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  1. No H.D. or battery. Windows 10. Screen is 15" and clean. KB good, no worn letters. A few scratches on case. $500, you pick up in Chapala. 376-765-6348
  2. Why are Lakeside prices usually higher across the board? Answer - - - - LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Getting to Guadalajara is stressful, especially of you try to drive yourself. Prices "locally" will vary. Remember to compare apples to apples. Don't compare prices here to those NOB for the same service. In many services, there is always a "Gringo Tax" included. IMO, never give a hospital (for many places here for that matter), your CC#. They may make additional charges that hadn't "caught up" to your closing bill. MOST IMPORTANT POINT: NOB (in the U.S.) there is accountability on doctore and hospitals. There are courts that will handle malpractice cases. IMO, for the most part, in Mexico, if there is a "mistake," and you suffer a negative result, usually all you will get is an "We apologize for the inconvenience." If/When I feel I really need some expert care, I hop a plane and head NOB. I trust the specialists here pretty much, however, they are still human and can make mistakes. It's a balance scale. You decide.
  3. It's the electric/light shop right by the Vet's office where the cow use to me. Main drag in Chapala. One of the posters said on FB, we are only getting one side. True, it's the same w/Trip Advisor. I did not post about the fan before. So I went to Costco and bought one and a referral from my local ferrerita (sorry for the misspelling) is here now putting it in. He is going to look at the old one and see if he can find the problem. The kicker is that after I bought the new Costco fan, I saw Julie/Wayne have two for sale at $500 each (you remove) which is 1/3rd. of my cost. I looked into the law of defamation and it appears now (as opposed to a few years ago), if you post a factual review, without name calling, etc. it's OK. This has actually been in the Mexican constitutioin for a long time, it's just recently been brought to people's attention. I also think people do read reviews on boards and they "pass it on." Word-of-mouth can be the best friend or worst enemy of a business. You also want to look at how many date points there are. No business will always be able to please all the people all the time. We want to look for the reasonable consumer. I have one more thought I may raise later.
  4. LG didn't offer chat, so I tried to use my modulating headset, but the connection wasn't that great and the tech had a heavy accent that I couldn't get through. Growing old isn't for weaklings.
  5. Got my problems covered (so I'm told). I go back to the municipal building and the man just below the mayor will call the store and suggest it returns my $$. Occamss Razor applies here, I think.
  6. My LG TV monitor just went bonkers. There are very vivid colors flashing and shaking over the pictures. I tried to talk w/the tech from LG but due to my hearing problem. couldn't understand his instruction. I'm looking for someone who can/will do house calls. Thanks.
  7. Thinking back, I was sent to PROFECO one time by the M.P. and it was a 100% waste of time. A lot of some of the not the nicest people know that most gringos will just eat the loss rather than take a minimum of two trips to PROFECO. And as said abive,If you left one T not crossed, they will tel you to fix it and come back. Yes, if your time is worth little to nothing, it might be worth it, but usually not. That is why I would love to see something like the BBB here, or a Small Claims court that could make binding orders/judgments. Too much to ask?
  8. I am told that Profeco only is for use by visitors relating to merchants and can't be used by perm. Residents. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, but it's not worth the $800 costt of the consultation, which I can't recover in arbitration. I will try and check at the municipal building.
  10. Is there anyplace Lakeside where "the system" assists in resolving "small" disputes with a merchant? I was ripped off by a local store for $1,500.00, and I don't want to just walk away. Letting them walk just encourages these kind of people to rip off more gringos. Any help here? Thanks.
  11. The guys that I paid $1,200 for a "new" motor put the fan back and it stopped after a week. They cam back and did whatever and it started. 3 days later it stopped. Now they have to look for a new motor and will "get back to us." I am very fed up with being cheated, especially when there is realistically nothing I can do.
  12. Thanks, I'll check, but as I recall, last time I looked, they didn't have any ceiling fans. And the place near Sunrise is the overpriced one.
  13. I got screwed over by a couple of guys who said my fan motor needed replacement. It absolutely did. They said they would put a new one in for $1,200.00. I said OK and paid. They put it in. Four days later, it stopped working. They came out an "fixed" it. Three days later, it stopped working. I'll take the loss and look for a new one. I saw one in Riberas, a real piece of cheap junk and small. Store wanted near $3,000. II would like a working, decent one or will go to Costco. Thanks..
  14. I donated $15,000 worth of paint for the Chapala Bench Project. Hector had it delivered to him. This was a couple of months ago. Never heard from him again, even after going to the Municipal Building in Chapala and talking with the Chief of staff. Not even a "Thank you" note.
  15. I have a 4G phone and it is loaded with bloatware that I want removed, but don't know if anyone does it Lakeside. Any direct experience? Thanks.
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