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  1. Last time I went there everything was covered in flies with no effort from the staff to protect the bread in the shelves or the sandwiches I ordered. Too bad because they were good in December when the flies were not a problem. A lot of food places around here need to invest in one of these (but I doubt many owners even care)
  2. The problem with telecable is not the speed in my opinion, but the reliability of the service. If the wind blows the cable the right way you may be lucky the net won't drop. You are on the wrong side of the street you may be the unlucky one that has to reconnect every hour.
  3. The best physiotherapist in my opinion is Jorge Ulloha. His clinic is in Riberas close to Mom's restaurant in a small plaza. He speaks perfect English and offers professional service. I would rate his service better than a north of the border clinic As for personal trainers, I have only met one that was qualified and he moved away (Esli). The guy was truly great. I have tried several others from gym trainers and people that come to your house and they have not been knowledgable to train other people in my opinion. For massages I would recommend the Total body care spa in Ajijic Centro. It's on ocampo I think. Nothing fancy but they have good prices and are professional. They speak English too.
  4. I had an awful experience with actinver. Do not give them any money.
  5. Yup. Yet it seemed cleaner and more organized than our big neighbor Guadalajara. The Centro historico was very well maintained too.
  6. Crazydog


    I thought the new location was at the hotel pescador in west Ajijic. Turned out it's still in jocotepec in an old hotel with a similar name. Personally I don't think the new location is going to help get new business because it has poor visibility but I could be wrong. The place however was much more spacious and it has an atmosphere. The food and service were very good and you get a lot of food for the prices they charge. I wish they were closer to Ajijic as we don't have anything similar here. If the owners read this they may need to update their google presence with the new location and hours. (And no it's not just your facebook page)
  7. If they want to do it properly they need to widen the road to two lanes each way and make space for sidewalks. But that's easier said than done since it includes 1. Planning and them spending cash. 2. Demolition of the current (highly unnatractive stores) that are on the road. Realistically it would be nice if they could put flat stone (like in San Miguel or mazamitla) on the sidewalks and the parking areas to make it more walkable and get rid of the dust, and repaint all the stores the same color.
  8. Crazydog


    Yes I want to know this too. I doubt the owner reads this thread but there is nothing online about his new location or even him moving. The trip advisor page still has the same old one.
  9. Fiber internet (it may actually bring younger people to the area that work remotely) Better roads and sidewalks and a government that has some pride in their work providing public services. Ajijic despite being more expensive and desirable to live looks like it has bombs of garbage and dust blasted in it. The Chapala/guadalajara highway is much worse.
  10. 1.5 million dollars to transfer 26GB ?... Is that what they are proud of? It's nice to have everything automated so you can pay things online (that's if they manage to train their staff to use a simple software which they probably will need 5 people to do the job of one data entry person in the west), but 1.5 million dollars could have gone a long way fixing more immediate problems like maybe picking up the grabage they have piled up on the streets, or maybe fixing some of those "beautiful" roads.
  11. They must be loaded with money to have this attitude ? I have seen this happen quite often as well.
  12. Simple: If Telmex actually improves the quality/speed to above what the rest of lakeside offers it raises property values. I pay telcel close to $350 usd a month because there are no other reliable options for internet for my case. If all of a sudden a rental in rancho del oro has fiber it would be a huge incentive for someone like me to move there. Also because of the supply and demand rule you as a landlord can now charge more for it.
  13. Multiva is the best if you have money in pesos. Stay away from actinver. Also you can't blame the bank if the peso is a volatile currency. Any investment involves risk and a simple transaction such as converting usd to pesos could have gone either way. If some of you converted usd to Canadian when it was 1:1 and now Canadian went down over time, do you blame Canadian banks?
  14. Thank you for your reply. I was more interested on the location and how the condo fees are managed. The unit itself will be well taken care of as it will be fully renovated. What i wasn't impressed with was the common pool (not the cleanest, and not heated) and the common area was run down. The fees were around 1200 pesos a month. Where is all this money going? Were most of the units empty when you lived there? Also how long ago did you live there and did you have any trouble with water?
  15. Are you renting in the same condo complex? From your other posts it sounds like you are renting somewhere else.
  16. I'm looking to find more info from anyone that lived (rented or bought) any of the condos in upper la floresta on top of paseo del Lago. How was your experience? Anyone else that didn't live there but knows anything about the area/condo complex? Cheers!
  17. I think it's really messed up to bii.tch about offleash dogs when you come to live in a village where 90% of Mexicans leave their dogs roaming. It's also really insensitive to the people that lost their pets from a twisted human mind that thought it was a great idea to put poison out. The problem is not the off leash dogs. There's plenty of organizations here that help with street dogs. The problem is that smth criminal was done and the local government did absolutely nothing about it. I don't have any proof about the theory that it was the government doing it, but I don't believe blasting the personal info of the gardener that opened up about the story is a good idea either. What if he was told to do it and was just trying to not lose his job. He could also very well be a sick psychopath too, but we don't know the full story. All we hear now is the government doesn't give a damn!
  18. I heard the reason they didn't convict him was because the order came from someone higher up. Apparently they were trying to win some crappy municipal award and instead of doing something productive like fixing the roads or cleaning the garbage they thought: great idea, let's kill some innocent dogs!
  19. On more thing: good flossers. The Mexican ones always break and bend.
  20. Proper Japanese food. The Mexican interpretation makes me barf.
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