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  1. Speaking of Bots....... Bot Dylan is the computer using artificial intelligence to write its own folk music Just call it Bot Dylan - researchers have created a computer that is capable of writing its own folk music.The system uses artificial intelligence to compose new tunes after it was trained using 23,000 pieces of Irish folk music. This allowed the machine to learn the patterns and structures that make for a catchy tune, before it created its own pieces of music that was showcased at a concert in London this week. It marks a significant step forward for the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Creative and artistic expression has long thought to be beyond the capability of AI, and many have insisted it will be one of the few areas where humans will have an edge over machines. http://www.mirror.co.uk/tech/bot-dylan-computer-using-artificial-10504774
  2. It's becoming a daily occurrence..this is serious.
  3. Unexpected incident could happened too so watch out. ..but overall it's a fun -filled event for everyone. Globo below for an old file got entangled with the wires and eventually engulfed in flames.
  4. Don't forget your sunglasses and hat!
  5. Any members who are computer /tech savvy who can help/suggest how to eliminate this infestation?? They don't just attack in the early morning hours anymore.
  6. Good to know, El Bizco. Thanks
  7. Taxi ride from Ajijic to Chapala used to be 80 pesos. Here's what I got from Ajijic to GDL Airport using Uber when I inquired just now.
  8. Yes you can...depending on availability. It's still new here so it is limited. I just tried few minutes after you posted and this is what i got ..
  9. You're welcome Apache. Ana Maria is with Century 21 in San Antonio Tlayacapan. Her email address is anymartinez@icloud.com
  10. According to Google translate, it is an advertisement for Gain Massage Sysytem's newest model.
  11. I wasn't imagining things after all But why would KIm Jung Un or pseudo KJU be interested in this board pray tell ?????
  12. The local agent located in Riberas on the carretera is Ricardo. He is also the installer. Cellular No. is 331-805-0505
  13. I would like to recommend Ms Ana Maria. She managed my property in Chula Vista properly and efficiently. I've known her for a long time and she's been in this business for seven years. . Speaks English with great disposition and pays attention to detail. Her contact number is 331-533-5184 Good luck, Apache!
  14. I believe both North and South have the same. Good one though!
  15. It's now back in English and I didn't do anything! That was odd.
  16. Is it just me? I can't read the contents of this board. They are in Korean!!!
  17. For quick fix, I go to Antonio, the Llantera guy next to Mini Super La Huerta Vinos y Licores just before Calle Flores /Don Pedro Restaurant on the carretera in West Ajijic. Reasonable price.
  18. I'm happy to hear that Vivien. I texted him to say you might call.:)
  19. Try not to put valuable items in your check-in luggage. I had the misfortune of losing a laptop with Volaris. I got two laptops that time on my way to Los Angeles from Guad. I find it heavy having two laptops in my carry-on bag and made a bad decision putting one in my check-in luggage. When I got home, the items in my luggage was in disarray and obviously ransacked with the laptop gone.
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