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  1. That is a long time for you package to go MIA. Mine has been missing since March. I have contacted Correo de Mexico, but do not expect this and another one to show, for coincidentally the same items were listed on Mercado Libre!!!! Like I said.. Good info for those who wonder if something will get here and how to go about shipping. For me, these Items are better off shipped to US location and then pay a service to take if further. Recent border challenges limit the size of the packages that a service can bring in, but to get small items like supplements/protein powders, it is still doable... For now. Who knows how further changes proposed today by the current administration will affect that.. hmmm... Maybe it is time to stock up a little bit more?
  2. Thank you for this response. I believe that in one case I was informed that I should go to where a package was held up and engage/hire a customs agent. lol... yeah right. The IVA/brokerage fee on-line with a credit card, sounds legit, especially if the global DHL has handed the package off to Correo de Mexico. It's good to know that request to you occurred, for I am currently in pursuit via Correo for another package. The other sounds a bit far-fetched and while it did not happen with these two packages for that hiring an agent.... That request had come through on an earlier package from what began as a DHL global ship from US, which was handed over to Correo de Mexico. Amazon Mexico and Amazon USA : All packages show and we have not had issues with either. This is just good info, especially when rules may be blurring due to Covid related shipping challenges.
  3. It's an interesting development for those who have items shipped here for 2020. Indeed, disappointing. Who is experiencing this? Just curious. There appears to be no resolution to this, for I have written the appropriate shipping/Mexico authorities. This post is for those with first hand experience of the same: You ordered items (not offered on Amazon) from US, Sent via UPS or FedEx-which were turned over to Correo Mexico. It may also serve as a warning to those whom believe their costly items will come through Correos De Mexico! Nope - find an alternate delivery transfer person to pay! Have your packages sent by US companies, been held up or have they disappeared in transport via Correos De Mexico? Are they telling you that you have to hire a customs agent service? Are you noticing that a Mercado Libre seller, just happens to be near the border, and also happens to have your item for sale???!!!! These are odd items at that, and were not available on Mercado Libre, prior to my purchasing them through Vitacost. Coincidence that the item shows up there after a months time? Hmmm Well I've been in a tangle to get one of the sellers to refund that package cost, because it was shipped late March. And the second package was shipped beginning of April. PS: Amazon packages are the only deliveries which come through without a hitch from the USA. Unfortunately these items which are Supplement Powders, which I use in my smoothies.They are very costly, and it seems someone may have confiscated them for the *wrong* reasons. All these items were delivered in the past without issues.
  4. Correct. You take your mouse and while on a thread, you make it hover above their name, and you will be offered an ignore user click on. However ignore is best done internally as you scan through threads. Some readers whom I know to be nasty or just plain _____ , I don't even bother reading their responses.
  5. Has anyone had a contractor use Aldonquin / Pavers, with a colorful pattern, and even vaguely like the image below, different or better examples are also welcome should you share. If so might you have contractors who do this work in the Ajijic area? Thank you so much for any contractors contact info! PS This is to replace an area which we attempted rock (not good) and grass, in our backyard. The grass simply reverts to dirt and mud, no matter how many times we re-turf that area. (3x to date).
  6. It's not necessarily a current medical issue that sends people NOB. Sometime's it is advance planning; Read this NY times link on a friends thread, which indeed has some weight in returning to states, prior to a medical situation arising. ‘It’s Not The Virus’: Mexico’s Broken Hospitals Become Killers, Too Years of neglect have hobbled many Mexican hospitals. Now, as the pandemic strikes, some patients are dying from neglect or from mistakes that are easily prevented, doctors and nurses say. The senseless deaths torment doctors and nurses the most: The man who died because an inexperienced nurse unplugged his ventilator. The patient who died from septic shock because no one monitored his vital signs. The people whose breathing tubes clogged after being abandoned in their hospital beds for hours on end. In Mexico, it’s not just the coronavirus that is claiming lives. The country’s broken health system is killing people as well. Years of neglect had already hobbled Mexico’s health care system, leaving it dangerously short of doctors, nurses and equipment to fight a virus that has overwhelmed far richer nations. Now, the pandemic is making matters much worse, sickening more than 11,000 Mexican health workers — one of the highest rates in the world — and depleting the already thin ranks in hospitals. Some hospitals have lost half their staff to illness and absenteeism. Others are running low on basic equipment, like heart monitors. Patients die because they’re given the wrong medications, or the wrong dose, health workers say. The protective gloves at some hospitals are so old that they crack the moment they’re slipped on, nurses say. People are often not sedated properly, then wake up and yank out their own breathing tubes, hospital employees say. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/28/world/americas/virus-mexico-doctors.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage
