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  1. Was thinking about trying this place today. Has anyone been here recently and is it worth the drive. I am looking for something different and this place use to have very good reviews. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the info. Found the number!!
  3. Can anyone tell me the number of the Chapala Tree service. Our palms are dying. Help!!
  4. where is Mario's located exactly in SAT
  5. Thanks!! Just the translation thing is great! It may not be possible. Love this board. Merry Christmas!!
  6. It worked!!!!!!! Wow! I wonder how to access my Amazon prime membership here. Do you k now of any support available. Thanks
  7. They will be open full time Jan 1. At this time everyone is so excited to get in the door , they decided to open with light menu and coffees till they are completely open. We went in the other day and spoke with the manager as they only have few things available. Tarts/burritos and coffee. The place feels really great and it is very close to my house. So am grateful to have something new and fresh. They said they will have many soups etc once they fully open.
  8. This does not work for me. The right click thing. Any other suggestions? Can I download something? Thanks
  9. My only problem with Amazon Mexico is that it is in Spanish. Does anyone know a quick fix. I would love to shop this way. I am also a prime customer through my US account. It does not seem to work here for me for streaming videos etc. It says unavailable to stream in country. Any help would be great Thanks.
  10. I was wondering if anyone knows of a boat, that has a captain, that can be rented for about 25 people to cruise the lake for a few hours. I was looking to sight see on the other side of the lake during the early evening hours. Thanks
  11. Where do I purchase the Chloro Trimeton good idea to have this on hand. Thanks
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