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  1. Honorandfaith

    Charles Schwab???

    The other nice thing about Schwab is that if you want to make a largish transfer of pesos to your MX bank, Scchwabs FOREX desk will go into the marhets and make a peso purchase for you at a MUCH better rate thqn you can get here, and wire it to your MX bank. Very nice perk. Wire fee was waived on my first transfer. $25 US after that.
  2. Honorandfaith

    Mike the ComputerGuy

    I tried to get TM for a full year, going ihto the office about 1x/month. Could not understand why, If they have the demand, they don't build out their infrastructure to meet the demand. Finally gave up, went to Telecable and requested an Arris modem (they usually hand out those crap Hitron modems), and have had a pretty consistent 5 MPS down. Also only charge $100 install fee, whereas Telmex is $1300+, for doimg NOTHING. Not great, seeing as how I get 200MPS consistently, dual band, for $40/month in the US. They don't give a shit. So, if you want, you can get Telecable, but I prepaid for Ilox, so I am not going to have to put up with this crap for too long.
  3. Honorandfaith

    Where to pay Temporal fee? Which bank?

    Thank you, Jrod. I guess I will go there.
  4. Honorandfaith

    Where to pay Temporal fee? Which bank?

    One more question... Where is a photo place in Ajijic or San Antonio where I can get the tiny photos made? I seem to remember a place on Ocampo, near the spa place.
  5. Honorandfaith

    Where to pay Temporal fee? Which bank?

    Many thanks. Sometimes, you can only pay at certain banks.
  6. I went to INM to apply foy my RT renewal, and was given a form so that I could deposit the $3951 for the fee... But there is no bank mentioned. I have an account at Multiva, but perhaps it is another bank? Does anyone know? Please advise. Thx.
  7. Honorandfaith

    Window/door dust screens

    Thank you, Ferret
  8. I have brought Bayer Maxforce roach killer, in a tube from the US, and is really kill those cucarachas DEAD. Then, I use the Gentrol Discs to impair the reproductive cycle of the juveniles, because the Maxforce will kill young and adult roaches, but not the eggs. When the eggs hatch, the Gentrol gets them. You can buy then Maxforce regular for about $160 at the hardware store in San Antonio, but the Maxforce Plus may not be available here. Needs reapplication every 3-4 months depending on the severity of the infestation and the cleanliness of your neighbors with adjoining walls. Great stuff, goes on in small gooey drops, in a place where your cats will not get at it. No spray.
  9. Honorandfaith

    Would this work in Ajijic?

    Seems that the taxes from Ajijic are used to improve the sidewalks and other infrastructure in Chapala. I suspect we are little more than a milk cow.
  10. Honorandfaith

    Would this work in Ajijic?

    That must have taken some engineering, in Madrid.
  11. Honorandfaith

    Dr. Francisco Contreras?

    I like him, very nice, attentive to detail. Is my dentist.
  12. Honorandfaith

    Window/door dust screens

    Ok... Thank you all. Seems as if my desire for cleanliness may have to capitulate to reality. Wish I had gone with lighter-colored floors. Ggrrrrr.......
  13. Honorandfaith

    Window/door dust screens

    Does anyone here know of dust screening here, or in the US, that would keep out much of the dust that comes in through windows and doors? The Mexican mosquitero does not help, nor do the new door sweeps. My beautiful floors need constant sweeping and mopping. I am a slave to my floors! Help?
  14. Honorandfaith

    Ilox Update

    Actually, I remember that they said that they were going to start installations within 6 months of the cutoff deadlines in May/June.
  15. Honorandfaith


    Telecable say it is giving me 72 Mps down, but Speedtest says it is actually about 4.3 Mps. Lol!