  7. Traffic is not the only thing picking up: (Note: In this article.. The Government of Mexico only reports COVID-19 tests and cases that exist within the public health system, private hospitals and private laboratories results are not included in the daily reports.) May 19, 2020 •Vallarta Daily News •Mexico News, Spotlight MEXICO RECORDS ITS LARGEST SINGLE-DAY INCREASE OF COVID-19 CASES, AND SECOND DEADLIEST DAY with 334 additional deaths in the last 24-hours, the second deadliest day, just below the record of 353 deaths in a single day set on May 12. The State of Jalisco added 35 new cases and six new deaths today, while Puerto Vallarta added 12 new cases and reported no new deaths. While statewide, Jalisco processed 32 less COVID-19 tests compared to yesterday, Puerto Vallara increased testing 18 more people than yesterday. Statewide, only 8,891 tests have been processed, and Puerto Vallarta has only processed 587 tests since the beginning of the pandemic. https://www.vallartadaily.com/mexico-records-2713-new-cases-of-covid-19-and-334-deaths-today/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+VallartaDaily+(Headline+News+from+Puerto+Vallarta)&fbclid=IwAR3PDP_6DGXPRF4adPvD7rFuMM3ANKC02RL8CVtDtyJ9epBblOtVSsccV60
  8. Thank goodness the Dra has recovered. The person (expat flown NOB)whom went to this Dra for help, was sent north is still hospitalized. If you saw the detailed description that Doctor put online, you would not call that a relatively mild case. The treatment was quite extensive as well for that Dra. I hope none of us get that, especially those whom are older.
  9. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/new-investigation-suggests-death-toll-5-times-higher-than-reported-in-mexico-city/?fbclid=IwAR3hZl8XJORxWsSQfCkr__28G5rIx-1BNRQK3Bnx4VDbYVUl31sYQhcVIIM NEW INVESTIGATION SUGGESTS DEATH TOLL 5 TIMES HIGHER THAN REPORTED. Published on Wednesday, the report says that crematoriums in the capital have three-day backlogs of bodies as deaths surge in both Mexico City and neighboring México state.Sky said that an investigations team working in Mexico City gained access to morgues and storage rooms full of bodies, and they too indicate that the data presented by the federal Health Ministry at its nightly coronavirus press briefings is wrong. See above for complete article. STANDS TO REASON, THAT THIS IS THE CASE WITH UNREPORTED DEATHS IN OUR AREA AS WELL.
  10. Correct she HAD the virus, as a result of the American passing it onto her, whom by the way is still hospitalized in critical condition, last we heard. SHE HAS COVID-19 ANTIBODIES!!! You do not show antibodies, unless you had it. You can test a false negative for Covid, and you can test a false negative for antibodies, but that is not the topic of discussion here. I hope you have a great day in your version of Zero Count Lakeside... LOL. Happy travels ; )
  11. That is true. However, when it comes to Amazon Prime, the Amazon Prime benefits if on a US account, will not extend to the Amazon Mexico website. To have those benefits in both US and Mexico, you would have to pay two Prime yearly fees.
  12. You do not have antibodies for Covid-19 if you have not had the virus. She spoke of her symptoms, and long treatment in detail. Straight from her on her Facebook posts, and now in the Guad resporter. Believe what you want, but you must understand, Covid is here and spreading. The following (according to the Guad reporter, is the short version of what they plan to publish in the next edition. I am not here to convince you, for this is already beginning to sound like a ship of fools in listening to those who claim this is not present lakeside. Even when a reputable Doctor states what she went through, and that she had a Covid patient that was airlifted out to Texas. It appears, if a person from Chapala/Ajjic, seeks help for testing or treatment, the numbers for Chapala will not reflect that person's test results or outcome. Look at the Guad Reporter article: Guadalajara Reporter Physician reports Covid-19 cases in Chapala Although official records show no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the municipality of Chapala, a well-respected local doctor begs to differ, citing personal experience as both attending physician and patient of the disease. Dr. Lupita Cevallos, a general practitioner who has lived and worked at lakeside for the past 11 years, tells the Guadalajara Reporter that she had contact with a patient showing severe symptoms of SARS-Cov-2 infection on April 14. The person was airlifted to a Texas hospital where the diagnosis was confirmed 72 hours later, she says. Understanding the risks, Cevallos immediately put herself into self-isolation. She began feeling Covid-19 symptoms 10 days later. She says she has been tested for the disease twice since then. An oral PCR test applied at the Jocotepec Community Hospital on April 25 came back negative. A nasopharyngeal PCR test practiced three days later at an authorized private laboratory in Guadalajara was also negative, but Cevallos says a blood serum test for IgG antibodies suggested that she had been exposed to the disease and is not currently infectious. After recovering from her symptoms and regaining her strength, the doctor returned to work at her Integrity health clinic in Ajijic on Monday, May 11. She reports that her Covid-19 patient remains in intensive care in Texas. Through contact tracing she has determined that none of her other patients have contracted the disease. “People need to know that they can have the disease and still be negative in the tests. It is definitely happening in the area,” she concludes. (This is a summary of an extensive article to be published in the next edition of The Reporter.)
