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  1. Hi Eric:


    I have not forgotten you about the wetsuit.   Fact is that I have not been feeling well at all with my back and not getting out much.

    How would it be if I come by maybe this Wed for the wetsuit?    Do I just go to the  gate at Chapala Haciendas #2 and ask for you -- or how is best way to get in?

    Thanks again for your kind offer.

    Jim Schlicht   

  2. When I asked Parker Insurance, I was told there is no insurance policy for an ATV. This was 4 years ago. Anyone know of any change?
  3. I'm never above learning, and sometimes people/stores, etc. change over time. I like to keep updated.
  4. Good tips from all. Thanks. I like the idea or saying $300 or a specific amount and making certain what your fill gauge shows and the truck shows 000. True, a few pesos won't make/break most of us, for me, it's just I don't like getting "Gringo taxed," aka, ripped off. But Walmart, or some of the checkers have shortchanging down to a fine art. I once didn't get my cash back of $2,000 and when I came back, the manager balanced the register and gave me the $2,000 back with an apology. Now that's fair.
  5. My tank is on the roof but I can easily get to it. When the gas truck arrives, the only thing I know to do is make sure the flow gauge is at 000 when it starts. Are gas prices regulated? I ask because I read that they go up on the first off every month.
  6. Well, that does answer my question. Thanks. I ditched inkjet printers many years ago. I use a Brother LASER. All-in-One and it's a real work horse. Black only. I do a maybe 100+ pages per month, and not that 5% coverage B.S. I often refill my cartridges, sort of a mess, or I buy non-OEM on Mercado Libra.
  7. OK, that''s a legitimate question. I'm curious if people use/need a print in color feature with all the expenses, if they considered it might be a lot less expensive to simply go to a stationary store and have the color page/photo printer. As I said, simply curious, so I thought I would ask.
  8. If you use a color printer, please tell me - - 1. How many pages a month do you print? 2. What do you usually print in color? Thanks.
  9. And of course FedEx really costs up the kazoo.
  10. Many times you can find the item you want/need on Mercado Libra. No worry w/customs, duty, etc. I have ordered and received from Mercado Libra several times w/o issues. Doesn't cost to look.
  11. From what I read, it can take weeks using the Mexican postal service.
  12. I mailed a letter 3 days before Christmas, regular #10 letter envelope w/full postage. Cost? $60.00 I mailed a letter today, same as above. Cost? $90.00 I asked why the increase? Response: Computer. Safe and healthy 2020 to all.
  13. Two couples looking to go to Tequila town. Have you gone? How did you go? Was it worth it (especially if you are a non-drinker)? What is best way to go? Train, bus or private car? If we take private car/driver, we are on our own; can we do the same as on a tour? Drive there on our own? If so, what do we do. Thanks in advance for your input.
  14. Plus, not that it totals enough to break anyone, but prices are less in Chapala (except for Soriana) than Ajijic, plus, I have been short changed and short weighted more in Chapala than Ajijic. Thanks for the info that Christmas eve is the biggie in Mexico and not the day. I always am glad to learn and/or be corrected. Of course, I also check Google as a double check point.
  15. Hi Eric:

    Can I hold off picking up the wet suit until after the holidays, since traffic through Ajijic is absolutely horrible right now? 

    I am now getting about 5-6 hours sleep thanks to Dra Justina in W. Ajijic.   I am taking a combination of things, including CBD oil.   Tasedan no longer  works for me.




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