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  1. Hello Guys! Looking for a House to Rent for two people for the month of February only. This is a last minute thing. Any info is much appreciated. I know this is a long shot since it is the Peak Season but I'll take my chance and try anyway. You can PM ME. Thanks.
  2. Lakesider

    Musicians/Mariachi Needed

    Hi Northern Newbie. Thanks for your response. Yes, that sounds just right. Do you remember how many were there in that Mariachi group and how many hours did they play?
  3. Thank you LifeNo5......you saved my day!
  4. Musicians/Mariachi needed for a Mexican family's Birthday Party and kid's Holy Communion. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Preferably reasonable price:) It's a gift for the family:)
  5. Is there any Dry Cleaners in Ajijic or Chapala? Thanks in Advance for your input.
  6. I'm at the north of the border right now and is arriving Ajijic next week to attend my Mexican godchild's First Holy Communion and spend the Holidays there as well. Looking for a room to rent for the second half of December preferably with Wi-Fi and walking distance to Ajijic Centro. Non-smoker quiet male in early 50's and has no pet. Any help/leads will be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Lakesider

    Artist wanted

    I would recommend Antonio Cardenas .. a pioneer local painter in Ajijic and a Neill James Scholar ... Calle Zaragosa #7 in Ajijic. Tel no. 766-1478
  8. Lakesider

    Gardener Needed

    I recommend Rene.. He does my garden in Upper Chula Vista and he has a car of his own. His number is +52 (33) 2233 5624
  9. Lakesider


  10. Lakesider

    Suspenders for men pants

    I was able to buy one at the Wednesday Tianguis. Just be patient though and really go through it. The guy sells belts and other stuff as well and it took a while for me to find it. Its called TIRANTES in spanish. Goodluck!
  11. Lakesider

    Tijuana to Ajijic

    I agree with RVGRINGO ... did that route and it went smoothly.