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  1. Bateman, Azucena legalabc@yahoo.com.mx 376-766-1654 handled terminations for us
  2. Ajijic - I have two bags of Raw Vibrance at less than 1/3 of the going price. 400 pesos each. Normally goes for 80 USD. Why so low: It's a shame to waste food. I would donate, but shelters wouldn't have the funds to do raw if donated. This is a base mix dog food that eliminates the prep work involved in making fresh, health and safe home -prepared Raw meals. Simply mix with meat and oil for a balanced homemade meal. You can also add a small amount of this to the pre-made raw dog foods sold lakeside/organic market, if you would like to have a greater amount of veggies to that meat combo.
  3. Upper Ajijic: Casio Privia PX-575R w/ stand, power adapter, dampen pedal, & seat Perfect condition/never used. Bought for musician family member who had Alzheimers, but he was beyond that point. Brought it with us when we moved here from US. Included as bonus: Two Beginner learn piano books. Kept clean. Will be a wonderful find for someone during these stay home times!
  4. If interested message me.
  5. Just another case of eager to go green, so the green is not affected! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/08/world/americas/mexico-coronavirus-count.html https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-27/mexico-says-excess-deaths-in-2020-21-have-exceeded-417-000
  6. Speaking of packages that are shipped from the US, via DHL or FedEx, and then somehow turned over to Correo de Mexico even though the seller believed the entire shipping for that package would be in the hands of DHL or FedEx.
  7. Somehow I do not think this was destroyed. View item on Mercado Libre.. lol.. for an obscene price too.. wow... Over 10K pesos! And I had two more items that suddenly appeared on the same website within a month of hitting the border/customs... hmmm!
  8. After doing more research, the difference is explained: Packages that are handled by FedEx and DHL and not handed over to the Correo de Mexico, have passed through without this happening in the past. It appears DHL even though the seller paid for Global delivery solely by DHL, did not receive that service. All the other packages were delivered via DHL or FedEx and even though it took approx 5 weeks to arrive, they at least arrived without these other complications!
  9. This is nauseating. All for items that came through without a hitch prior, all because they were handed to Correo de Mexico! This could be you, if your package is turned over to Correo de Mexico. Be forewarned and escape this xxxxxx instructive letter! This was the email that I received just this morning from Correo de Mexico, finally today, after many requests. How would you feel if you were given this response?!? Good morning Dear user: I inform you that the Customs Verifier at the time of reviewing your shipment #________________, for the content determined that it
  10. That is a long time for you package to go MIA. Mine has been missing since March. I have contacted Correo de Mexico, but do not expect this and another one to show, for coincidentally the same items were listed on Mercado Libre!!!! Like I said.. Good info for those who wonder if something will get here and how to go about shipping. For me, these Items are better off shipped to US location and then pay a service to take if further. Recent border challenges limit the size of the packages that a service can bring in, but to get small items like supplements/protein powders, it is still
  11. Thank you for this response. I believe that in one case I was informed that I should go to where a package was held up and engage/hire a customs agent. lol... yeah right. The IVA/brokerage fee on-line with a credit card, sounds legit, especially if the global DHL has handed the package off to Correo de Mexico. It's good to know that request to you occurred, for I am currently in pursuit via Correo for another package. The other sounds a bit far-fetched and while it did not happen with these two packages for that hiring an agent.... That request had come through on an earlier pac
  12. It's an interesting development for those who have items shipped here for 2020. Indeed, disappointing. Who is experiencing this? Just curious. There appears to be no resolution to this, for I have written the appropriate shipping/Mexico authorities. This post is for those with first hand experience of the same: You ordered items (not offered on Amazon) from US, Sent via UPS or FedEx-which were turned over to Correo Mexico. It may also serve as a warning to those whom believe their costly items will come through Correos De Mexico! Nope - find an alternate delivery transfer
  13. Correct. You take your mouse and while on a thread, you make it hover above their name, and you will be offered an ignore user click on. However ignore is best done internally as you scan through threads. Some readers whom I know to be nasty or just plain _____ , I don't even bother reading their responses.
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