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  1. I was at Avocado Club today and I agree that food portions are small vis-a-vis price. Didn't order wine but I frequent Gossips and ordered wine there several times and I also get that feeling that the amount they pour with that metal cup felt short. Just my humble opinion...
  2. May I suggest Manix Restaurant? They make good Lasagna.
  3. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INPUT. REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT. N.B. was about to take Lukeville since it is closer and less crowd than Nogales until LCSCATS and ISLANDER advise otherwise...so Nogales it is! Depending on traffic and driving conditions, Hermosillo, Los Mochis and Mazatlan or even Puerto Vallarta are my choices for overnight stay.
  4. My first time to drive from Los Angeles to Ajijic and planning to leave early morning this Sunday. Any advice for a safe and/or faster route and where to stay overnight will be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. For the Months of November and December only. Looking for a Possible Roommate in Upper Chula Vista. Home Owner offering a small cozy Private Room with Big Common Areas, Fully Furnished 2-Storey Casita with full-view of the Lake, 1.5 Bathroom, Laundry Area, All Utilities included, Wi-Fi equipped. Gated Community and Secured. $275/Month. Short notice is due to last minute changes in travel dates and accommodation. Please Private Message me directly for inquiries.
  6. Jesus Rodriguez -Electrician/plumber- Speaks english766-0359 or 331 066-1436. Carlos Ramirez 333-903-5891 plumber/electrician. I availed Jesus' service last month and he responded and came right away..reasonable price as well. Goodluck ERose.
  7. Is my Costco membership card in US valid in Mexico or do i need to apply again?
  8. Thank you so much SunFun!! Your input really helps.
  9. I read somewhere that lower and upper Chula Vista have potable water. They also have their own Neighborhood water purification system. The question is if the system is reliable enough for one to be able to drink the water from the tap. How safe is it? Any thoughts and opinion from people who live in Chula Vista? Thanks in advance for responses.
  10. A very nice and hardworking Mexican parents from Ajijic, who are dear friends of mine, are frustrated with the public school system at the Saul Rodiles Pina Primary School on Hidalgo St. where their only child just finished third grade this month. They think that with so many students in a class, plus some teacher and administrative issues, their kid is not getting the best out of the system academically. They now plan to transfer the kid this August to Octavio Paz Primary School...a private school here in Ajijic. They are aware that it's more expensive but they don't mind shelling out more
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