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  1. Any links/website which allow an owner to list an Ajijic property for sale, would be appreciated. I hit a couple of FB groups, but am sure that I am missing some groups/links. Thank you!
  2. The public is misinformed. Point of my post was: We were not green. We were assigned a green category, but it was not based on accurate numbers. What has become red, would have been red if the numbers were accurate! I was of course being sarcastic. If anyone believes in the official rate of infection as stated in Mexico, they are sadly mistaken. In fact: While health authorities are saying that Covid-19 is currently infecting some 20,000 people a day, the actual number is 25 or 30 times higher, according to an infectious disease specialist. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/daily-covid-infections-far-higher-than-official-counts-says-specialist/
  3. And like a miracle we were Green before August 8. And just like that, it will happen again, A MIRACLE, no doubt, in the height of the pandemic, Jalisco will once again turn Green... POOF! If you believe we were Green, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.
  4. East Coast Maryland DE PA area. If we were closer to the border, we could come back/in/out easily. But to travel 18 hrs x 2 is a bit much. It is disappointing for it only has 17,000 miles on it.
  5. Is anyone in a rush during a pandemic? (laughs) May be better to store it... for what we would get is a bit eh pathetic, unless we put it for sale ourselves.
  6. It does not have that sticker, and therefore it does not meet those standards. Which is a shame for it only has 17K miles on it. Anyone want a Honda CRV!?!?!
  7. We have a CRV Honda purchased here, we'd like to use in the US. We would have it there, over the 1 year cut off limit, so it would have to be imported and retagged. Has anyone here successfully done this, and if so what were the steps. If one of those steps was to acquire an MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin), how did you overcome that? What was the expense of such an import to the US? If you are so kind to detail this you may send me a PM (private message) with such.
  8. We have an view ring in remote intercom, where the buzz to unlock door is not functioning. Our house also requires a second viewer run upstairs. Who does this type of item/installation in the Ajijic area? Thanks in advance!
  9. Again, Ferret is the voice of sanity. If you are sitting home and not vaccinated fine.... But we know most of the unvaccinated are circulating about. That's a shame. You put others at risk. It's a me society, with people placing their needs ahead of others in their communities, and labeling that act of conscience in negative terms such as 'fear'. Humans have always been self serving, but this takes it to a new level when people give their ear to non-scientific beliefs, and others end up paying for it. It is the unvaccinated we will have to thank for this continuing to spread at such a rate in our society, in the creation of stronger variants and more preventable deaths. To those who have your ear... make certain the scientists are being quoted. This virus will be slowly plucking at the unvaccinated for a long time. Watch them fall, some of them in denial even during their last breaths.... Using that last breath to demand and question as in this quote "What do I have, I cannot have Covid, that isn't real". If you think you are safe here in Mexico from this, the opposite is true. The numbers are underreported and indeed the risk is greater for a number of reasons. Sorry to poke at your political bubble you have put yourself in, though doubt it will burst. That thinking is pretty insulating and I doubt anyone can talk sense to them.
  10. I'd hold tight to that card then! My sister who is going to travel international, they could care less about that card btw. They want her to do two tests prior to travel and this is EL AL airlines. Once she arrives, she is staying inside, working from her computer. She wouldn't even think of sightseeing. It's really not as big a deal as people are making it out to be. My motto is don't stress the small stuff. I consider yourself fortunate indeed to have been vaccinated (and in doing so in the US, vaccines for two people here have been freed up)... Many are not so lucky.
  11. It will not matter if you have written card vs printed label on your US card. Plus, each state has a website where your Covid vaccine info is stored, and a copy of such can be obtained. I will be printing out that official looking page after our second dose in July. So don't fret about that card or if you happen to lose it. The record is accessible.
  12. It all began with a well meaning post to convey information. I thought it was most helpful. Too many engage in "assault" tactics here. And, in Covid times there appears to be an added trigger, as many don't even acknowledge emotionally just how the stress of the crisis has hit them. I think before we type, it would be helpful to think twice, and try extra hard to be kinder to one another.
  13. Actually you do have an appointment if you have booked to get a vaccine. That is considered medical. And yes, it may be a good idea to carry that confirmation that you received as proof.
  14. Yes, and we are booked for the LAX flight... This poster was very helpful to other Canadians seeking to enter the US by ground. Note the purpose of visit response should be "Medical Appointment".
  15. I have my reasons, SOME of which were mentioned earlier in this thread. It's not as simple as timing, rather than personal preference. Now I have the additional bonus, of my other half being able to get the vaccine he prefers J&J.
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