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  1. Sorry, but it is not doubtful. Amerkkka must keep track of dollars going into a foreigner's account.
  2. Mayor Obrador did a decent job.
  3. I do not understand your rudeness. I choose to give anyone the benefit of positivity. The agent may be highly ethical and moral, and I feel you are cosigning the disparagement of that person. Besides, if there is cell service I have internet access anywhere I have been in Jalisco.
  4. I see nothing unethical or immoral on the part of the sellers or their agents. They are not mind readers.
  5. http://time.com/5012393/non-opioid-pain-relievers-just-as-effective-as-opioids/
  6. Washington DC is a sh*thole. Must be fake news.
  7. Put on the emergency flashers and don't move for a minimum of 60 seconds.
  8. I am well aware this would not happen in Seattle, but for you to extend your experience to a claim that what I say is not true, is extremely......... I suggest you review a dozen police contracts from the northeast. It is true many have reduced pay to a MINIMUM of four hours for court, but there are ways to get more than four.
  9. Giving a cop $$$ to pay a fine is far more honest on both parties part than the ameriKKKan way. A cop will give a ticket even if you are not guilty just to get 8 hours play for traffic court day. Then they will give a ticket or summons in order to go to court and get a days pay for other days. Yea, much more honest. Show up at court, get 8 hours pay.
  10. TY Tangerine. I am fond of much LCS offers, including their dedicated staff.
  11. My limited research seems to support your 'style' over substance to an extent in Centro. "House" music (electronic dance music) lasts all night, uses subwoofers that shake the ground and penetrate walls, doesn't respect occupancy max, changes locations when busted.
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