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  1. Some llarger pieced, 2'X3'l 2'X4' You pick up Chapala Haciendas #2. Never used. $$5.50 for all, plus you pur the scrap pieces on the street for trash pickup. email: 1988jeopardychampion@gmail.com
  2. You pick up Chapala Haciendas #2. No delivery or gift wrapping. email: 1988jeopardychampion@gmail.com
  3. I have the domain name but forgot how to upload. I have been using Filezilla since I sort of remember that, but I don't care what client you use. I would rather kep the pesos local. Please PM me
  4. I have done CTRL and Alt at the same time and then the 2 key. Nothing. I have done AltGr and 2 key. Nothing. I have held Alt and typed 64. Nothing. Help appreciated.
  5. Bateman, good communicator and reasonably priced
  6. Rules mean nothing w/o enforcement and penalties. What do yo do? Fine people that don't have money and/or take away money they need for food? Put them in jail where they are confined in close quarters w/others that may have CV? Every expert around the World says face-masks can make a major difference, but in Chapala, I see many, many people not wearing them, especially at bus stops, lines going into the banks on Monday morning and just people chatting in groups of 3-5. Finding problems is easy, having and implementing workable workable solutions is not.
  7. Using a VPN. Have it on my laptop and on my wife's Samsung Android. We have two profiles, one for me and one for wife on NF. Up to now, everything has been working fine. We both use Dallas as our VPN "home." She can watch one movie on the TV on her account, and I can watch another on my account on my laptop. Suddenly, she can use the Netflix title search box for a specific movie on her phone, but I can't find it on my laptop using the same search box. Any thoughts appreciated about this specific issue. Thanks
  8. Ordered delivery. Ravioli for wife and Pizza for me. The hors d'oeuvre sized ravioli was good, but then I usually like anything with tomato sauce. The Anchovie pizza, individual size (the only pizza they deliver) was total, pure absolute garbage. It was about 8" wide and the crust was as literally as thin as 3 pieces of printer paper. Whatever was on it looked like it was painted on with a brush. Tiny amount of cheese and an occasional drop of something red. I couldn't even pick it up as it fell apart. It had no taste or anchovies or anything else. I tried to salvage it with so
  9. I'm sure you all have read the thread/story that Walmart will no longer require face masks. I also am sure you have read the many stories, including this morning, how Dr. Fauci has again and again pushed face masks as a very good and necessary protection against Corona virus. Walmart wants to avoid "confrontations" with people who don't want to wear masks. I don't want to have a confrontation with Covid-19 because someone doesn't want to wear a facemask. If you want to see an excellent response to this Walmart decision,, you should read the comment by Mudgirl in another thread.
  10. Your points and analogies are absolutely excellent. I was there today (7-30-2020) and some WM employees were making less than halfhearted shows or having a mask somewhere around their faces.
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