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  1. I went to Similares yesterday (1st visit), asked for Tramadol, 100 mg, was 89P, only time release was available. Same at WM. So..where do you get the instant-release tabs?
  2. No polydactal kitties, sorry! I have found homes for two, 3 to go!
  3. I think banks etc, want faxes because of info security. They don't want the liability. Will look into those other possibilities. Many thanks to all!
  4. I have to send a fax to the US, have been to three papelerias, two banks, and no one can fax to the US. Can someone help me with this? Am going nuts.
  5. Multiva charges 96 pesos now, Schwab picks that up for me, but they also have a very rude, unsmiling young male teller who is hostile to (gringo) customers, so I am closing my account. You also cannot use their debit card for any online transactions, which is a bummer. I have enquired about other cards, but they have been largely unhelpful. Volaris fees are less if paid in pesos, almost half the cost for the "club" (which is pretty pitiful, anyway).
  6. Ajijic Hiker...With all due respect (which isn't much), the President did not say that, seen in context. I suggest you go on Youtube and view the entire video in context. He did not say "all Mexicans", he said "some", and that is very true. Surely you know that the press in the US and MX lie all the time about our President. And yet, I have never seen among ANY of my friends here or in the US, discourtesy to Mexicans, young or old. So it's really too bad that these young Mexicans choose to violate the unspoken rule here that one is courteous to all, regardless of feelings, and especially in a business setting, because that bank has lost my business. I went elsewhere. Mexico, which I have been visiting for 52 years, and owning a home for 3, has not been a good neighbor to the US. I grew up in San Antonio with upper-class Mexicans as neighbors, and they were lovely people. But the crime in my affluent county increased 500% after the big influx of illegals started in 1988 (according to the chief of police), my brother's murder only being one crime among many. Yes, murder ...My brother, a pastor, was viciously murdered in the sanctuary of his church by two illegals, one being Mexican. 13 bullets worth, while they were robbing their 3rd church of the day. They had robbed 100s of churches in the months previous. His wife was 5 months pregnant with their "miracle baby", for which they had tried for in the 6 years previous. She almost miscarried when she got the news. They also had a young son. There were 800 people at his funeral, he was so beloved. He never knew a stranger. We were a poor church, but rich in love, and he would have given them whatever money he had, and blessed them in the process. But they had to kill him. Cost the taxpayers $10M to try and incarcerate the two murderers, who had no remorse. And if you are the person I think you are, neither will you have any empathy for this situation. And maybe your snide comments could be reserved for those who deserve it, because I certainly don't. Breeding tells, doesn't it? And aren't politics supposed to be avoided in this forum? And if so, why didn't you have the good manners to avoid the political reference? My condolences for the bitterness which has obviously consumed your life.
  7. Ajijic Hiker... Regarding visitors. Can you be more specific? I see MORE people coming, but not a different KIND of person. Now I haven't been here that long (2 years), but I guess I don't get it. And the sarcasm is really unnecessary. Kinda tacky, too.
  8. Harry, can you tell me why "young Mexicans" are angry? I have wondered, as I have noticed an uncharacteristic sullen attitude in a young employee at my bank, and several other places. Has me a bit worried. I speak Spanish and am unfailingly polite.
  9. I have (5) 6 week-old kittens from a stray mom who chose my bodega to have her kittens while I was away! All tabbies, 2 girls, 3 boys, 3 appear to be long-haired. Healthy. Not quite weaned, but they should fine in a week or so. Socialized and very sweet. I need to give them away soon. No shots or neutering yet, too young.
  10. RickS...I actually HAVE read a number of threads on this, but they can be spread out and when I try to pull up on the "search function", I get an odd assortment of responses. I travel with a nifty D-link extender, a TP Link one, and have an older Cisco single-band router I brought with me, so I will fiddle. I knew enough about routers to tell my friend who signed up with Telecable to request an Arris router when her crappy Hitron failed, and the difference was amazing. The wifi signal was about 3x more than the Hitron, by my phone app. Of course, now they have retired the Arris ones, and gone to all Hitron. Go figure. Thx for your response.
  11. I had Ilox installed last week, and even the tech said that right next to the modem, I was only getting 43 down, far less than the 75-100 I pre-purchased. He said it would get better over the next few hours. It didn't. In my BR, only15 feet away (but partially through a wall), I am getting 12-19, and on and off. My Telecable gave me much better signal from twice as far away, much better Modem (Arris). I certainly paid for better, and expect better. I DO, however, show I am getting 100 mps through the Cat5 cable. Odd, unless the Ilox modem is crap. Hhmmm.
  12. I have 5 adorable 5 week olds from a feral mom, in my bodega. All tabbies, three seem long haired. Very inquisitive, but not yet weaned. I am in central upper Ajijic, please let me know if you want to come see them! I can't keep them, they are very friendly!
  13. Am interested in your litter...a feral mom gave birth about a month ago to 5 babies, and they are just start to use litter now. Do you still have it?

  14. Multiva charges a 96 peso fee to get money from their ATM, drawing on a foreign accpunt. Used to be 44P. Am changing accounts. And they have a very rude young man working at the cajero.
  15. I sent an email 3 days ago, got an email back Tuesday, for Thursday install, guy just left. In Ajijic.
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