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    Good Job..ComputerGuy!
  2. Be careful with 855 calls. I can't directly answer your original question but here's what I've gathered. It is a toll free system that charges the receiver instead of the caller. There are a number of scams involving phone calls from numbers with the 855 prefix, including fake debt collection services, fake computer tech support and false company representatives. Wary consumers should never divulge personal information to such unsolicited callers Fraudulent individuals claiming to be company representatives ask for confirmation of personal details such as name, address and Social Security number. Malware is sometimes placed in internet downloads; this causes a system error message with advice to call an 855 number to pay for tech support. False debt collectors ask for money to be wired to them. Report scams from fraudulent numbers to Consumer Affairs or the police. Assigned in 1999 for future toll free services use, the 855 area code will finally become active starting October 2, 2010 at 12PM. On June 25, 2010 the FCC Federal Communications Commission authorized the introduction of the 855 area code as a result of an extensive analysis indicating the exhaustion of current toll free numbers by November 21, 2010. As a reminder, toll free area codes currently in use are: 800, 866, 877 and 888.
  3. Try the Monday Tianguis as well in Chapala.. lots and lots of selection.
  4. I am thinking of installing a Water Filtration System in my kitchen sink only and also a Bathtub in my bathroom that has only a shower connection. Any good installer recommendation for both? And for anyone who had one of these installed, what would be the approximate cost? Thank you all in advance for your input on this.
  5. That little yellow-painted shop located at the corner of Colon and 16 de Septiembre in Ajijic fixed my glasses (loose nylon band) while I waited.
  6. I'm outside Mexico now. Is there any way I could pay my Lakeside Telmex and CFE Bills online? Which Website to go to pay TelCel plan as well? Thanks in advance for any input on this matter.
  7. The family found a pair. Problem solved. Thanks to both of you CHILLIN and bmh, for your input.
  8. My compadre the patient's height is 5'5
  9. Dial 880 if your toll-free number begins with 800. Dial 881 for an 888 number. Dial 882 for an 877 number and dial883 for all 866 numbers. These codes only apply to calls from Mexico. NB: Don't forget to dial 001 first.
  10. My young ahijado's (godchild) father had an accident in a construction site. He broke his knee from a bad fall and underwent knee surgery recently and now he needs a pair of crutches. If anyone out there will be kind enough to sell or donate or rent their used pair of crutches it will be well appreciated. I am in Canada right now and I just received this news from the wife today. Please PM me so I can coordinate with you and the family in need. Thanks.
  11. I personally highly recommend Antonio Regalado from San Antonio Tlayacapan. His cars are mostly japanese and reliable. Reasonable rates too. I just rented a whole month last month. His number is :331-804-8070. He speaks fluent english and used to be from Seattle, Washington before.
  12. Hola Ms Claudia! Do you happen to know someone who could be hired and give mom daily assistance or company this June for two weeks? She is visiting and she is still very independent. The only top priority to avoid is a "bad fall" at her age. Thank you and I'll appreciate a referral if you have any.
  13. Caregiver for an elderly for three weeks is needed in June. Could be Live-In or not Live -In Caregiver. Any personal recommendation would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  14. The French Bakery Patisserie Francais next to Don Pedro Restaurant and across Brew House located in De Las Flores St and Careterra.
  15. I'm in the US right now and in need of recommendations on what rental agency to use for my rental property there in San Antonio Tlayacapan. Referrals from property owners that have first hand experiences with their rental agency or property management will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Hola Denise! Greetings! First off..good idea with that little caveat! That's the way it should be. I personally use TELMEX for both Landline and Internet. I pay a little less than $400 pesos a month for both and they work well. I am in Upper Chula Vista. For the TV/CABLE, I have SkyCable and to get more English Channels, I subscribe to a plan that is one step higher than the basic for almost $600 pesos a month for two rooms ( 2 gadgets/units). Connection is good but not sure about getting all the shows/programs you mentioned since I do not watch TV and I subscribe to Cable only for my tenants. SERENITY NOW..Denise.....SERENITY NOW!
  17. I just availed the service of Paul Torres yesterday and was satisfied .. prompt and reasonable price.. 331.335.0140
  18. Pasta Trenta's Spaghetti is good too....but their other pasta dishes' meat or seafood ingredients are quite meager...in my honest opinion.
  19. That was my second time to order that dish after a long while and still was disappointing. I agree bdlington, the mahi-mahi fish and chips at Lake Taco were really good.
  20. If you are in Ajijic Centro area, try the Lavanderia on Colon run by Ana. I've been using her service for years. Price is reasonable. Location is Colon St. second block from the Carretera on the left and just before the Plaza.
  21. I'm glad someone posted this topic. I ordered the same at Brew House and the fish was bad in a mushy way. The fish portion is small and between the greasy puffy batter and the equally greasy soggy fries, I just couldn't finish it. Had Fish and Chips at Lake Taco before and I think they are way way better.
  22. BEER GARDEN in Chapala hands down! You get to control the amount of all the ingredients they prepare in front of you....always fresh! Entertainment wise, it's one whole production number in itself!!
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