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  1. AllenHoffman

    san miguel de allende

    Can any one compare living in san miguel vs Lake chapala area?
  2. AllenHoffman


    Wow do I have a lot to look forward to in retirement Gazing out the window all day wondering if it is going to rain today.
  3. AllenHoffman

    American Legion Membership Requirements

    I happen to fall in between the eligibility dates so the only thing open to me would be social volunteer ?
  4. I checked celebrity and the constellation does not show this cruise
  5. AllenHoffman

    Help - ant invasion!

    She did ask for a solution.
  6. AllenHoffman

    Help - ant invasion!

    Pour some corn syrup on an index card Add borax, enough to mix in thoroughly but not super-saturate it Stir it together… …and then they come It’s a little freaky when they’re all having their ant party, but within a day, the ants will be gone! They eat the corn syrup, the borax kills them, and if all goes well, they’ve taken quite a bit back to the colony and then they leave you and your kitchen alone.
  7. Well I will be relocating here in 6 years so lets hope all this gets fixed.
  8. Any one have tried Boomers in Paradise Insurance?
  9. After all the excitement and newness of settling down starts to wear off, what is a typical day like ? I know there is the Lake Chappela Society , American Legion etc but aside from that what is your normal day like ? Is it better then say being stuck in an mobile home community somewhere in Florida and all you have to look forward to is boring card games in the club house ? Is it really getting so over crowded that its just not fun any more? Is it safe to drive outside the Lake area or are bandits lurking in every street corner ? I know to each his own idea of whats fun and we do plan on visiting for a few weeks to test the waters . Til then we just keep trolling these message boards for all sorts of advice.
  10. AllenHoffman

    La Mission Apartments

    Any forum members living in La Mission and your thoughts?