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  1. Carretera el salto al verde 430 just up the road from the Honda plant in El Salto. We about 5 minutes away from the airport. Rangers BBQ you can google us
  2. Come on out and try some brisket, ribs or Pulled pork. We smoke daily with only Mezquite Wood! If you don’t like what you tasted it’s on the House!!!
  3. My wife and I went by there on Sunday after church. I found it to be quite nice! I believe all places have their bad moments so I try not to sweat the small stuff. My wife and I had the sheplers lamb pie, that was really good!!! The beef ribs where good! And the waiter's were really attentive. And the prices were very reasonable.
  4. Ferret, you hit it right on, real Beef tasting Patty's! Whether it's certified or nacional beef, it's got to taste like beef!
  5. Tried Tonys burger for lunch today. It did not compare to Trips in my humble opinion.
  6. Yeah it does!!! So sorry for any inconvenience!!!
  7. I haven't been to Tony's in a long time. We will try that next time I'm in town!!!
  8. Ok, being that in Texas we have Whataburger and Sonic's and no In And Out. I can't say whether it's any better or worse than a In and out! What I can say is , that I had a trips double,french fries and a vanilla shake!!! They where good!!! Fresh veggies, real American cheese and real Beef patties. I paid $155, it may seem a little to much for some folks, but a place like this sits out like a sore thumb!!!! And it's vulnerable for every type of tax, healthcare, union, permit fee that there is known to any Mexican business!!!!! And that drives your prices up!!! Most small places don't pay any of
  9. Next Sunday I'm there!!! Could you tell me what hours they are open????
  10. Being that I'm a gossips fan, I thought I would try the avocado club after church today. The staff recognized my wife and I write off. Since they only serve brunch on Sunday, it was limited to what we could order for lunch. So we had a breakfast burrito, garbanzo salad and a arachera sandwich. It was all good!!! I wouldn't trade for gossip's. But my wife really liked it so who cares what I think!!!! Prices are reasonable, portions are good and the service is awesome!!!!!
  11. I had to try Tony's fried yard bird!!!! And yes it was gooooood!!!! How funny, I've been coming to Chapala for nearly 8 years and I had never even seen this place, or heard of it till you guys mentioned it!!!!! Thanks for the tip!!!!!
  12. What would you recommend????
  13. What do you guys and gals recommend????
  14. They have a good product. And it seems they also have a low overhead. That there will give them the opportunity to test the market, and to overcome mistakes that all new businesses make. As for having a limited menu, sometimes less is more. And supply and demand will guide them to what changes they have to make. I truly wish them the best!!! It's not an easy rode, and as long as they have faith, work hard, make wise decisions they will make it!!! God bless them and best of luck!!!
  15. Went there yesterday, I had the pulled pork and Philly cheese steak. The Philly cheese steak was good. The pulled pork was different than what this Texan is used to. But this is the great thing about the different styles of BBQ we have in America. Each region has its own style and that my friends is what makes BBQ great!!!!! Cant wait to go back and try the Buffalo wing and catfish sandwich. Best of luck to you guys!!!! See you soon!!!!
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