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  1. Whoever you talked to at your banks is right. You cannot have more than one name in the account. This is what shows up on bank statements and what you use to do wire transfers. You can however add a second person to give him the power of attorney to make transactions for you. Their name only shows up in a bank contract but not in any statements. They can also go in the branch and whithdraw cash and complete wires without the primary account holder being there . The easiest solution would be to open an account with your name on it. Source: have three bank accounts in Mex
  2. Do these buliders/architects give you facturas or say they will charge an extra 16% if you need it. Without facturas you are running into problems when you sell.
  3. If it was a dog that did this, maybe it's the result of ignorant/negligent humans not being responsible for him/her and not helping with overbreeding of street dogs (like getting your dog spayed/newtered) when this service is FREE! Before you point your finger on a particular breed (that may not have even been the type of breed that attacked), please look at the big picture.
  4. We transferred money to the escrow account of the real estate company. It was a monex account in USD but held in Mexico. I wonder why chase wants you to split the transfers especially if you have this money in your chequing account. To do a transfer overseas all banks go through the swift system so being in Mexico makes no difference than sending money to the Uk or Canada.
  5. In one year it went from 20.6 to 18.6 now. Peso got stronger not weaker. Wonder where you got the 10% figure. Also if the peso weakens you only lose if you need to exchange back. If you live here long term there is less need to exchange back and fourth. What impacts people that have pesos is the inflation rate. Usually CDs keep up with inflation. An inflation of 5% is not awful. CDs make 7% so you net 2%. If CDs gave you 50% return that would be a BAD situation because your money would be devalued just as fast. I don't see that happening in Mexico. They are one of the richest countries i
  6. Sorry maybe I didn't read this right. Are you saying cartels were paying the bank to disclose them your account. Sounds very strange?
  7. I would advice against buying commercial properties in lakeside. A lot are vacant and a lot of new businesses pop up then fail within months for various reasons. Residential is better because of the expat demand. There are other areas in Mexico that have much stronger real estate markets than lakeside which mainly depends on expats and the US economy. (Look at what happened here in 2008) I would pick a city like Queretaro or Guanajuato where a lot of big companies have invested and created jobs. However real estate is not regulated in Mexico like in the rest of North America so ther
  8. Yes they have some really well priced furniture. I have bought from there too and was happy with their service.
  9. No I'm quite happy here but I was trying to help by sharing my honest experience regarding rentals. I have rented in many parts of Mexico where they don't cater to gringos not just Ajijic. And I did not just make up all those events. When I was new to the area I would have appreciated people be honest with me and not just "welcome to paradise where everything is so cheap and you sip margaritas all day long and expect things like in good ol murica" Mexico requires us to adjust and understand the local culture. And the local culture of rentals is different. If you prefer less adjustment th
  10. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I don't want to profile all Mexican landlords under this but expectations are different in Mexico when you rent. 1. You are most likely renting unfurnished. You are new to the area. Don't know jack shiit where to go buy furniture and 99.9% of the stuff they sell here is overpriced crapp. Instead of coming down to Mexico to relax or enjoy your retirement you are now running back and fourth trying to make this place livable. Oh and the furniture was supposed to arrive 10 days ago but it's still not there and they promise you it will be there tomorrow. (T
  11. You may be really bored raising a family in Ajijic. Things to also consider: -healthcare. (I don't have any experience with free healthcare in Mexico but if you have an emergency you need to drive to Guadalajara to be seen in a private hospital) -things to do (most places cater to retirees and come 7-8pm almost everything is closed) -cost of living (housing seems expensive here, however hired help and eating out is cheaper than in big Mexican cities) -schools (I have heard of mixed reviews of one private school in rancho del Oro) If international schools are import
  12. 1. Fridas has the biggest portions but they are in jocotepec. They are very cheap for what you get. They don't skim on the quality however. 2. Adelitas; the cob salad is quite a good size with lots of ingredients and you can pick your own dressing. The price is very reasonable for how much food you get 3. Pasta Trenta; Niçoise salad is my favourite and very affordable. Most other places just give you overpriced lettuce with some dressing on it and not much else.
  13. So with all these extra taxes they are getting does that mean that landlords should expect better roads and public amenities? ?
  14. Oops I read that as "CRAP face mask" and I had to click on this thread to find out more lol ?
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