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  1. $1,400 pesos, which includes the ride.
  2. My Canadian driver's licence was about to expire so I needed a Mexican one. My neighbour had told me about his do-it-yourself experience with Jalisco's travelling drivers' licence service which occasionally comes to Chapala. His was a near day-long ordeal. It included a driving test. By rule, he didn't have to take it because he still had a valid licence from the U.S. I don't know why they made him take. Wait, maybe I do. He knocked over one of the red cones and the examiner told my neighbour it would take a $500 peso bribe. He paid and just like that, he passed. I hired Luzma Grande of
  3. Alan Rivas has an auto repair shop in Chapala. But he also waits in line and pays bill for gringos; vehicle license, predial and whatever. Speaks English, reliable and reasonable. He'll pick up the paperwork and return it paid to your house. Highly recommended service. His phone is 331 176-9733.
  4. I visited Lake Chapala from British Columbia in February, 2016, and purchased a lot. Century 21 in Chula Vista (San Antonio Tlayacapan) was the real estate agency. Because I was returning to B.C. before the closing date, I gave Century 21 an extra amount to cover the notario, predial and whatever minor unforeseen costs there might be. The line on my buyer's closing statement from Century 21 says: "Balance in Buyer's Favor: $6,350.35 pesos." Simple refund my money, right? Not with this branch of Century 21. I wrote to them twice asking for a cheque. No reply. I wrote to Century 21's h
  5. Thanks RV: I have some more info. The fan palm is also called a desert palm. Very common here, of course, and also south west U.S. The fan palm likes it dry. The plumoso cocos (the ones I have) have the feathery leafs (also a very common tree; sometimes called a queen palm). It needs more water than the fan but not much. An inch a week is plenty.
  6. I had three large (15-feet) plumoso palms planted in October. Well watered to start with but wondering if I may be over-watering them. How often and how much should they be watered during the winter? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  7. The "latest" on the dengue vaccine for those who missed it. The upshot seems to be: maybe, or maybe not. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/09/01/health/dengue-vaccine-increase-disease/index.html
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