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  1. I went to Benno's this morning and the place is locked up and the overhead sign is gone. Did they move or go out of business?
  2. I understand that the lakeside emissions testing is no longer available either in Chapala or in Jocotepec. Can someone tell me where the closest testing places are. Our car is due for testing this month.
  3. Does anyone know where to sign up for SP in the Jocotepec municipality?
  4. I read but cannot remember where that in the month of June renewing the driver's license will be able to be done online. I renewed mine on the west side of Lopez Mateos near Los águilas last month. After passing Home Depot, I took the first opportunity to turn around and drove back to Las Aguilas. If you have the opportunity to wait a little bit, I think the online renewing will soon be available.
  5. Hello Annadon7.  You had replied to my post looking for assistance for my brother and suggested I private message you.  I would be glad to hear about your suggestions.  My private email address is rdavenport@earthlink.net.  Thank you for your consideration. 


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