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  1. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. I wonder if they tried to rob any other homes. If it was only one house it makes me think it wasn't random and maybe they knew someone from the inside (maid, gardener, handymen that had been in the house or guard as the others suggested) 

    I'm surprised they didn't take laptops or passports too. 

  2. Loud vendors with crazy speakers, bad traffic light system on the Carretera that jams the entire strip from west Ajijic to la Floresta, shitty roads with so much dust and garbage, fireworks in the middle of the night till 6 am that sound like cannons blowing your ear drums, abandoned dogs free to roam by irresponsible $%&/()s, corrupted politicians that don't really give a damn about improving any infrastructure to stimulate the economy.....

    There are so many other things to complain before we complain about the "damage" a bed and breakfast that caters to old retired people is doing to Ajijic. 

    Edit: word idi.ot was censored. Kinda made me laugh. 

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  3. Thank you for your replies. I think I have to be more clear with her and say that being on the phone on the job is not acceptable. 

    I don't think she wants to get fired and frankly I don't really want to go through the hassle of finding new people. I had some cleaners before sent by rental companies and they just didn't clean well. 

    If she continues to be on the phone this often I will have to look into termintion. I have to say this process seems really backwards in Mexico, having to pay someone severances when they get fired because they didn't do their job properly etc... wonder if you have to pay them if they are caught stealing too (not my case but just curious) 

  4. Our cleaner is on the phone A LOT taking personal calls while she's on the job. It could be as often as every 5 minutes. 

    I have tried to talk to her asking to do something while on the phone to give her a hint that it's disrespectful but she doesn't seem to register it. 

    How would you bring this up? Is this a common bevaviour in Mexico ? 

  5. Reading the comments section on that yahoo page made me sad seeing the amount of ignorant Americans that probably never bother to apply for a passport or learning anything about the world. I wouldn't be surprised if most of them never even left their state.  


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  6. Went there once it was packed. Food was good and service also pretty good. 

    Tried it again a few months later when we were the only table. The waiter must have thought we were invisible, even when we would ask something he just didn't care and would dissapear talking to this kid (maybe his daughter). Food was also equally bad. 

    Won't be back 

  7. 1 hour ago, Aquaponicsman said:

    I do not recall seeing upload speeds this high. Perhaps they are improving our internet service Lakeside.


    Are others experiencing better service? I know I live in the area with the fastest speed on the lake (Riberas) but am hoping others are seeing improvement for 2017 as well.

    Happy New Year, all.

    If this isn't just a one off it would be really really good news for the area. 

  8. 58 minutes ago, Xena said:

    I disagree. Managing employees is part of the manager's job. If employees are not working properly then the manager is responsible. If these kinds of things do not happen in other stores it is because the managers are doing their jobs.

    That's because managers don't get paid enough to care either. 

  9. The problem is not the tipping, it's Walmart exploiting their employees and paying them well BELOW living wages even here in Mexico where you can live cheaper. 

    This crap only breeds unqualified unhappy people behind those cash registers and does not promote competition. And then we wonder why we don't get fast service here. 

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  10. On 2016-12-15 at 6:39 PM, bdmowers said:

    Does anyone have recommendations for professionals to help with immigration issues?  If you could say what they did for you and whether their efforts were successful I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    If you are applying for permanente or temporal I would recommend going on the Las Vegas consulate website and checking out their checklist. Make sure you fulfill the requirements. Out of the other consulates they have been the most professional and kind. Despite being quite busy they seemed to be also more organized compared to a consulate in Canada where there were 3 people waiting and it took a good 4 hours to speak with them. Not only that but they were very rude as well. 

    Note: the Las Vegas website doesn't have the form you need to fill in(unless they updated it) Just go to any other consulate website and it is the same one. Print that (double sided I think, it has instructions) and fill in all the info. Should be a very simple form. 

    Then call the consulate to make an appointment. We were told we didn't need one and we just dropped in. 

    Bring all the documents listed on the list from the Las Vegas website. Bank statements, house deeds if you have property here and anything else that you need to apply for what you are applying together with your pictures. They need to be the same size they specify on the consulate's website. A place in Chapala took ours and they were fine. 

    Once you arrive to the consulate they call you in and you explain what you need, show the documents and passports. If you fullfil all the requirements they will ask you to wait for them to stamp the visa on your passport. They did ours the same day despite serving maybe 40 or more other ppl. Also they speak excellent English!!! 


    Then once you come back to Mexico go to the INM office in Chapala and the lady at the desk spoke excellent English. She will then give you a printed list of what you need to bring for the next step.

    The list was pretty simple. I think it asked for pictures, a new form to fill in which was also online but you needed it printed and copies of a bank receipt paying the fee of the application (she gives you the bank form too). You can do that at HSBC. I think Bancomer works too but they didn't like Multiva. If you don't have an account with HSBC bring cash, they won't accept any debit or credit cards for that. 

    Once you have everything on the Chapala's list go back with all the documents and they will send you an email with something to login to check the status of your application. When it's ready you go back to take your fingerprints. For us the email was almost instant.

    Personally I didn't find the process stressful because the people in Vegas and Chapala were very clear.  I also do not recommend using any outside help for this. I thought I needed to and tried to schedule something with an immigration lawyer in Guad but they were never available and after a while I said... I'll just bite the bullet and do it myself. Glad I did. ??

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