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  1. Harry, thank you for your efforts! And Alan, your factual input! It always helps to understand when facts are known. But here is another, unsubstantiated rumor I have heard from three Mexican professional friends... That El Presidente has changed the way that the monies are distributed from MX City to the states, and from there to municipios. The law specifies that certain IVA and other tax revenue is supposed to go through the governors office, but evidently, those monies are going instead to the state heads of the MORENA party, in states where the governor is a member of another party, Jalisco being one. The MORENA person is the gatekeeper, and decides who gets what. My friends say that this has been a big problem in many ways. So, I am wondering if this could be a contributing factor, both in time delays, but also in allocation. I have not asked my friends exactly how this is supposedly happening, perhaps someone here would have more feedback.
  2. Pappy, you made me laugh. I ran into a guy at the hardware store about a year ago, buying paint, and he was talking about his friends that had decided to "flee the US" after the 2016 election. I just laughed, knowing that these are NOT patient people, and that Mexico would eat them alive. If I were in real estate, I could turn a quick profit by selling them a house on their move-in, and in two years, sell it again when they hry leave out of frustration. Two quick commissions in 2 short years! LOL..
  3. Gavo, did they tell you at the office how long it would take to process your visa renewal? I was told to start a month before the renewal, and they just BARELY got it finished within that month (last year).
  4. I reuse my plásticos for kitty scoopings. What really bothers me is the throw-away water bottles. I have a good water filter system, carbon clock, had it for almost 30 years. I change out the filters 1x/year (may need it more often in MX). I refill my plastic bottles, put them in the freezer half full, and fill w/water before go out. I wash and rise them in some bleach and water once a month. After a year, recycle them. Doesn't waste anything, saves me TONS of money, and get good water at all times. I don't know why others don't do this. Oh, and as for those scary articles saying that freezing the bottles releases dioxins... It is not true. There are no dioxin precursors in today's plastics. Just FYI....
  5. I would NEVER donate to a Gofundme for someone who was not responsible enough to provide for their OWN health costs first, by either private insurance, SP, Part B, or private savings. Retirement planners have been telling retirees for YEARS that to cover co-pays, deductibles, etc with Medicare, they need to have at least $50,000 set aside. I cannot comprehend someone that would expect other people to pay for their poor planning. Wow. How irresponsible.
  6. For those that are in-depth oriented, this is a really great explanation of why the penalty for not taking Part B. Very interesting. In fact, all his writings are interesting. http://danielamerman.com/va/rfe/Lag5.html
  7. And just who is going to safeguard the large pool of IMSS qand nd other monies this generatews so when the workers need it, it is actually there?
  8. Remember that will are always probated in the state of the will, or the resident. You will need a probate attorney, and there will be costs. A Living Trust might be better. You should also have a Mexican will here, just to be safe. This is not a job for DIY.
  9. I use Windscribe Pro VPN, got a lifetime subscription for $40. Has a special connection called "windflix" , which should be used with Netflix. It is not guaranteed, but it works for me...So far. Mosey on over to www.stacksocial.com, and see if they are offering this. It always rates very highly.
  10. Sonia just posted on FB today that issuance of a visa could take 3-4 MONTHS! Not sure what to do, as I need to come to Mexico to renew my RT which comes due in mid-October. I cannot remain in MX for 3-4 months. I had planned on a standard 6 weeks. Any suggestions?
  11. That little old lady probably grew up in the Great Depression, which wasn't limited to the US. There wasn't much waste because nobody wasted ANYTHING. Nobody could afford to do so. Clothes were darned instead of thrown away, nobody left food on their plates, and there were no plastics. I would like tomsee these young people live like that generation did, and be grateful as that older lady was when there was enough work, and enough to eat for that day. The sanctimony of all that, with today's affluence, is just insufferable.
  12. Anyone use the Zen water system (zenwatersystems.com), similar to the Berkey, much less cost, and does not leak, as Berkeys tend to do? They have great reviews in the US.
  13. I use Windflix, and it has a special server just for Netflix. I got a lifetime subscription for $40, and often there are sales through www.Stacksocial.com. Many ssrvers to choose from, easy interface, very pleased all around. Www.windflix.com. It gets very reviews from techies.
  14. Wow, sorry! He has been the faithful driver for me and a number of other people.
  15. I use Mattias, he has always been reliable (at 4 AM), and his fee to the airport from Ajijic is $400. His cell is 331.333.5961. Speaks a little English, clean car, good driver.
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