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  1. Nice supply as of this hour.. just left there with some english muffins that had come out of oven.... All donuts in stock too... Tomorrow they said there would be bagels. PS The english muffins were wonderful!
  2. MexLuis


    Tried Elena's out... Delicous! Just what we were looking for... They have a chimichanga (At Elena's it is called; Chimi Ranchero - Chicken Pork or beef 65.00) which filled a craving that was missing since El Sarape closed...Now to try everything else on this menu, for this was outstanding! The staff was so very friendly and we actually fell into a special: Senior Wednesday discount. We will be back... Very good. PS The Chimi Ranchero has sauce and cheese on top, and if you want the crispi fried of a Chimichanga, will have to ask for sauce on the side!
  3. Update: Went to Computerland. Cable would take sun/rain wear and tear... Thus: They recommended a wifi extender tp link ac1750 RE450, same as shown here (for less -78.00 with shipping and import or 58.00 if in states), and here for 93.00 USD (1800 pesos). Lifespan will be longer than cable, and not require any installation to speak of. https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-PCMag-Editors-Choice-Extender/dp/B010S6SG3S/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=wifi+extender+tp+link+ac1750&qid=1576008146&sr=8-3 So I post this for others, for if NOB you may want to nab that for less for it extends way beyond a typical casa/casita distance.
  4. Thanks for the input... Appreciate the help.
  5. Does anyone know: Q: Which stores in Guad have 200 Ft (60 Meter) outdoor ethernet cable?
  6. Thanks CG: We do not need to exceed that distance, in fact won't come near 100 meters! Next: Must find someone whom can run that cable! Any referrals appreciated.
  7. 2) Referrals please, for those who do this type of work. Thank you!
  8. What the earliest in the AM a person can show, to request a Tourist Visa at the Anzalduas Bridge Crossing (Southbound)? Thank you
  9. I responded privately to blanketmusic. Yet, my conscience was bothering me. I should have responded here, despite the potential for negative response. People deserve to know this, in addition to the many wonderful references of healthcare in this area. We are educated, retired, and have never spared anything for our medical care/preventive review. We have gone to the more highly recommended physicians in this Chapala area, and done all tests without hesitation. OUR STORY: FIRST MEDICAL REFERENCE: We went to the US a highly recommended expensive specialist in Guad by many on the message board. This specialist asked if there was medical insurance and then informed us, that emergency surgery was required.The doctor in the US said, any gastroenterologist would know that this is not the case, just by looking at the disk Mexico's Gastroenterologist provided. We would not find that out until we went to the US, found work to reinstate US healthcare, and be reviewed by a top doctor in the US. We are older, so this was not an easy task. SECOND MEDICAL REFERENCE: Due to the above outcome, and having coverage, the second person in this marriage decided to go for a second round of all tests, even though he had done so already in Mexico. In Mexico, the Lake Chapala Docs had delivered a clean bill of health. The Johns Hopkins team, found prostate cancer and rated it as aggressive. We appear fortunate, for surgery and review after, resulted in a VERY surprised surgeon at Johns Hopkins stating how lucky we were, and it appears we have gotten it all. The surgeon at Johns Hopkins said had we not gotten treatment, it would have turned out very differently, and one of us would have been left to prematurely grieve the other. We love this area, returned after our medical was complete in the states, and acknowledge that there are many doctors here whom are wonderful. In the second reference above, diagnostics were better in the US for us. In the first reference:, we are grateful for that false diagnosis, or we NEVER would have received treatment for the second medical reference above.
  10. Very cool.. will look into it! (Thanks to all, very good info here- and I am sure that many have some extra tricks, so will keep an eye on this thread)
  11. NOVADAMER AND ALL POSTERS: Thats to all posters. Correct... I could do any entree point, for most any point will have what I require. Business will take place and returning home later same day is preferable. Will look into Volaris. Of course the shorter the flight the better, as I do plan to return same day. Ticketing by tomorrow? For the above pricing? Are you speaking about a specific sale? As in Black Friday Sale? Yes, closer is better with SAT on top of that area of preference... Though could not find one for 200 or so with the SAT. Which airline did you see offering that fare. Which month is best to do that, for such a rate?
  12. I must take a two way flight/Can wait for good airfare month. Hoping for same day - in and out of USA. WHERE DO I FIND THE BEST DEALS/Asking those who have done this and would care to share their info. Which: Airlines Arrival point in US ( example LAX /Los Angeles etc-Any State/Airport is acceptable) Time of year Is recommended for least expensive in and out... CHEAP FLIGHTS/NON STOP.
  13. Thank you. We signed up for Express VPN. Comments here were helpful. Ran into an initial glitch of the chosen connection location in the US, not working with Amazon Prime Movies, but customer service helped troubleshoot that. It appears great for entertainment/TV series/movies, which are not accessible when out of the US. Only question that remains to be trouble shot is, how to use this with Telmex service. It appears one must sign up individual devices rather than go through router sign up.
  14. Your opinion please: How do you like your service? Which service do you have? Pro's and Cons of a VPN service?
  15. I am wondering if anyone on this thread knows of contractors who would build such a wall, either in brick or block. Thank you.
  16. Recommendations please. Project: We are looking to take an existing wall higher. Approx 40 ft wide and 8 ft high. Thank you in advance.
  17. Seeking answers to the following questions: 1)Which veterinarian offer in office labs for blood draw results, which do not have to be sent out? 2)Has anyone had a specific blood test called a canine pancreatic lipase? 3)Where have others gone for an ultrasound scan for their pet? 4)Very important, WHO HERE has had a pet accurately diagnosed lakeside (or in Guad) USING THE ABOVE TESTS AND/OR ULTRASOUND. You may email me with your info if that is your preference. Thank you
  18. We actually arrived in Ajijic this past weekend. Thank you so much for offering your help.
  19. New development: Looking for someone to split the driving with... We've got the vehicle (and references), and will take a passenger in exchange for driving. Must be comfortable driving a van. Leaning on the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, and Anzalduas bridge at Pharr, Texas. We plan to make it a one day drive.
  20. Well may not be coming in that way this time, but all the above info is interesting for future trips! Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  21. Maincoons, Once having crossed the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, what is the route involved to navigate to Lake Chapala?
  22. (Mainecoons) . So Pharr is McAllen, correct? What is the route traveled after that crossing? Are we still on tollroads? Has anyone done this Pharr/McAllen in the past two months? I hear things have changed recently, and there are more checks/payment demanded? Feedback from those who have used Pharr/McAllen in the past few months please.
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