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  1. I need to build a wire mash fence with a gate. Anyone has any recommendations for FAST and Reliable contractors?
  2. I think it would be better if the poisoning topic was discussed in only one thread. It's very confusing reading 10 different threads talking about it. One thread keeps posts chronological and it's easier to absorb all the facts.
  3. There's not much point in speculating nationality. Mexican or not Mexican this person is a damaged disgusting prick that needs to be found and stopped. I think it would be a good idea to put mass posters around ajijic in Spanish and English informing ppl of the crime and the reward for anyone showing PROOF in helping catch this prick.
  4. Two of my dogs used to get in fights. One was a pit bull. The water gun saved us from many vet bills and wounds on both dogs. After a few fights the dogs finally made peace. Now they get very obedient every time they see the water gun. FYI: pitbulls may have a high pain tolerance but they hate water.
  5. Water gun works too. If you spray water in the dogs face they will get shocked and let go the biting/victim dog.
  6. Tonight I saw a poisoned dog on the Carretera in front of Bruno's restaurant (the opposite side of road). I hope they catch this monster!! graphic picture below....
  7. My first choise would be Multiva. How competitive are the exchange rates at HSBC compared to Multiva btw?
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