  13. There is reason to believe (The Dra above was counted as a Guadalajara number), If we were to be laying in Guadalajara, sick as hell from this... It would show as a Guadalajara (not Chapala) number! Long live Chapala 0 count!
  14. https://www.facebook.com/groups/188028949308907/permalink/231680911610377/ That is the latest of the covid count lakeside. No it is not zero. And since that is a closed private group, you will have to put in a request to join.
  15. Let's put it like this: Some do stay for they don't have options, some don't (stay for that reason), but when a crisis hits that could spell medical, and you have great US health insurance, then being North has benefits. I specifically said "Many" rather than be inclusive of all, siting those I knew personally.
  16. Many have stayed (whom I have spoken to) because they didn't have other options. It may be less expensive to stay put or... They may not have a second home NOB, nor does family have the room or security (many family member homes have essential workers). It is weighing in of the risks for many. Travel means exposure. Family means exposure. It would literally for some, take extra $$$ to be able to travel, secure a place and remain in the USA while maintaining their home here. Some feel it is easier to shelter in place here.
  17. Flu is flu, and the 1957-58 was not asymptomatic (amongst other things), which this Covid-19 is. Covid-19 scientist report 50% of population could be asymptomatic. Flu was not an asymptomatic spreader, with people infected going happily about, never experiencing symptoms, and unaware of their positive status. In simpler terms, this is one sneaky evasive virus, with people now reporting fever 50 days out, even though they have cleared their positive status, and been retested as negative. Furthermore, to compare this to a flu, where a vaccine for H2N2 was introduced in 1957, and the pandemic slowed down, further points out that 1957 was a different animal all together. There was a second wave in 1958, and H2N2 went on to become part of the regular wave of seasonal flu, till it became extinct. Covid-19 will be here for years (min 2). Still comparing? No compare.
  18. Thanks for the above, and if there are any recent sitings, please let me know.
  19. Cooking up a storm and running low on supplies. Does anyone know where to find NOB brown (light and dark) sugars? I have tried Moscovado sugar, and it messed up a few of my favorite recipes. You may message me if you prefer.
  20. Nothing works.. They come each year, and the mess is not what is the problem. The babies drop one by one and die on our terrace. They have never had a nest of babies that have survived. Each year we remove their nest, and they begin again the following year. I would like to keep them away... How? Yes we tried Aluminum Foil.
  21. Source Wall Street Journal and repeated by esquire in case you do not have a Wall Street Journal Subscription: https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a31968811/trump-signature-coronavirus-stimulus-checks/ "But despite the bipartisan nature of the emergency package, the Wall Street Journal reports that the president wants to inject a truly Trumpian measure: He'd like Americans to see his signature on the stimulus checks they receive." Add that to the following: We won't even go into details about his tweet about coronavirus ratings being a hit. It went on from there but, well, you get the idea.
  22. Today I picked up some Dim Sum freezer stash from Chopsticks, Ajijic. I arranged a pick up time and the purchase was brought out to my car. Those items go right from your freezer, to your steamer, and are ready to eat in 10-15 mins (differs depending on item). I've been cooking like crazy as I like to know how my food is handled in these Covid-Crisis times. I needed a break and a treat. Betty's staff always washes up, then dons gloves and mask, in their sanitized kitchen. She wants you to know: She disinfects all of our work surfaces in the morning and evening. Our dining area gets disinfected after use. Our staff wash their hands when they com ein and our kitchen staff works with masks and gloves. For our fresh food items, they have always been disinfected with microdyn even before Covid-19. this week the staff and she will be working on items to be sold as freezer staples, special due to the crisis at hand. You can place orders with Betty/Chopsticks contact : 376 766 1375 Dumplings, both pork and chicken, sticky rice (in containers- if lotus leaves not avail), spicy chicken balls, and steamed buns. She may also be adding other steamer/dim sum items to that. And of course she is offering regular items for carry out as well. Should you prefer not to come in: You can arrange pickup time, and she will even bring your order out to the adjoining garage. You can just wait, safely in your car and Betty will bring your order out to you.
  23. Do not have maid. If we did, would do leave with pay. Gardener... Yes. Leave with pay.
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