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  1. Does anyone have knowledge of this particular statement from CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow, S.C.? Federal taxation law includes several significant measures. The Federal Law on New Automobiles Taxation exempts vehicles propelled by electric rechargeable batteries, as well as hybrid vehicles, from fees concerning their sale or import.
  2. Sorry, but it is not doubtful. Amerkkka must keep track of dollars going into a foreigner's account.
  3. Mayor Obrador did a decent job.
  4. I do not understand your rudeness. I choose to give anyone the benefit of positivity. The agent may be highly ethical and moral, and I feel you are cosigning the disparagement of that person. Besides, if there is cell service I have internet access anywhere I have been in Jalisco.
  5. I see nothing unethical or immoral on the part of the sellers or their agents. They are not mind readers.
  6. http://time.com/5012393/non-opioid-pain-relievers-just-as-effective-as-opioids/
  7. Washington DC is a sh*thole. Must be fake news.
  8. Put on the emergency flashers and don't move for a minimum of 60 seconds.
  9. I am well aware this would not happen in Seattle, but for you to extend your experience to a claim that what I say is not true, is extremely......... I suggest you review a dozen police contracts from the northeast. It is true many have reduced pay to a MINIMUM of four hours for court, but there are ways to get more than four.
  10. Giving a cop $$$ to pay a fine is far more honest on both parties part than the ameriKKKan way. A cop will give a ticket even if you are not guilty just to get 8 hours play for traffic court day. Then they will give a ticket or summons in order to go to court and get a days pay for other days. Yea, much more honest. Show up at court, get 8 hours pay.
  11. TY Tangerine. I am fond of much LCS offers, including their dedicated staff.
  12. My limited research seems to support your 'style' over substance to an extent in Centro. "House" music (electronic dance music) lasts all night, uses subwoofers that shake the ground and penetrate walls, doesn't respect occupancy max, changes locations when busted.
  13. Interesting post. Roosters crowing and dogs barking are certainly different than 'club noise'. Stopping noise in Centro clubs near the university very much surprised me.
  14. Bicycle riders are in danger everywhere. We are killed riding in bike lanes. We know the danger. Many bike riders do not obey the laws and make it worse for those that do. An elevated bike path traversing Ajijic would not be that complicated, but the up and down ramp would turn into a nightmare as younger riders would use it for their daredevil (and impressive!) endeavors. Don Gus' death has led to huge expansion of bike lanes in Guadalajara. It makes little sense having two "bike lanes to nowhere" which is what we have on either side of the village. Automobile drivers think roads and right of ways were built for their exclusive use. Roads were not originally built for their horseless carriages, but for bicycles and trolleys. The idea of bicycle friendly travel IS meant to encourage people to use a means other than their individual motorcars to get around and ease traffic. I can get on a bike in San Juan Cosala, walk my bike through Ajijic, and continue to Walmart faster than a car can during business hours. That signifies to me that the problem is automobiles. The city needs a plan that only allows those not going to work on the main road every other day.
  15. No disrespect to my birthplace, but I have found Mexicans to be on a much higher moral plane. I could easily provide dozens of personal experiences to cosign my conclusion.
  16. Question 3. Keep ALL your drains covered to help control the big brown bugs. Treat perimeter, especially entries for ants. Question 4. I use Advantix II for my puppy, and Cutter Skinsations for me. Question 7. I would consider a water purification system if you own the casa. H2Ole can help. Question 8. There are apps for that (Translating) I will never forget how delighted my housekeeper was the first time I used one. Best businesses, services, restaurants, try bestoflakechapala.com
  17. Find a way to build the bike path through Ajijic. (elevated?) Build a bike path and walkway from Ajijic to Chapala along the lake.
  18. Does Costco Mx honor the USA issued Costco Citicard and the associated perks?
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