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  1. Maybe we'll see some of you loyal Huskies there! Thanks so much.
  2. Hi all -- we will be visiting between Christmas and New Year's -- any thoughts on a bar or some place that might be showing these US college bowl games? Go Badgers!
  3. This sounds like exactly what we're looking for. Thank you!
  4. I'm not sure -- I just saw elsewhere on the web that there are thermal springs and that there are several hotels/facilities catering to people who want to use them.
  5. Hello all -- will be visiting between Christmas and New Year's. Would it be a nice day adventure to go down to SJC and spend some time around a pool/hot springs? If so, can anyone suggest their favorite place for two mellow adults to go? Many thanks!
  6. Hello all -- thanks for your ongoing help to a prospective retiree. I thought I saw someone post that at least one medical provider in the Lakeside area accepts Medicare. Anyone remember who that was? My search through the archives was unsuccessful. I'm guessing the coverage in question is a Medicare Part C coverage ... anyone know for sure how it would work Lakeside? To clarify, we want to hedge our bets by maintaining Medicare coverage in case we don't love living in Lake Chapala. (I'm ready to go whole hog but husband is more cautious. :)) But I'm wondering how to have coverage
  7. Hi all -- for a visit between Christmas and New Year's, would like to hire a tour guide to take us to see the museums, cultural sites, landmarks, etc. in Guadalajara. They would need to drive us there. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi there -- I'm exploring retirement lakeside and have been following the healthcare discussion with interest. Would it make sense to self-fund visits to private doctors for regular health care and have the Seguro Popular as a catastrophic coverage option?
  9. Hello, my husband and I are considering retiring Lakeside. My husband loves riding his bike (not mountain bike) -- are there places he could do this? Groups who do this together? Many thanks for the advice.
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