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  1. RickS...I actually HAVE read a number of threads on this, but they can be spread out and when I try to pull up on the "search function", I get an odd assortment of responses. I travel with a nifty D-link extender, a TP Link one, and have an older Cisco single-band router I brought with me, so I will fiddle. I knew enough about routers to tell my friend who signed up with Telecable to request an Arris router when her crappy Hitron failed, and the difference was amazing. The wifi signal was about 3x more than the Hitron, by my phone app. Of course, now they have retired the Arris ones, and gone to all Hitron. Go figure. Thx for your response.
  2. I had Ilox installed last week, and even the tech said that right next to the modem, I was only getting 43 down, far less than the 75-100 I pre-purchased. He said it would get better over the next few hours. It didn't. In my BR, only15 feet away (but partially through a wall), I am getting 12-19, and on and off. My Telecable gave me much better signal from twice as far away, much better Modem (Arris). I certainly paid for better, and expect better. I DO, however, show I am getting 100 mps through the Cat5 cable. Odd, unless the Ilox modem is crap. Hhmmm.
  3. I have 5 adorable 5 week olds from a feral mom, in my bodega. All tabbies, three seem long haired. Very inquisitive, but not yet weaned. I am in central upper Ajijic, please let me know if you want to come see them! I can't keep them, they are very friendly!
  4. Am interested in your litter...a feral mom gave birth about a month ago to 5 babies, and they are just start to use litter now. Do you still have it?

  5. Multiva charges a 96 peso fee to get money from their ATM, drawing on a foreign accpunt. Used to be 44P. Am changing accounts. And they have a very rude young man working at the cajero.
  6. I sent an email 3 days ago, got an email back Tuesday, for Thursday install, guy just left. In Ajijic.
  7. I have rented AzMaggies cars several times. They are clean, well-serviced, and INSURED FOR THE RENTER TO DRIVE. Everything is in order. You can feel secure. She is a long-time Ajijic resident, and well known in the community. No concerns.
  8. I have lost my US drivers license. I am renting a car from a friend. What would it take to get a Mexican DL. Is there a place locally?
  9. I rented a suite from Ajijic Suites on Hidalgo when it was owned by Elaine Kellaway. Really liked it. But Laura is now either the manager or owner. I have had no contact with her.
  10. Harry, thank you for your efforts! And Alan, your factual input! It always helps to understand when facts are known. But here is another, unsubstantiated rumor I have heard from three Mexican professional friends... That El Presidente has changed the way that the monies are distributed from MX City to the states, and from there to municipios. The law specifies that certain IVA and other tax revenue is supposed to go through the governors office, but evidently, those monies are going instead to the state heads of the MORENA party, in states where the governor is a member of another party, Jalisco being one. The MORENA person is the gatekeeper, and decides who gets what. My friends say that this has been a big problem in many ways. So, I am wondering if this could be a contributing factor, both in time delays, but also in allocation. I have not asked my friends exactly how this is supposedly happening, perhaps someone here would have more feedback.
  11. Pappy, you made me laugh. I ran into a guy at the hardware store about a year ago, buying paint, and he was talking about his friends that had decided to "flee the US" after the 2016 election. I just laughed, knowing that these are NOT patient people, and that Mexico would eat them alive. If I were in real estate, I could turn a quick profit by selling them a house on their move-in, and in two years, sell it again when they hry leave out of frustration. Two quick commissions in 2 short years! LOL..
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