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  1. New development: Looking for someone to split the driving with... We've got the vehicle (and references), and will take a passenger in exchange for driving. Must be comfortable driving a van. Leaning on the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, and Anzalduas bridge at Pharr, Texas. We plan to make it a one day drive.
  2. Well may not be coming in that way this time, but all the above info is interesting for future trips! Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  3. Maincoons, Once having crossed the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, what is the route involved to navigate to Lake Chapala?
  4. (Mainecoons) . So Pharr is McAllen, correct? What is the route traveled after that crossing? Are we still on tollroads? Has anyone done this Pharr/McAllen in the past two months? I hear things have changed recently, and there are more checks/payment demanded? Feedback from those who have used Pharr/McAllen in the past few months please.
  5. Yes, we are looking to avoid inspection slowdown, and we are coming from the East / New Orleans area. Those two points in mind, best recommendations. Apologies should have mentioned that earlier.
  6. We are planning to re-enter Mexico late October. (Update fyi: we are coming from direction of New Orleans) We normally enter through Laredo. To those who have entered recently through TEXAS border crossings, (in past couple of months) what was your experience like? And lastly; Is anyone (like us) planning their entry come last week in October/to Ajijic/Chapala?
  7. Most return due to family or medical. That has been what we have gleamed in first hand accounting from those we know whom decide to return. No matter when we move, I would never drop our NOB insurance. The higher misdiagnosis rates in countries such as Mexico, and the missed diagnosis for life threatening issues, are a harsh reality. We wish we had known the limitations of medical here in the lake Chapala area, prior to simply believing that it was wonderful. There were a few people on the boards who wrote, informing about a missed diagnosis (for serious issues such as cancer), where they were given a clean bill of health. That can mess up a life planned here, and necessitate early return to the states. The lesson learned is do review most of your medical (via travel back) NOB if you are fortunate to have US or CA health insurance.
  8. Muti-Tasking Amigos (Adult ADD Friendship) MTA ( Multi-Tasking Amigos ) Membership is open to those with Adult Attention Deficit Challenges / AADD. You do not need to be professionally diagnosed to attend. MTA presents an opportunity to socialize with others with Adult ADD/ADHD. MTA is NOT a Therapy Group or Discussion Group. We do not offer any type of counseling/professional guidance. Together we create an atmosphere with the support of friendship, where we can enjoy our special type of energy, and just be ourselves. First Monday of the month at 11:00 am Please contact the organizer to be placed on email notification: Ahhhjijic@gmail.com Our google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lake-chapala-mexico----adult-attention-deficit-disorder-aadd
  9. How did the test run turn out for you and did you stick with ATT?
  10. Dust and smoke are visible examples of PM10, but more than 90 percent of particulate matter isn't visible to the naked eye. We call these substances “fine particulate matter” or “PM2.5.” The particles have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers, which means they can only be seen underneath a microscope. In other words you are only seeing about 10% of the pollution, and what is visible. The more harmful pollution is what the ACI stations are reporting. You cannot see that 90%.
  11. The Santa Fe, Air Monitoring Station (25 miles North of Ajijic is reporting an ACI (Air Quality Index) of over 154, Monday, Jan 15 (following link will update as index changes). This is a red alert index (vs yellow or orange) with only green being in the healthy range. This assumed lake mist reaches 8 hours North as one travels to the border. http://aqicn.org/map/northamerica/#@g/20.4625/-103.1232/10z
  12. 1-We know that many burn wood here. 2-With pollution levels TWICE that of NYC in neighboring Guad. that pollution plays a huge part. 3-Plus the fact that we are in a valley, ringed by mountains makes that even worse. NYC: http://aqicn.org/city/usa/newyork/ps-19/ Guadalajara: http://www.aqicn.org/city/guadalajara Do you really believe this is lake mist?
  13. I wanted to believe that evaporation theory also. However, it extends far beyond the lake, including routes into Guad., Evaporation does not cause sinus infection.
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