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  1. We have the same predicament Yo1....Even the guy I hired to fix my place can't find it. I'm in Chula Vista btw.
  2. Is that Frats Auto Tech ? Its an auto repair shop on the road to Chapala just east of Pepe Guizar.
  3. My personal favorite is garlic the garlic butter trout with roasted almond slivers on top ... comes with rice and steamed veggies ...and Margarita for drinks.:)
  4. I read that most hospitals have superbugs/ MRSA ... if this hospital is an exception.. It would be interesting to know why or how come.
  5. Hi CCW! Rainy months in Ajijic has its upside too, aside from some flash floods in some areas and power outages. The mountain is so much greener and the air more fresh. It used to be that the rain mostly comes at night and it still is...which I find amazing. . You'll survive. Welcome to this board!
  6. "All this ranting, and I somehow doubt that there are ten Mexican Citizens on here doing it. First, we expats are completly powerless to do anything whatsoever to stop the tide. And second, our only option is to adjust to the new reality of move elsewhere. Some of the posters are such frequent ranters that they repeat themselved ad nauseam, with not a single solution offered. "
  7. Margarita sells good homemade Almond Mole in packs...not sure about Mole Negro though... She also carries Artesanal Chocolate products as well and she is a regular at Sunrise Restaurant's Monday Market, La Huerta's Tuesday Organic Market and Ajijic's Wednesday Tianguis. She can be reached at 332-163-8234.
  8. The son Alejandro, daughter Nena and another daughter still work there. Service is stiill OK. Margarita is good and reasonably priced..but on two occasions, I had burnt and overcooked food as well. I didn't bother to complain though..I should have.
  9. Near the Bus Station in Chapala is a two story fabric shop...about one block off the main street of Madero on the far corner. Fabric supplies both upstairs as well as downstairs plus many craft and beading materials.
  10. When I am away I give a certain amount ( duration of my absence) to a trusted friend. The caretaker, in my case a gardener, then contacts my friend when payment is due.
  11. Hi Paco Loco! Would you be kind to tell me which part of Upper Chula Vista was affected with the CFE Burnt Out a few days ago? I have a place there but I am currently North of the Border. I just am worried about my appliances too.Thank you.
  12. Margarita at the Wednesday Market sells them. She also carries other artesanal white and dark chocolate products...sugar-free and otherwise. She is located at the mid -section of the tianguis. or you can call her at 332-163-8234
  13. I highly recommend Mr Antonio Regalado. His rental cars are clean and in good condition. Contact number is 331-804-8070. He lives in Villa Nova and speaks fluent English. He used to be a Seattle resident if I'm not mistaken.
  14. I saw them selling it at MI MEXICO on Colon St in Ajijic. Call and inquire at 376-766-0133....ask for Blanca..she speaks good English.
  15. +52 (33) 2233 5624. Rene, the gardener does yard work for me twice a week in Upper Chula Vista. Hardworking , respectful, polite and strong . Not English speaking though .
  16. From Guadalajara Reporter The Chapala government has changed the date for holding a public opinion survey concerning its plan to upgrade both sides of the stretch of highway running through the center of Ajijic. The polling originally scheduled for August 20 has been postponed until Sunday, August 27. It will be conducted at the plaza, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., by ballot asking residents to vote in favor or against the project. The delay will allow city officials to continue the series of meetings aimed at familiarizing local inhabitants with the project. The improvement plan includes completing the broken link of the bicycle path that runs along the north side of the roadway, building adjacent sidewalks, refurbishing store fronts and installing new street lights.
  17. Yes I believe you can. I've done it....DIAL 001-XXX-XXX-XXXX.
  18. Ms Margarita, who sells Artesanal Dark and White Cholacolate products, also sells Buttermilk on Mondays at Sunrise Restaurant's Monday Market. Her Buttermilk with Probiotics is of higher quality. Ms Margarita's cellphone number is 332-163-8234. A very nice and accomodating lady. Gooluck with your wife's recipe ManxMan! nb: it is called suero de la leche according to google translate
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