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  1. You might be able to catch it, but I wouldn't dare eat what might be caught in this lake!
  2. Removing expiration dates from expired products, just isn't a good practice. We pay a premium price to shop at SuperLake and are counting on the owners. It does not build trust or clientele. Maybe ComputerGuy can speak with the owners as he knows them well?
  3. We cook a variety of Italian (Manicotti & Lasagna) putting away the bulk in the freezer, much would have been wasted ($/energy). By luck we were following the expiration date, waiting for that new batch to appear. Otherwise, we never would have known the old date had been removed. No way to do business, especially with dairy products! We've made a habit of going into Costco, and now we will add Mega/Surrounding stores to that trip, as the specialty items we seek are expensive and their integrity cannot be compromised. My suspicions are confirmed. Product expiry dates are removed at SuperLake. Just be aware.
  4. Example: A large shipment of Ricotta Cheese containers at our (SuperLake) local grocery were on the last date of their expiration. Family member checked every last container to see if there was a later date. We have a large volume of Italian cooking to do, and decided to wait for a fresher batch. Upon return to the market, we noted: These items no longer had an expiration date on them. Same brand, same count, but now lacking the printed on the container date. Be aware when the expiration date is missing on such products. It is a good thing we noticed, otherwise our cooking projects next week would have been lacking and all ingredients are rather costly for that mishap to occur.
  5. Unfortunately, closing the window to this pollution, will not protect us from PM 2.5 pollution. Irregardless of if you roll with it, are struggling with it etc., this type of pollution takes its toll. While it may not (appear) to affect many individuals immediately, the longterm affects are there for all of us humans. It weakens already weakened aging immune systems and the resulting lung, heart, brain and cancer which challenges us, are not immediately (if ever) are connected to such environmental risks. Most patients and docs never make the connection. Sunday it died down a bit (day off from burning), but not much. Today it has yet increased again. What increased the pollution this May? It was not here last year to this degree. We did not require pain/snus/headache meds prior. Throat (raspy) and eyes (irritated/watery) problems were not presented until this May. Any explanations? Fires? We are younger expats. No health issues at all.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a way to confirm if there is a local fire? This must be a major fire somewhere. The smoke is so thick, you cannot even see a source. This cannot be normal. Ajijic here; One photo of the mountain behind us. It is getting worse. One photo of the lake (no mountains OR LAKE visible.
  7. Lakeviews; It is not limited to San Juan Cosala. If you smell it or not, you are affected. The PM 2.5 pollution index is higher for Mexico, this area of Lake Chapala included, than NYC. It is actually something that you cannot escape by closing a window. SOB has higher concentrations of PM 2.5 and yes, the burning of garbage / fields is part of the problem. Here is an interesting link to a map which shows levels of PM 2.5 globally. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3194998/How-polluted-city-Interactive-smog-map-reveals-Earth-s-toxic-locations-dirtiest-power-plants.html
  8. Which websites do you recommend for online internet based work?
  9. DOG/CAT POISONING REPORTING Protocol change, due to the widespread locations of poisonings. It is safe to assume that Lake Chapala is a poisoning zone, with at least one killer if not more. Do not report on this message board. Instead report to the Lina Doyle (information below), and contact the authorities listed below (contact information is in red below). Message board updates will continue on a regular basis, by those in touch with the authorities. The public will be kept informed if any arrests take place. Surveillance of the area is growing, and we are on our way as a community to ensure that our streets are safer from those who poison. Prosecution of those arrested, will involve a lawyer and consequences. There will not be an easy out for offenders. THERE IS A REWARD BEING OFFERED FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO THE PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR POISONING OF PETS. That reward stands at $15,000 pesos. Please do not speculate on the message board. Do not spread rumors that the dogs were noisy and it was likely an unhappy neighbor. Poisoned dogs have included leashed, unleashed, in home/in yard. Those who have been charged of poisoning in the past, include expat and Mexican alike. ALL POISONINGS SHOULD BE REPORTED, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE LAKESIDE. Calling the police is not enough. IF YOUR DOG HAS BEEN POISONED, DO NOT BURY/CREMATE THE DOG. You must request that the poison be identified and remains frozen, until the police have finished their investigation. Dr. Ladron's animal clinic has the room for such storage. Instructions as per meeting with government officials on dog poisoning. There was an impressive array of officials including the President's office, Fire and Police, Ecologico, Ministerio Publico, and the Ajijic Delgado, Chuni. There was much discussion about the difficulty of communication between the expat community and the Chapala government. People reported how they had left messages for the police and the officer in charge of Ajijic never got the message. After much discussion, it was decided that Chuni be the initial contact person to report any dog poisoning. His cell number is 33 1064 0814 (PLEASE PUT THIS NUMBER IN YOUR PHONE ), the Delegacion office is 766-1760 , email delegacionajijic@hotmail.com. Chuni speaks some English and, in the event that he needs help, he will call Gloria Perales, liaison to the expat community, who was also at today's meeting. This designation was made so that there is a point person for us. Chuni will then report to the police and Ecologica but the buck stops with him. To date we do not have empirical evidence of the kind of poison used. This is a major drawback and so, while we hope there are no more poisonings, we must report to Chuni should another occur. If the dog is dead, stay with the corpse and Chuni will have the police meet you. The area will be cordoned off and forensics from Guadalajara will claim the body. If your dog is alive, of course, rush to your vet but also call Chuni and give him the details. At our request, the government has agreed to poll the stores that sell the poison and try to get information pointing to suspicious purchasers. The store operators will be told of the reward and be able to claim it if their information leads to the identification and capture. Lina Doyle, who speaks fluent Spanish, has been heading this initiative and has agreed to be the point person for communication should that be needed. Her email is linadoyo@yahoo.com phone numbers: 33 1350 4122 and 108-0525 Finally, ANYONE WHOSE DOG HAS BEEN POISONED, should report the details to Lina by email. Please include the date, location, description of dog and your name and contact information. There are some claiming that this is merely hysteria and no need to pay attention. WE NEED FACTS.
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