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  1. Eric Blair

    Service for home security system.

    Businesses come and go Lakeside regularly, so you can't always count on after sale service. BTW, IMO, the systems are best for a home-invasion, not after the fact. IMO again, a good idea is a 4 or 8 camera security monitor with recording and remote. For the house, I recommend a 'SCREAMER" mounted outside. Hit your "Panic button" and it sounds like the banshees from Hell are lose. Bad guys quickly bugg-out with that one.
  2. Eric Blair

    Tooth implant issues

    Honeybee, sounds as if you really got stung. Sorry, couldn't resist. My wife went through all 7-levels of dental Hell. First, in Jalisco, to be a specialist requires a diplopia from an accredited college and it takes three (3) years. Then, the diploma is registered locally in Ajijic, at #4 Colon That is the Socio Activo de: Colegio Odontologico de la Ribera de Chapala. If you have enough bone, you can get a regular implant, but if you need bone augmentation (graft), then that will add another 2-3 months to the procedure while the grafted bone blends in. During this time, you wear something temporary. You can also try a mini-implant. Implants are an art, however one deficiency, IMO, in Mexico is that any dentist can do implants, but it could be your part of her OTJ "training." The "Specialist" Ribera that my wife saw, wasn't even though she said she was. On her wall was a "certificate" for a three-day "seminar" on implantology. This is the study of implants, not training (the giveaway is the "ology". Oh yes, if someone tells you they are a specialist and takes your money, and it turns out she isn't a specialist, that could well be fraud under the Jalisco penal code. As for getting a refund; if it ain't in writing, it doesn't exist. And even if it is, and you don't get your $$ back, what are you going to do? Your takeaway should be, do your due diligence before choosing. Above IMO of course.
  3. Eric Blair


    The fact of the matter, when it comes to "value," is that there are many kinds of value: Replacement, appraised, "market," etc. IMO, the real value of anything is what a willing buyer pays a willing seller, in an open and competitive marketplace. This is especially true in the R.E. market since there are so many variables. Location, condition, etc. and how much does the seller want to sell? And how anxious is the buyer to buy. When I bought a house in Chapala Haciendas several years ago, I already had a house, but this was an emergency sale. I saw the value and jumped in. The Fates were with me then. Takeaway: No hard-and-fast rule on values.
  4. Eric Blair

    Have you considered this?

    Agree. That thread mention was only a segue into the main point of my post. Thanks.
  5. Eric Blair

    Ladron Vet place

    My error and apology to Dra Naybi. This and the prior tumor were diagnosed by Dr. Ladron who gave my little girl 2-4 months to live. No treatment available. The original tumor was cut by Dra. Brenice at Pet Place, and this caused a tumor leak of the Cancer cells allowing it to spread.
  6. Eric Blair

    need tech help!

    I went through the same thing when I got my first smart phone. It's a learning curve for sure. Best to first learn the features you will actually use/"need" and then go to the others such as WhatsApp, etc. Take your time and remember, it will take some time as well as trial and error.
  7. A thought that came to my mind last night, when watching an episode of "House, M.D." I was thinking of the now closed thread about the woman who threw dog feces at a grounds keeper. Like it or not, we have an "older" older population of expats here. There is always the possibility the woman has some form of early dementia or Alzheimer. These conditions do not become full-blown overnight. They often start as subtle changes in personality and mood swings, etc. Some tines there may be per-existing personality disorders where a person will act in a manner that is inconsistent with their usual personality. What this lady did with the dog feces is well outside the norm. So as in "House," members of our expat community team may want to consider other factors than the first impression. So as the saying goes, "When you hear hoof-beats, think horses, not Zebras." I add: But don't rule-out Zebras.
  8. Eric Blair

    Ladron Vet place

    My little girl developed another, now large, tumor on here leg. Went today. Yes open, but no vet there, only if emergency the on-duty "nurse" can't handle. That was my feeling. Better than nothing.
  9. Eric Blair


    Remember,when you rent, to some degree you are putting down (shallow) roots. If the landlord ups the price or doesn't keep the place up when needed, you could be up the creek. Also, moving is expensive and frustrating.
  10. Eric Blair


    IME (In my Experiences), if you build in Mx (and many other places outside of U.S./Canada, figure twice the time quoted/promised and twice the anticipated cost. When I had to do some re-work on my home in Vista del Lago, I found all sorts of trash, including plastic bottles, used for fill. And forget about electric/plumbing plans when/if you need them in the future.
  11. Eric Blair

    Taxi Fares

    Uber is great and taxis OK, but if you're heading to the airport, better make sure your ride is dependable plus. This is especially critical if you have an early flight where you need to be picked up in the wee hours of the morning. For aireport, I always use Miramontes, for years.
  12. Eric Blair

    Baby Boomers buying or renting

    House in Mx. I bought when I came here in 2004. Large home in Vista Del Lago. 4,200 sq. ft. 3 stories, swimming pool, view to other side of laks; US$120,000. Sold it 2-3 years later, don't recall price. Value today, based on other listings (not necessarily sales price), US$690,000. Bought a small place in Chapala Haciendas after that (actually before I sold; it was a fire sale). US$60,000. Rubber stamp home next door just sold for US$90,000. I intend to die in this house. YMMV
  13. Eric Blair

    The upsides and downsides of Lakeside. IMO

    I don't fret about much here and I certainly look to enjoy the positive. Sometimes though, we can't/shouldn't close our eyes to the negatives if they are impacting out daily happiness. When I have to go NOB, I can't wait to get back here, even when the airlines are screwing passengers really bad. But no viable second choice.
  14. Eric Blair

    The upsides and downsides of Lakeside. IMO

    Yes, it was great, IMO, when put in, but maintenance is critical. Chapala seems to be maintained quite well since the "upgrades."
  15. These are my takes of the top of my head, feel free to add your thoughts. Each element has its own weight that you give it. For me, the upsides weigh much greater than the downsides, especially since I can always, one way or the other, compensate for/adjust to most of the downsides. ********************************************************************* Upsides: Some infrastructure improvements including roads and now the highway out of Chapala (maybe some day to the airport). Upgrade to the malacons in both Ajijic & Chapala Having street vendors clean up their areas and not block sidewalks. Much more relaxed lifestyle (less stress) than NOB. Upgrades to computers and procedures at Motor Vehicles (at least in Chapala) making things move quicker. Change in Chapala (maybe Ajijic also) of the police force. This seems to have reduced unwarranted traffic stops and having to pay a bribe. Walmart (some may argue, but as I said, IMO) More choices and "upgrades" in Medical/dental/health providers and facilities. For the most part, the Mexican people, who are warm, friendly, helpful, hard working and honest. Downsides: Increased traffic congestion and lack of parking. People who bring down oversized SUVs and drive them on on narrow streets, sometimes causing damage to other cars. Power outages; sometimes for needed work but with no warning to users. The lack of any meaningful process of redress if you are seriously hurt money-wise by a builder, mechanic, anyone. Across the board increase in prices disproportionate to the overall cost of living increase (especially in areas such as L.P. gas and gasoline where there is little if any second options) . All prices go up, so this is a generalization. In many restaurants and bakeries, size of portion/item is smaller and price is higher. The number of stray, abused and abandoned dogs and the indifference of the government to it. Loss of older businesses such as Salvador's where you got good quality and good prices. ***************************************************************