, they still function locally and now handle the billing services for Ribera Medical Center, located directly across from El Dorado on the Libramiento. Hope this info helps everyone!
  3. I understand that Lakeside Medical Billing (the international insurance broker) is no longer processing claims for San Antonio Hospital. This may or may not be a temporary situation. I do not know. However, does anyone know who the name of their new insurance broker might be? I've tried calling and also stopped by the hospital to ask, but was not successful in finding out the name of their new company. Anyone know? I just emailed the hospital. If/when I get a response, I will update this post.
  4. Short answer -- YES, she's at it again. If you enjoy reading National Enquirer, then you'll like this publication. The down side is, it'll cost you a bundle ($60 USD per year now) just to read/sift through this one-woman publication with a twisted idea of "reporting". It's a money-making thing for her, that's all. If she can hook you with the misleading headlines, she scores because you must pay to read the entire article. If you want to contribute to her annual income, that's your business not mine. I choose to not encourage her. She fooled me once, but never again.
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