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  1. My wife and I will be going from GDL to Barcelona Spain, R/T/ in May. We will need a room for one night and transport to the cruise departure dock. I would like a referral to a T.A. that YOU HAVE USED w/good results. will also check locally, Thanks.
  2. Right on. Will vary with how quick you want it delivered and where it's going. There are some "re-mailing" services," usually connected with a PMB, that will print and mail something for you. Of course you don't want this if there is "confidential" information in what you send. You could also use a close friend/relative to print and mail for you. Everything depends on your needs.
  3. Any idea why no answer? Has anyone recently sent a FedEx letter Pak to U.S. (California). Anyone know the peso cost? Thanks.
  4. Here is a suggestion based on personal experience, that turned into a disaster that ended up costing well over $200,000. IMO, look for training and experience before looking at price. It takes considerable time to get a diploma for implants, I was told two years. You should confirm that your "specialist" has the diploma. There are some "crash courses" where you go to Puerto Vallarta for a long weekend. Listen to some talks and view slides. You then get a certificate (not a diploma) and you can now say you are an expert in implants. You can ask to see the diploma or check with the University of Guadalajara office in Ajijic. If the dentist has a diploma showing the specialized training, it will be registered thee.
  5. South is toward the lake? I thought a new response put the thread back to the top of the list. Guess not. Thanks again
  6. I thought I posted this before, but probably not. I need someone to repair the battery charger for my Makita drill. There was a guy on Pepe Gazar, just before turning toward Lucky Dog. Went to him for years, but his shop has been closed for a long time now and doesn't look as if it will be open again. Any direction will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. I used the guy on Pepe Gazar just before turning toward Lucky dog, but about a year ago, after using him for 10+ years, he ripped me off. Since then, his shop has been closed. Maybe he died. Just need a battery charger for a portable drill fixed. Phone # and directions, with landmarks, always helps. Thanks.
  8. for Walmart here to have a Cyber Monday sale.
  9. Go to Faxzero (dot) com. Three free faxes a day and longer ones US$1.99. I have used them for years. Always good and you get a receipt.
  10. Volaris usually has the best prices, but better take your own food. Other than a small cup of water, nada is free. But they are on time and a nice staff. BTW, the "You can cancel within 24-hour" rule is an actual rule from the DOT or FAA, and any airline going into and/or out of the U.S. must comply with the rule. FWIW, I know someone who missed their Volaris flight due to having an M. I. (heart attack) the day before the flight and was in the hospital. Asked for a future credit from Volaris. Nope.
  11. IMO, Mexico being what it is, they steam/pressure the tank, paint it nicely and ---------
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