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  1. Hello! I’m a personal concierge in the area. I do personal shopping among other services. If I can be of any help, I’ll be happy to. This is my email: clausgoa@yahoo.com.mx and my cell: 331 695 4607 Claudia Gómez
  2. Hello Shoshanah, I’m available for those dates. Here is my cell number: 331 695 4607 we can set up an appointment to meet at your house. Claudia Gómez
  3. Thanks giving is just around the corner! Booking your pet sitter will be something your pets will appreciate and be thankfull for. Nice weekend to all! Claudia G.
  4. Available for some dates in October, November and December. If you are planning your thanks giving and christmas holidays and need someone who takes care of your beloved pets, let me know if I could be of any help by sending me a pm. I got refrences I can sent to your e-mail. Good day to all!! Claudia Gomez
  5. Do you still need help? I can volunteer. send me a pm if I can be of any help. Night night! Claudia G.
  6. Hi Jean, How is your cat doing? I hope he is getting better. night night! Claus G.
  7. The woman who was injured needs a surgery. Her leg got broken. The man who hit her is from USA, he is using his liability insurance to cover all dammage. We need to be very carefull while driving and/or walking....always and always! Night night! Claus G.
  8. Hello Kurbie, I'm a petsitter, just in case I could be of any help, feel free to take a looke on my profile. I got references I can send to your e-mail. this is my mail: clausgoa@yahoo.com.mx Nigh, night! Claudia Gomez.
  9. Hi Sylvia, yesterday I sent my references to your e-mail. I hope you got them. Regards, Claudia G.
  10. Hello Plata Girl, I'm a pet sitter. if I can be of any help, send me a pm or e-mail: clausgoa@yahoo.com.mx Feel free to look at my profile. I got Refrences! Nigh night! Claudia Gomez
  11. Hi Lakesider, I'm pet sitter but if I happend to know someone who can take care of your mom I" let you know. Could you gime me your cellphone number to contact you much faster, just in case. It's June already. Kind regards, Claus G.
  12. I'm very happy to be pet sitting in Jocotepec. Nice place, great people. When walking one of my dearest dogs gets to be a great pleasure. ¡Viva Joco! Night night Claus G.
  13. Hi Connie & Doug, I'm available for both dates you need. I can set this dates aside for you and I'll contact you soon so we can meet and talk about it if that works for you. I got your contact information from the office. Have a nice Sunday! Claudia G.
  14. Good idea booking your pet sitter ahead of time so you don't leave your pets with a new sitter every time you are out of town. Great weekend to all!! Claus G.
  15. Hi! Feel free to take a look on my profile. Just in case you could need someone to look after your beloved pets some day in the future! Great weekend everybody!!! Claus G.
  16. I'm full booked up from March to August 31th, 2017. Thanks for your trust! Now booking the rest of the year and begining of 2018. Plannig where to spend Thanks giving week? Christmas season, etc. Do not forget your beloved pets, ok! Night night every one! Clau G.
  17. Hi Robert, I'm busy those dates. Sorry! Still if you want my refrences, could you let me know your E-mail, please? Thanks, Claudia G.
  18. Hi Roger! I have sent you an e-mail with my references. I hope you got it. if not, let me know to re send it,please. nighr night! Claudia G.
  19. Hi bmh! could you give me your e-mail address to send you my refrences, please. regards, Claudia G
  20. Hi Maggie! I send my info/refrences to your e-mail a moment ago. Looking forwad to your comments. This is mi cel number: 3316954607 Night night! Claus G.
  21. Planning your short get aways or summer vacations already? Don't miss your house/pet sitter. If you don't know me, feel free to look at my profile. Got refrences I can send to your e- mail. Night night! Claus G.
  22. Dear Cal Gal, 

    Do you still need a house sitter? 

    If you do, please contact me at my cell. 3316 954 607

    Best Regards,



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