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  1. Any news from birds of paradise? Other installations?
  2. Anybody have a source for Amate/Bark paper panels?
  3. idocdan

    La Montana

    I think they are gone. Was told one of the partners just split--Adios, amigo style
  4. Had a fairly fine breakfast over a month ago on a Sunday, and talked with the waitress who said she was one of the sisters. I asked about the fried chicken, thinking Southern pan fried, but was told it was deep fried but they had tried various ways and settled on one. Tuesday was to be fried chicken special day, so after the holidays I was anxious to go back for it. Finally went back this past Tuesday (the15th, Jan) about 6:30. Was told there was no fried chicken and there were no more "specials" days. We were the only ones inside, one person sitting at a table outside (brr), so one would think service would be fairly attentive----NOT! I feel bad about trashing the place because it is in a beautiful indoor space with a nice outdoor dining area. But the food we did get was not good, and neither was the service. She had a "large" salad---had hardly any lettuce or greens, I had the ribeye med rare---grey, chewy, not juicy, with over-steamed broccoli (one side) and "mixed" vegetables, which turned out to be sliced carrots (second side). I do hope things turn around for them, but I won't be back until I hear a few good reviews.
  5. Had a friend proctologist who decided to retire young after making a ton of money. He was a car guy and wanted still to work with his hands so went to mechanic school graduating with honors. In fact his final exam was to tear a car apart and put it back together--got 150%. Since he couldn't understand how anyone could get over 100%, he asked the instructor about it. He was told 50% for tear down, 50% for putting it all back together---but got the bonus because it was the first time he ever saw it all done through the tailpipe!!
  6. Noel Romero painted ours. Manana means manana for him! 331-359-1367
  7. That looks to be reasonable. I'm in mutual funds for the most part. I will be putting in more cash after my US home sells, and can invest that in another mutual before I tell them I'm SOB, or may take a look at ETFs with some advice. I guess active management isn't needed at the moment--just let the mutuals ride. Thanks, elisabeth.
  8. elisabeth- I will need to move my acct to schwab, but not sure i want to pay their fees for managing. I know little about it, but as you say, ETFs are what is used instead of mutual funds. They are low cost, but I would have no idea what to invest in. What guides you?
  9. So , looks like nobody here has experienced Thun. Anyone want to recommend options for a financial advisor for US accts since brokerage houses won't deal with permanent residents?
  10. Hey, all- Anybody using Thun Financial?
  11. we can relate to much of your experiences. Did you indeed buy a car? I think the 180 limit is for the visitor visa. Temporal viva allows one to keep a car as long as the visa is in force. If you did buy a car, did you have to wait for the final visa papers to come thru or was some kind of number all that was needed?
  12. Any american gringos using Intercam International for investments?
  13. Depends on what part of PV. From the Airport it's at least 4.5 if not 5. Much of the way is twisty and slow and of course there's those topes.....We last drove from the Airport to a small coastal town call Perula which is about half-way, since we were in no hurry. Stayed at Casa Punta Perula--a very delightful stay right on the beach. Went end of February and the beach was ours. A couple of good restaurants too. Closest gas station about 40 min way!
  14. So, if you had to name just one thing you miss from NOB, what would it be?
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