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  1. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. If I want to say something to someone, I usually PM them. I do ask questions PRN Eric/Clueless/David/ whatever.
  2. I received my first two Covid shots in the U.S. Now I need/want a booster in Mexico and can mix and match with Astrro Zenica. Problem is that I'm not in the Mexican system, so this would be my first shot here. What would be my best course to get the needed shot? Thanks.
  3. Chapala Haciendas, 1.5 bathrooms. Last pumped mucho years ago. Any recommendations? Guestimate on cost? Thanks.
  4. just talked to them this morning. One of the doctors is in Germany now and Dr. Claudia, when last heard from, was in Mexico City, but now she can't be reached. Also, EyeCenter is being remodeled and the phone now not being answered. I'm looking for another Ophthalmologist locally to Chapala/Ajijic. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  5. I would like to find a house for a Mexican family. Mother, 15-year old son and two younger (not toddlers) kids. I need it to be within a 15-minute drive from Chapala. I'm looking for 2 (maybe 3) bdrms and 1.5 or 2 bath. Now the Unicorn part. Price must be in pesos and a middle class neighborhood. Not dirt floors and windows w/o glass and real doors. I don't believe/know any R.E. Brokers locally that I think would handle these kind of houses; really not that much $$ in commission, but maybe I'm wrong. Any thoughts/input appreciated. I really prefer PM if possible. Thanks.
  6. When I say hire, that is as in pay someone. I have had to moderna vaccinations. The last one was on the last day of November 2021. Hi obviously I'm due for hey booster but I cannot get one here. I understand that I can mix and match with see AstraZeneca. My problem is said I continue to miss finding the locations in Chapala. I want someone who will take this on as a job. I am not looking for a freebie. If you can help me, please send me a PM and how much you would want. I live in Chapala haciendas. Thank you
  7. Hand held gizmo. Speak your language and it comes our in a language you have chosen. May have ability to take earbuds. has anyone used/tried these? Would really help me. Have you had any experience(s) with these? Thanks.
  8. IMO, simply say after the visit, you will pay when you are given the factura you need.
  9. My bad. I never went to proofreading school. But you understood, and that's what's important. Thanks to all that have responded on point.
  10. I assume this topic is current for 2022. I have a pair of Rexton BTE hearing aids. They have molded earpieces. I need them looked at and "tuned up" as needed. I picked up one phone # here, 332-945-3267. Is the "office" at LCS still open or reopened? I know I could go to Costco, but I'm figuring even with the gringo tax, local will be better. Any input? Thanks.
  11. I haven't visited everyplace local to Ajijic/Chapala, and prefer not to, so I am asking for personal experiences here. I can't Google what you know. The prices of specialized dog food for a medical condition are, on MercadoLibra, hard to believe. Am I, generally speaking, from your personal experience, better off buying locally or go w/M.L? Unless you really thrive on attention, please send your nasty/sarcastic comments to me in PM. I promise t read them. What I am asking for here is personal experiences. This is, from what I understand, one of the reasons for these boards. Thanks.
  12. Any help for me to understand will be appreciated. My research ability in Mexican law is very limited. Thanks.
  13. Gerry, you are totally, 100% wrong. Any comment(s) from me are general; if they are as to a specific person, I will name the person. Making a negative review of anyone, including attorneys, vets, plumbers, doctors, etc. is now legal here and has been for many years. Look up the history of the laws here on defamation. Anything can turn on the words used.
  14. Please people, this is not a joke. I screwed up something and need to give the correct information, but I deleted all the PMs. This is important. Thank you.
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