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  1. Honorandfaith

    Taxis service

    I use Mattias, he has always been reliable (at 4 AM), and his fee to the airport from Ajijic is $400. His cell is 331.333.5961. Speaks a little English, clean car, good driver.
  2. The market also reacted to raising the interest rate. Every time the peso is at 20 or more, the central bank of MX will go into the derivative markets and pledge assets, or raise rates. Bandaids. Dangerous.
  3. Honorandfaith

    Who is in charge of the Taxi drivers here

    Probably nobody. The attitude of many of the drivers here is abysmal.
  4. Honorandfaith

    Telecable out

    I am on EC, between E.Zapata, and V. Carranza. Telecable is fine, but has been a little slower than usual this afternoon.
  5. Honorandfaith

    contractors in 2018

    I can assist by giving you a couple of names NOT to use, through personal experience. PM me if you want to know who to avoid.
  6. Honorandfaith

    Telecable and their modem?

    I insisted that they give me an Arris modem. The Hitrons are crap modems, very poor strength in the signal. The Arris is much better.
  7. Honorandfaith

    Need: US Plated Car and/or Trailer

    Mike, there is a US plated Rav 4 for sale on the Beg, Borrow Chapala FB page, and also a trailer. You should sign up for that group.
  8. Honorandfaith

    Beware knife sharpeners

    Honing realign the tiny burrs on the blade, put all those back in place. SHARPENING actually removes a tiny bit of edge off the blade, to make a NEW EDGE. Honing will keep your blade sharp for a while, but once a year or so, most good blades will need actual sharpening.
  9. Honorandfaith

    Bottled water

    I don't know what that icky, slimy black stuff is, but I find it in all my aerators (sinks, shower, laundry) when I clean them every 3 weeks or so. I think it is algae that grows in the tinaco. If you get some of those bleach tabs and get someone to throw them in every month or so, they should clear it out. Or at least, that is what I heard.
  10. Honorandfaith

    New goverment and residency

    More Liana, no one think that is a truly viable minimum wage. However, its funtion as a minimum wage is secondary in many ways to its function as qualification for several visas and for fines, and that is the context of this post. Perhaps the minimum wage should be eliminated as a yardstick for other functions
  11. Honorandfaith

    Huge changes at Bancomer

    I get Schwab to take it out of my brokerage cash account, talk to their FOREX department, pay the $25 wire fee, and they buy me pesos and then wire it to my Multiva account at a FAR better exchange rate than the bank would give me. If your bank will take peso deposits by wire, and you have a similar investment acct. in the US, this would save you a lot of money vs. the bank exchange rate, and you would circumvent that whole hassle.
  12. Honorandfaith

    Anti Plastic law passed. Everybody help

    I like the plastic Walmart bags, because I use them for scooping and disposing of kitty poop.
  13. Honorandfaith

    Knife Sharpening

    I have several good Japanese knives with double bevels at about 12 degrees. I have been thinking about asking one of the sushi chefs here if he would occasionally sharpen my blades with his waterstone. I actually have my own waterstones, but never mastered the technique. Would rather pay someone else to do it, LOL. Has anyone done this? Would not let any of those whistle guys anywhere near my knives!
  14. Honorandfaith

    Limited Amazon videos due to location

    I use Windscribe, got a great lifetime deal on the Pro version thrpugh StackSocial. It has a seperate chennel called "Windflix", which can usually get around Netflix, but is not guaranteed. I love it most of the time. Have not tried it with Amazon video. They have REALLY been behind the curve with getting licensing rights in other countries.
  15. It might be good to make your case to the municipio, as far as traffic problems, but with empty pockets, they will take the money and not improve the roads. Worth a try. I am usually of the bent that of you want to lock up the land against construction, then YOU buy the land. It is private property, and the owners should be able to do what they want with it. But I do think that traffic problems should be addressed first.