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  1. You people that would trash me if I said the sun will come up in the morning are not worth my time. If I can help someone, I will do it in PM.
  2. The difference is that the labeling is the same as always for the breasts. Why not label it showing "Skin, fat and back included?" And what you can see is skinless.
  3. I am pleased I can feed the needs of those who enjoy being critical of others instead of a reasoned response.
  4. It was not a "tiny" bit of fat, but a lot of it. And the back is 90% bone. All of this just adds to the weight and makes people think they are getting more breast than they really are. That's why the low price, but I think you know that. This is the first time in my many years of buying this product that I have seen this, but I did read a post a couple of years ago about this and how the buyer was unhappy and tried to get the " highly skilled, friendly butcher" to reweigh the breast w/o the added fat, skin and back. the butcher wouldn't do it. I just wanted to alert people so they can decide if this is what they want to pay. The evidence is the seriously lower price than usual.
  5. I bought my first house from C.B. and everything went smoothly. And I certainly don't think I paid more because a broker was involved. Ask C.B., all you can get is information, and that always helps. IMO of course.
  6. Soriana had a very good price on whole chicken breasts, so I bought three packages, only to get home and open them to find backs, and a large amount of fat under the breast. Soriana did this a couple of years ago and got called on it on a board. They probably figure consumers memories are short.
  7. Thank you all who posted. You have validated my hypothesis, and my respect to Xena, who sent me a PM on my post. I will be removing this shortly.
  8. The ones with real problems are those who have a need to ignore legitimate posts in favor of slamming someone. These are the ones that really need help.
  9. Thanks to those who gave me information and not irrelevant ground chatter. I think I can check usage on my phone itself. I will have to figure my plan.
  10. We had a maid on sort of a random schedule. It was usually every other week but not always. This was for maybe 2 years. We have a very small house and then figured we only really needed her once a month. She said it wasn't worth her time (we paid $30.00 for her bus). She is our gardener's wife. Anything I need to do so I don't get into a situation as I heard a restaurant did a few years ago? Thanks.
  11. A couple of years ago, I was happily watching a lot of Netflix and youtube, when suddenly I couldn't get anything but WhatsApp and some other little thing. After a bunch of checking this and that, I thought I must have somehow run out of time. Went to the AT&T store (two year plan had not expired) and asked. Seems that I had turned off WiFi and was using data for everything. Never made that mistake again. I have a Garman with forever updates for USA, Mexico, Canada and looks like a dozen or more countries, but I have watched Uber/Taxi driver use WAZE, and I like the look better. Thus my question. Thanks.
  12. It wasn't critical so I just figured to go another day.
  13. My problem was that I wanted to go to a business at the extreme other end, by the museum, and I really didn't want to make that walk carrying a large item I needed reupholstered. I will probably go next Monday. It actually seemed as if there were more vendors than when it was at the other location.
  14. Is the app different from what I have on my Samsung android phone? I have Google and put in "translate" and get a translator. It also has mucho languages and works pretty well. The only real problem is that if the speaker pauses for more than 2 seconds, the microphone turns off. I have to manually change from English to Spanish and then back when the speaker changes. There are no ads with the one on my phone.
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