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  1. Hi. I have a great one out of gdl. Not cheap though. 

  2. Not just form filling, and not in Ajijic. English not needed. This is not the kind of case Spencer handles. Thanks.
  3. I would like to know if the (former?) poster is still around and any contact. Thanks.
  4. He needs to retire. Totally botched implants he was not qualified to do. Have an attorney working to get my money back.
  5. I highly recommend AGAINST Dra. Sandra near Superlake. My vote is for Dr. Jose who "interned" at Dental Bright for 2+ years. Small, unassuming office 2 blocks West of LCS. He does excellent work, brings in specialists as needed and doesn't put a Gringo Tax on his work. 376-755 5993
  6. I believe, if my old memory serves me, some time ago there was a personals category, but no more. Anyone know why it was removed? I know Craigslist removed it due to the proliferation of alleged prostitution offers, and that includes C.L. in Mexico. I seriously doubt that there was any statistically significant number of persons Lakeside interested in prostitution. Same for the "Casual Encounters" in Craigslist. I feel it was an asset for those people Lakeside who simply were looking to meet someone for possibly less than a full-time, long-term committed relationship. Just curious.
  7. I am looking at an open-heart procedure, which is at my age, somewhat scary. My choices are to have it done here, or at the V.A. in Texas. My G.P. here recommended a cardiac surgeon here. I did some Google on him and he gets good reviews. Still, I know there is a saying that doctors bury their mistakes. Is there any way I can check to see if this doctor has been either sued for malpractice, if there is such a thing here, or had any formal discipline; again, if there is such a thing here. Thank you.
  8. I am truly F***ing fed up w/W10. I'm seriously considering another laptop to use strictly offline for projects. What is the learning curve on Linux? Will it run my printer, and other programs I need such as Adobe Reader, etc. Can I try it w/o removing windows?
  9. From an expat (USA) my comment/question is: How will it affect me? I go to Walmart and see a "sale" where the price of whatever is reduced by $20.00 (pesos). I calculate that to the current exchange rate, and it's just slightly over US$1.00. Same for fruit; a $10.00 pesto drop is about US$0.50. I see two places where it could hit expats directly. Your gardener/maid/plumber/etc. will be looking for a big jump from the current (appx) $60-$70 pesos per hour. But as said above; time will tell. I'm looking to grab pesos now when it's over $20.00 to the US$
  10. Anyone ever think of asking the cost of a basic inspection and then what/if/when something is found, give a quote? Whatever the prices are that anyone charges, it should be a negotiated bargain. If any tradesperson won't do that, then I'm wary of that person. Also, trades persons or otherwise, they will continue to charge as much as the traffic will bear, and if/when people stop paying high prices, the prices will go down. It doesn't take a structural engineer to figure that $500 for an hour is better than $0.00 for that hour. There are some really piss-poor trades persons Lakeside and some great ones, but there is usually not just one great one and one totally incompetent one. The above does not just apply to trades persons, but attorneys, doctors, accountants, etc. Above FWIW
  11. I got $18.80 on a wire a few weeks ago. Should have waited, but that's part of the game.
  12. Looking for Joco area. I have a 1995 Ford Windstar and want to convert it to a semi-camper. One thing I want to do is raise the roof. I have seen several pictures and am pretty sure it can be done by someone "local." I asked for Joco area because I know the price will be way less than Ajijic. Thanks.
  13. Everything depends on your point of view and your personality. The best advice I have received abut living in Mexico is to leave your notions/beliefs of how things should be at the border. Don't come to Mexico thinking it will be like NOB, or even worse, you will change how the "locals" think or act, or their values to suit you. When in Rome = = == = = Since the change in the local police, I haven't had any problem with mordida by cops. Build your own home? NEVER! Takes 2X as long and costs around 2X what you figure. "Five finger discounts" by workers is traditional. IMO, be nice, keep a low profile, don't go out, except to the malacon or plaza at night and enjoy the positive here, and I see a lot of it. Finally, IMO, don't take what you read on any board as gospel, unless it is direct from the first source and factual.
  14. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Best to have an attorney fill and file the papers. Yes? Best to have an attorney do paperwork to cite the laws. Yes? There are no Pro Bono attorneys Lakeside. True? PROFECO has no enforcement powers. Can't issue a collectable judgment. Correct? PROFECO can't directly do anything about/against a license. True? I wasted a lot of time and $$ trying to get something effective through PROFECO and that was the result -- Time/$$ wasted. IMO, Mexico is a self-help country. In most cases, the agencies there to help you don't.
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