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  1. ChefBud

    Avocado Club

    My response was in support of Rec,not schooling anyone just an observation and opinion.
  2. ChefBud

    Avocado Club

    I have had many good friends visit there and all said the same thing as Computer Guy. However I will go and give you my thoughts
  3. ChefBud

    Avocado Club

    OK my second post! Love the commentary Rec its hilarious and a great read. I would like to start by saying I never been to Avocado but responding to Rec's post. A standard 750ml bottle of wine has approximately 25.4 oz. So with that said there are a little more than 4 oz in each pour. This is the standard without exception. when you are attending a wine tasting you receive 2 oz pours. Second if the restaurant servers trained for 3 months to learn how to pour a bottle of wine by a so called "wine expert", better find some new servers. If you feel you are being shorted on t
  4. Hi Tom, Thanks for your offer to have coffee. I would very much enjoy the opportunity to have coffee with you. I look forward to our meeting. Again, thanks for the invite. Have a great day Here's my cell 331 093 4216
  5. Xena, thank you for hat insight, I appreciate you letting me know. I too am an expat and enjoy going out to eat just like the rest of you. Know I know what this forum is about it is no problem. Again, thanks
  6. Computer Guy your point is taken. I will structure my views and comments accordingly. I look forward to interacting with those on this board on a more positive note. Thank and Have a Great Day!
  7. Xena, Thank you for you response, If no one needs credentials why was it thrown into the review, "I have been a BBQ judge for 6 years in the NW" I believe those are credentials are they not? Plugging another restaurant in the review is not a common practice. However, I appreciate your comments and adjust accordingly.
  8. I would like to offer my response to Tom Gates review of Rangers BBQ. First let me start by saying, When reviewing a restaurant one should unbiasedly review the restaurant and not include another restaurant in the review. Secondly you have stated that you were a BBQ judge for 6 years in the NW of the United States. Now with that said, I do not see anywhere in your review of the ribs from Rangers BBQ that you used the judging criteria that all BBQ judges use in the US. In case you didn't know what the criteria for judging ribs are, I have provided that for you.
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