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  1. How much is the Telmex landline w/o internet?
  2. Ladron has a deal. Buy five bags and get #6 free. I don't know if it's at the same time, but that's a good deal considering the price.
  3. I'm really tired of the sh**ty internet service here in Chapala Haciendas 2. We are at the end of the Line and seems always problems. I would love to ditch TM but my wife needs the landline because she calls her family & friends in Panama constantly. Any realistic suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  4. my ATV has been running poorly, stalls, stutters, loses power, etc. Took it to the mechanic. He worked 15 minutes and found the problem. Fixed it in 30 seconds. Cost $50 Thanks for the water in the gasoline Pemex. NO!!!!! No way did I allow any way for water to get into the gas tank.
  5. I am lookinf ror Barkys Jerky Sticks Palitos de carne, 1 kilo. We just got a new addition to our home, her human mother died (Covid), and this is what the girl is use to. I haven't been able to locate locally. Tried Mercado Libra and Amazon. Anyone ever see this local to Chapala/Ajijic? Thanks.
  6. IMO, the Municipality should/could enact some law, applicable to the municipality, that all trucks over a specified weight, must have proof of brake inspection every yea at the least, better six months. With proper inspection and maintenance, brakes should not fail.
  7. My wife's lady BFF lives in Canada and came here last year. She left her Canadian plated car here. She is coming here in November (at this time) for maybe six months. She wants to get her car nationalized. I read up on it and there is no way my double-digit I.Q. brain is near understanding it.It's a 2005 and I don't know where it was made and/or if covered by NAFTA or whatever is current. Thus my need for a broker. Referral(s) appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I hate the idea of being shuffled off to some hospital in Guadalajara. Thanks.
  9. I need to go to the U.S. Embassy and get there by 0900 on a weekday. I ckecked Uber and the price was $350.00 which seemed too low. I then checked a private driver and he was $850 which seemed too high. Thoughts?
  10. along with my passport and premente card. How can I get a copy, if at all, for my first shot. Please don't say "check online" unless you can give me a link. Thanks.
  11. Dr. Fauci said some time ago, that any vaccine is better than no vaccine. I went to the Technology Institute and didn't know what vaccine they were giving out until someone walked down the line with a big cardboard "sign" saying "SINOVAC" Would I have liked one of the others? Yes. If/When the Delta variant gets less scary, I go NOB and get one of the others. One thing to remember is that the World and everyone in it, are now in the Third Stage Clinical Trial.
  12. I just checked with LCS and the hearing aid man (polo?) no longer comes there. I would like to know if anyone knows of someone who services hearing aids in preferably Chapala or in Ajijic. Thanks.
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