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  1. The last time I checked, which was a couple of months ago, Medicare will not cover anything farther than 50 miles from the border or something like that. Also, I understand that you may have to pay up front and then obtain help in filing with Medicare for reimbursement, but please do not count on reimbursement from everything I have seen And read.
  2. What Hours? Excuse my ignorance, but where is DIF in chipala? I am going to try to go to Walmart tomorrow morning has 0 8 0 0 When they open.
  3. Some people say/think gloves give you a false sense of security. Fact is, even "experts" sometimes have differing opinions. Things are still in the learning stage with this virus. I use nitrile gloves and N5 masks. Sort of belt and suspenders thinking. When I get home, I spray the gloves completely with the solution and then wash my hands for 30 seconds. Best to all.
  4. As usual, watching/reading CV news. One thing I caught was how even w/gloves you can transmit the virus. Especially mentioned was the steering wheel of your can, which I had not thought of. So here is what I am doing. Get an empty spray bottle and fill it with a diluted bleach/water mix. Scale down the amount for the bottle. Use 1/3rd cup bleach to 1 USG of water. Then carry this bottle w/you and you can spray down not only the door handles of your car, but the steering wheel. The bottle must be opaque since light (and as I recall, heat) degrades bleach. If you don't have an opaque bottle, you can use masking tape for the clear parts, of the bottle to keep the light out. Hope this helps someone.
  5. I read a story this morning from "Mother Jones" that I believe. Here are the (alleged) details. Remember this when you next book a flight. "American Airlines seated passengers next to each other even though their flight was virtually empty, according to a report by Mother Jones. The incident took place on a flight on March 24 that had only 11 passengers, all of whom were in basic economy, according to the outlet, which cited an unnamed flight attendant. Though there were plenty of seats, none were moved because "that would be an upgrade," according to the flight attendant.
  6. If you have one, I would buy it or trade for ????? PM please, no point in giving the bashers room to be nastier. Thanks.
  7. In many ways, some businesses could continue, depending on the physicality of their business, on a limited basis, even if it was one or two people at a time, 10 feet distancing and required masks, gloves and hand sanitizing. Still, with reading so many posts about places Lakeside where people are ignoring the rules of distancing, I can't understand it. IMO, it's either a death wish or some type of "It won't be me" thinking.
  8. I agree, the story I read says President Trump WANTED his name as the signer on the checks. This I believe.
  9. To paraphrase Edgar aAllan Poe, Believe half of what you see, less than what you read on the news, and nothing from Facebook. Numbers are often made up to prove what the provider says. Truth is that 85% of statistics people quote are not true, intentionally or by mistake of belief. I go with the CDC, WHO and Mayo Clinic. "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." My favorite, that might be true, is that Trump wanted his name to be on stimulus checks. This was alleged in the WSJ as having come from an unnamed inside source. Personally, I don't doubt it.
  10. From what I have found researching, your U.S. Social Security payments can/will not be stopped if you are living in another country. As I recall, there is an exception that your payments might be stopped if you join the military of another country, but then that may apply to citizenship, not sure. I believe the next 90-days will be very telling for the World.
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