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  1. Came back to Mexico with more than I need. I have just a few that I am willing to part with for less than I paid! The only reason less, is that they are out of box due to how I transported items into Mexico (sealed bag in box taken in my van, and put directly into my deep freeze) We arrived here in Oct, and expiration dates are for Fall/2020. Takes the work out of feeding raw or you can simply top with gently cooked meat. It's a can't mess things up nutritionally for your dog, product. Recommended by my Vet nutritional specialist in states.
  2. A swallow problem: (Perhaps many of the swallow fans here might have advice) Each year a swallow pair comes to build their nest, under our covered deck. Each year the babies are born and they end up dead on the floor. The mother goes nuts as this is taking place. This is several years in a row already, and it is rather depressing to see them die and go through that stress. I don't mind cleaning up from bird poop mess, but gosh this is so very sad. Any advice????
  3. We initially experienced that with our VPN, and it was explained which location would work. You should contact your VPN service, and they will walk you through it.
  4. MexLuis


    Welcome. The cool thing about ordering from amazon is that if you added this onto another order, the extra shipping might only be as much as an additional dollar. 24 bags last a very long time, and come out to very little per bag/use over time. But then again, I do not make chicken soup every month, so that 24 bag supply lasts.
  5. MexLuis


    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I0K3Z3A/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Wrap"N Boil Bags - 8 Ct (3 Pack) total 24 soup Bags $10.99 + No Import Fees Deposit & $8.77 Shipping to Mexico Landau Wrap "N Boil Bags - 8 Ct (3 Pack) total 24 soup Bags Food mess saver, Reduces Kitchen Mess, makes Cooking Easier, Clean, Convenient, Eliminates Straining, saves time & effort 100% cotton and KOSHER FOR PASSOVER Wrap "N Boil Bag will expand to approx. 1/2 gallon size Makes individual servings easy
  6. Does Unet Telecom in Jocotepec, provide service to East Ajijic? It appears to be a faster service than Telmex... Is that correct? What other options are recommended/available for someone whom is conducting business requiring telecommuting/telemarketing/salesforce?
  7. This is a must that few are aware of: Those voting for US elections should always follow up on if their absentee ballot has been received. You must call to confirm that. We sent in absentee ballots, and the first two attempts did not register for the 2016 election. The third time was the charm. Confirmed. Do not assume after you have sent off your ballot that your work is complete. Send with plenty of time to resend. Then call until you have a confirmation.
  8. So I gather, one might say they were on highway 2 , traveling alongside the border, after dark. It's a long stretch of 2 lane, dangerous road, heading over to an even more questionable area of risk. That area appears to have quite a history. If you google this, you will come up with some info, such as this, in the https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/ghost-town/ One can only guess that they may have been planning to cross the border into the US at Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Original reports say they were visiting relatives in San Luis Potosi But a more recent article said they were visiting relatives in Monterrey. Bottom line.. just my opinion: Toll roads and daylight are crucial when traveling to the border. Even then be alert and stay informed.
  9. Nah, too far.... mainly looking in Ajijic area... Major Eagles fans... Would be great to find a decent screen size.
  10. Has anyone been to the Route 69 sports bar? What is that like?
  11. Any football fans out there that might recommend bars etc to watch NFL games? Thanks!
  12. Yes.. See my PM. Should have bathroom area.
  13. We already have the equipment. If someone has a slot available, please respond or PM us. Thank you!
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