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  1. Update: A Mexican drivers license is adequate to obtain tags from South Dakota MVA.
  2. Thank you for that info... We will call Monday and update with what we find out.
  3. Tom, Did you buy and then temporary tag these vehicles without having to produce a license? If so were those plates Washington State? Wondering if the state rules differ... our tagging state would be South Dakota.
  4. But will they care if I have one (and is a Mexican one fine) for those temporary tags?
  5. Never wake up while tired and post! Sorry my error... one of us is temporal.. will correct that... our error!
  6. For those who have purchased & tagged a car NOB successfully, with a Mexican Drivers Licence: Has anyone been able to temporary tag that purchase? I know that the 10 year sticker (RV) will be applied at the border (I am temporal). I am only concerned about the Mexican Drivers License having qualified you with a notary NOB for temp tags. (Permanent tags will be brought down by later) Thank you!
  7. No need for a large RV (for us-ours is quite modest in size)... We plan to do scouted out trips that RV friends have done with ease (Mexico) and enjoy US travel as well. Those friends have successfully explored Mexico, for the past couple of years and will now continue to US and CA. It helps to have that wealth of knowledge. We gather that navigation in parts can be quite challenging without. As for the caravan, our definition of that would be others in RVs to do that travel with.... nothing major like the caravan business in the link above. Nice way to meet friends, become more experienced in these parts etc.
  8. While this does not apply to what we will require... Chuckles... Here is a link for you: http://www.mexicorvbuddies.com/diesel.php This page states that Pemex has announced that all diesel in Mexico will be ULSD as of December 2018 Furthermore, this business claims to have a list of 3200 stations that are already pumping ULSD all over Mexico
  9. Yes, we did notice that there was a preference to check in the search engine, for those permitting dogs. Actually there were many that did, and would probably appreciate being able to visit here with their pooches. Those filters are nice... They even have one if the owner doesn't want smokers. We may do the home exchange route in the future. Thanks for the feedback. Right now we have decided for short trips to leave a friend to watch over, and for long we will probably be seeking a renter.
  10. Good links for those interested in the area However, we are interested in traveling (call it what you may) with others whom are in Mexico. There are others here, as a recent PM has informed. As for up north, we are familiar with the terrain there and will most likely be traveling on our own, unless of course we became friends with others who enjoy that.
  11. Thank you for sharing. Joyful, is it difficult to find home exchanges that welcome well behaved dogs? Question in general regarding planning in advance. I gather that some wait with little time, and others plan months ahead to secure an exchange. How far (approx) would you recommend beginning a search? John Shrall said it takes a lot of work (emails etc to locate an exchange). Did you find that to be the case? ***We are thinking of mixing RV-ing with Exchanges, to remain in traveling mod with some breaks in that travel. We are considering both Exchange and Renting of our home. The first: A place to enjoy in one interesting location to break up the travel may be pleasant.
  12. We are interested in hearing from others who have experienced using homeexchange.com for your lakeside/Ajijic and surrounding area home. Pros/cons and actual experiences. Feel free to PM.
  13. Thanks for your response Maincoons. All information and perspectives are appreciated. We will be doing both Mexico and US travel.
  14. If so (no groups) are there other (RVrs) who would like to caravan (follow each other) for travel in Mexico? Please reach out to us (PM if preferred).
  15. Looking to connect with caravan camper/RV people, whom originate from this area (Lake Chapala/Guadalajara) Mexico. Any pointers on such, or travel tips with an RV in Mexico appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Gov't officials in Mexico have ordered killing, which has included poisoning of local dogs and cats (total over 50) in the past year. Many will never recover that loss, and have suffered loss in circumstances where their pets were either not off leash or were an hours walking from the public on trails. That is how extensive the gov't worker was in his distribution. Yes that person is still employed by the gov't. This reflects poorly on the human species, as does humor, when life has been lost. Not a fan of animal rights or welfare? Then hold your hand or take your energy to other lesser threads. Respect the grief and suffering that many continue to endure in their grief of who was their family member. Separation of "interests" is what led to different web topic areas. As much as animal topics are not welcome on the Ajijic thread, consider that humor of this dire situation is not welcome here. Yet, many will do what humans do so well when in anonymity, proudly show their lesser human side.
  17. Don't invest too heavily in any trash can that you plan to put outside for pick up. Eventually someone may pick it up and take it home, as was the case with ours in a gated community... lol.. if it's not secured here... it's a walking... lol... everything has value!
  18. MEXLC


    Ok Liana... Wicked game of tease you are playing with us... WHERE IS THIS PLACE... gracias!
  19. We groom ourselves as much as we can, and when energy to groom (ourself) does not present, we use Edgar at 333-454-2635. All grooming is done on the property. People have to understand that all vets are human and make human errors. However, knowing of each vets weaknesses better prepares us to take precautions. Vets do NOT want to hurt animals. A vet may be prone to pushing of drugs, oral pesticides (we lost one due to ONE dose of oral pesticide), or overdosing with shots, NSAIDS etc. We cannot avoid human misinformation, human error or pharma influence. It is a very dangerous world out there, not just for pets, but for people with Pharma's influence. So thank you for this message board and warning, for I am sure that if the public is aware they will take extra steps in not only choosing a vet, but communicating and watching over those actions.
  20. Refer to prior thread on Smoke & Air pollution (click onto following link): Smoke and air pollution
  21. It does seem that way, doesn't it? Street cameras are a great way to deter crime, not just of break ins. Criminals avoid areas which have street (vs home) camera systems. The police would be able to brag of low crime rate in the area, despite the limited man power. It is a win-win situation for all.
  22. It does seem that way doesn't it? Yet street cameras are a great way to deter crime, not just of break ins. Criminals avoid areas which have street (vs home) camera systems. The police would be able to brag of low crime rate in the area, despite the limited man power. It is a win-win situation for all.
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