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  1. This is what happenened when my man tried to dress up. I told him to go back to his dirty tshirt and baseball cap. 

    To be honest there are not many occasions/places in our village to bother dressing up. When you are sorrounded by dirt and garbage I don't want to bother looking nice when a bunch of layers of dust will pile up on it. 


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  2. It seems a lot of Mexicans don't have much respect for the environment or even each other when they share common spaces. 

    This starts with the government not caring about any standards of safety/pollution when it comes to vehicles on the road to not maintaining/cleaning public roads or even putting any efforts into designing roads that are safe. 

    On an individual scale this combined with poor education (not just books education) and poor family planning where parents have more kids that they can provide for adds to the problem. 

    I have seen plenty of $%&/()ss (sorry drivers) driving and drinking and throwing beer bottles on the carretera. Some parts of the highway from jocotepec-Guadalajara have become dumping grownds for garbage that will never decompose. The main carretera of Ajijic is covered in dust and car exhaust that smells like death. 

    I think the poor people just accept It and get used to living in filth. 

    I grew up in a poor country (not Mexico) where my parents didn't understand that throwing garbage was bad. They both had university degrees but their parents never told them it was bad, their friends did the same thing and society deemed it as acceptable. 

    It wasn't until decades later when my parents moved to the western world that they understood how $%&/()ic their behaviour was. But that's because in the western world respecting shared spaces is part of our cultural values. If you want to fit in you have to embrace that. Not in Mexico. 

    Maybe Mexico will grow up one day, but I don't see that happening in my lifetime. It will take generations for it to happen. 

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  3. 17 minutes ago, john everett said:

    So they found out the reason for the disease in agricultural workers was toxins such as herbicides and pesticides, but since people sweat more in the heat and their already damaged kidneys now have to work harder it must be climate change ?

    So instead of fighting to ban the use of toxins in food which is the source of the problem, it's easier to blame the hotter than normal weather.

    Who writes these articles ?

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  4. I don't get why a lot of local businesses here in Mexico use Facebook as their ONLY page. Paying 10 bucks a year for a domain and investing in some google analytics knowledge would get them so much more quality business. 

    Many people want nothing to do with Facebook and I'm one of them that doesn't have an account. All these Facebook pages of these companies are useless to me because I get a huge pop up covering the info asking me to join Facebook. Complete turn off! 

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  5. They had some nice live music a few times I went there. Although it was quite LOUD. (One band doing a cover of the Beatles was much better however and they could sing/play really well)

    The venue is nice and spacious but I don't think they know how to market themselves. No website, no tripadvisor page, hard to find them, unless you just happen to drive by and take a chance. 

    They give you unlimited popcorn and drinks were not that expensive. They have bar food too. I liked their burgers. 

    Also service was very good. 

  6. If this is one of the San Juan cosala places where people pester you with dirty cloths in your face to go eat there after blowing a really loud whistle, I never plan on trying it. 

    I wonder why Mexicans think this technique works? It just screams desperation and unprofessionalism to me.  

  7. I don't really know this doctor but I would be very careful about having plastic surgery in Ajijic where you are away from major hospitals in case something goes wrong. 

    It's a surgery and things can go wrong and put your life in danger. Personally I would pick one of the best private hospitals in Guadalajara and interview the plastic surgeons that perform surgery there. Then pick the one that gives you the best feeling and has examples of work that suit your preference. 

  8. Pros for Ajijic/ San Antonio 

    1. Great weather 

    2. Affordable living (food, housing, hired help if you are lucky enough to hire good people) 

    3. Access to some western amenities that do not exist in surrounding towns (jocotepec, ixualacan (sorry about the spelling) or even Chapala) 

    by these I mean:

    -higher selection of restaurants (a few good ones and some so so and even awful ones)

    - access to Walmart/ Centro Laguna 

    - if you drink coffee there are a few selections in the area for coffee shops. Coffee shops aren't a Mexican concept so they are almost non existent in poorer surrounding villages unless you go to Guadalajara. 

    -generally almost everyone is bilingual in the Ajijic/San Antonio area if you don't know Spanish. 

    The bad: 

    1. roads and a$$0le drivers 

    they just suck! Ajijic has worse roads than the other villages and just feels so congested. The Carretera just looks really dirty and is so noisy with cars and trucks that shouldn't be on the roads. Not pedestrian friendly and forget about handicap friendly. Usually most of Mexico isn't really pedestrian friendly in general. 

    On top of the bad roads you add the crazy drivers. 

    2. customer service and people not valuing your time in general 

    in Mexico you just have to get used to waiting and people don't generally apologize for taking your time or when they don't show up for an appointment. It doesn't matter if you want to pay them to do a job some people go at their own pace. Not all are like that but a lot are and it's NORMAL here. 

    3. If you are not over 65 and not a morning person be prepared to be really bored and possibly annoyed.

    Most places close early. Businesses take days off and siestas. Generally you can't book many things after 2pm as they are done for the day. If you want to go out to a place after 8 pm your options vary from the local taco stand to very few restaurants that may stay open till 9 and if you are into the bar scene... there isn't much of a scene here. This is okay if you are retired but for a working professional it can get quite frustrating. 


  9. 17 hours ago, NachoOE said:

    What are you looking for? I'm pretty well informed on areas and prices in  Guadalajara. Could probably share some info before you turn to a real estate agent.

    Looking for an investment. Probably would like to start with a single family home, good condition with a garden in an area that has demand. Not a fan of the cookie cutter homes but if the numbers make sense they may spark my interest too. 

  10. On 2017-02-17 at 8:37 AM, HarryB said:

    the best properties are sold without going on MLS.

    There are a lot of properties that are overpriced on MLS that sit there for years. There is also a portion of sellers that NEED to sell quick. Those are usually better priced and sell faster.  Also it's not uncommon to offer low and see who will accept. After all there's so much inventory on the market. Find an agent that is honest and will present the offers you give them.

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