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  1. I went to Benno's this morning and the place is locked up and the overhead sign is gone. Did they move or go out of business?
  2. I understand that the lakeside emissions testing is no longer available either in Chapala or in Jocotepec. Can someone tell me where the closest testing places are. Our car is due for testing this month.
  3. Does anyone know where to sign up for SP in the Jocotepec municipality?
  4. I read but cannot remember where that in the month of June renewing the driver's license will be able to be done online. I renewed mine on the west side of Lopez Mateos near Los águilas last month. After passing Home Depot, I took the first opportunity to turn around and drove back to Las Aguilas. If you have the opportunity to wait a little bit, I think the online renewing will soon be available.
  5. Congodog - I also need to get my license renewed and would love to partner with you. I am willing to drive. I sent you a PM with the list of items needed as described somewhere else on this site. Thanks.
  6. Do you still need someone? If so what are the days and hours?
  7. We have a large table with a glass top and 12 chairs all made somewhere here at lakeside and left at our home when we bought it nearly 10 years ago. Now the terrace table and chairs need refinishing. Does anyone know of someone who refinishes furniture? It is not a fine piece of furniture but has certainly been weathered by the constant sun. It is also too big for us to move so it would be good if the refinisher could do the transporting. I do not know what wood it is but it does not look like pine.
  8. Hello Annadon7.  You had replied to my post looking for assistance for my brother and suggested I private message you.  I would be glad to hear about your suggestions.  My private email address is rdavenport@earthlink.net.  Thank you for your consideration. 


  9. Thank you both. I will look forward to the butterflies.
  10. I have recently returned home after a 3-month absence to find the fig tree leaves eaten by something. Tonight, I discovered big black caterpillars all over the tree and on the ground underneath. Can anyone tell me what to do about the caterpillars? I know the fig tree will leaf out again after they are gone. There are a couple hundred at least.
  11. I also know of 2 people who are reliable, both speak English and both completed a 6-month training course of nursing asst taught 2 years ago in Ajijic. They have been working almost continually with private individuals since their graduation. Please private message me if you are interested in their names and phone numbers. One is male and in his 40s and the other is probably mid-30s and female.
  12. We are setting up a media room at our house with a projector, screen, computer, new smart TV, speakers, 25 remotes (I'm the wife and can't even turn on the TV). I exaggerate about the number of remotes but more than one mystifies me. My husband is coming to the same conclusion I came to long ago that we need help in getting this room set up. Is there anyone at lakeside who is a professional at setting up such a media room to get the most efficient and wire-free set up?
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