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  1. I ment lot cost

  2. A ball park on 2000sqf is equal at 185.8 m2 and coast to build is about $7,000 to $9,000 MX per m2 that is not including the boat coast.

    I hope that info help you

  3. I did try but sims that the letter file that i wan to attach is not been accepted by the file types I am working on change for jpeg Thank you. Respectfully, Ramiro
  4. Hi, My name is Ramiro Alba, I just move from Colorado Springs Co, after 20 years living in the USA I decide to come back and raise my two kids in Ajijic, my wife is a MSW and I own a very successful construction Company that we specially in kitchen and bathroom s remodel. I m opening an extension my company to work in Mexico and build homes, remodels, and commercial buildings. On the attachment you will find a Introduction letter from my company. Thank you Respectfully, Ramiro
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