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  1. On 2016-12-07 at 6:14 PM, Mainecoons said:

    One really good data point as to how the Tapatios have returned to the entire lakeside is the total rejuvenation of that restaurant strip just east of San Juan Cosala.  That place is packed on the weekends and it ain't us expats.  


    I think the lake restaurants don't attract expats because:

    1. They pester you from the public road to go into their restaurant, getting as close as they can to your car and whistling in your face while wiggling a dirty cloth also in your face.  

    2. They play Deafening music that sound more like torture noise. I'm all about fun and partying but that was beyond what even someone my age(in my 30s) can tolerate. 

    3. They have no internet presence. Don't recall seeing them on trip advisor or seeing their websites.

  2. I saw this UFO once, it looked so mythical like it was made to create excitement and adrenaline among the humans. 

    It didn't come from the lake however, it was made in china ?

    Also where can I get some of those shrooms you guys have? 


  3. If he/she needs to do conference calls/broadcast the most important thing is the upload speed. 

    Telmex has the worst speed even if you are able to get a higher download plan they don't go high enough on the upload. You can still stream but the lack of speed can cause a few hiccups  

    Telecable is much better but it's not constant signal aka it will drop for a few seconds every few hours, maybe once a day or once a week if you are really lucky. Telcel is the fastest option (look up the upload speed I posted, that's way more than you need for video conference) but it will cost you a lot more than the other options. 

    Artached are the results of telecable. Look at the difference....


  4. SWIFT transfer. Ask your Mexican bank and they should do it. It's international and they have an intermediary bank that can link to your Canadian bank. 

    Note: when the money hits your bank in Canada they will probably give you a really bad exchange rate. Personally if I lived here I would keep the money in Mexico. 

  5. Best way is to buy a telcel plan (they offer up to 30G a month)  and use your phone as a hotspot. 

    Don't get the stick that telcel offers. I bought that and it was crap. 

    Also make sure you get full 4g singnal on your phone to be able to use it. If it drops to 3G is pretty slow. 

    I had the 30g plan for one year and it was Excellent until a few months ago where they made a few changes to their network. No one was willing to refund me or even explain why their service wasn't working. They just said the 4g doesn't work with a  very non friendly attitude (thanks for telling me smth I already know and not giving the service I'm paying for). 

    Now it seems to work better but there's a few hiccups here and there. It's still better than Telmex or telecable. 

    Also attached is the speed I get from telcel. 


  6. I wonder why Ajijic became the hub of expats when Chapala has much better infrastructure of roads and space. I also find Chapala much more visually pleasing than Ajijic, however the big majority of restaurants are located in Ajijic, the prices of real estate are extremely more expensive compared to Chapala, yet the Ajijic Carretera is full of dust and traffic that barely moves and for being an expat retirement community it's not particularly handicap friendly or noise friendly to live. 

  7. I had never visited this place before. Maybe because I never saw it that busy or I just didn't want to risk going someplace and having terrible service (it happens quite a lot with some of the places I have tried here) 

    To my surprise, their Thanksgiving dinner was a delight and the price was only $300 including two glasses of wine and a three course meal for two people. 

    They had good live music and it wasn't too loud (another thing that is rare here) 

    I don't know how they do when it's not a special event but I think I may give them another try. 

  8. 17 minutes ago, MtnMama said:

    Not on a Pit Bull. Stun gun or cattle prod might work. They were bred for generations to be impervious to pain so stopping them can be difficult.

    Two of my dogs used to get in fights. One was a pit bull. The water gun saved us from many vet bills and wounds on both dogs. After a few fights the dogs finally made peace. Now they get very obedient every time they see the water gun.

    FYI: pitbulls may have a high pain tolerance but they hate water. 

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