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  1. on your tip you can bring trailer and three off road vehicles. if they are plated, simply remove plates and call them off road vehicles. when you decide to cancel your tip, you must exit in the same configuration ie, trailer with quads...205'd by sonia
  2. came thru last week. construction both north and south. of course it was 2:00 am so no traffic, 5 minute additional time. look at map, south bypass to hwy 71 on the west side, north then back to hwy 45
  3. my next trip thru, i will take the libriamento sur around to the west of ags. link with highway 17 north. the detours on google maps are already in the construction zone, with traffic backups. i'm also going to look at del rio too.
  4. dan, i prefer the wim, newer, better maintained and has complimentary breakfast. there is constuction in aguascaliente, with detour, unavoidable. if you miss rush hour not too bad, add one hour. the pavement between rio grande and cuencame has been repaired, but some potholes remain. chapala to camargo is an 11 hour slog, no getting around that. camargo to albuquerque is around 9 hours. border at santa teresa is a breeze. can't really recommend any restaurants, we always get pollo feliz take away. the las palmas pemex station, north of fresnillo takes us credit cards. our car gets about 400 miles on a tank of gas, so we fill at las palmas and camargo, and fill again in el paso. gas in the us is around 2.50 gallon, up because of hurricane harvey. artcraft road and i 10 has a rudy's bbq, gas is usually cheaper there and you can eat. tolls run around 2000 pesos. hiway patrols are increased around gomez palacio, torreon, so be aware. other than that, bien viaje...
  5. on the south side of town, west side of road. first thing coming into camargo from the south, big sign on your left. if you opt for the wim, it's about 10 blocks north on your right. both hotels are on route 45....
  6. dan, the santa fe and the wim are on the main drag thru camargo....
  7. the jimenez plaza is a new hotel, large rooms, very small crappy beds. you will not like. my recommendation would be the hotel santa fe in camargo, or the wim. 150 km farther but better overall, around 900 pesos. when we travel, we go very early and stay at the holiday inn express in chihuahua city, very nice. happy hour at six, and great breakfast. highway 49 south of cuencame, beware bad pavement.
  8. would recommend megacable in ixtla.....
  9. i have a wireless simply safe alarm set here i didnt use, sell for cost.
  10. property taxes, if you own, substantially cheaper. water and sewer/trash also. homeowner insurance/liability usually not needed.
  11. what constitutes a factura? register tape? handwritten note from the pope; from your mother? credit card slip? i understand a factura roughly equates to a us1099, so if none of these forms of receipt qualify at factura level, what does? if a mexican business does not normally issue a factura, how does hacienda determine their revenue? should you insist on a factura, since you supposedly paid iva included in the selling price? or request a discount if no factura option?
  12. calzone is basically half pizza folded over, your choice of toppings....perry's are as good as the pies.....
  13. i have a kreepy krauly type here, easily stalls,(quits articulating the small foot that drives it) easily gets stuck in a corner, hose tends to limit random travel. didn't want to spend the money for good robotic, won't make that mistake again. op you're welcome to try it out.....
  14. recommend robotic with electrical power cord. the suction and pressure operated cleaners are not near as effective. probably have to buy nob
  15. problem in restaurants,is your card walks off with server....
  16. looking for a skateboard as a gift for grandson, any one seen them for sale here lakeside? tia, everest
  17. you add flour to the work surface when trying to keep the doughball from sticking. bottom side had caked flour stuck on. cornmeal on one pizza, flour on the second.
  18. i thought the dough was too "powdery"
  19. Kodi seems to be acting up lately, stream stalls, signal falls out. Does not pixellate. Maybe a new strategy for out of country content? Anyone having similar symptoms? BTW, Megacable connection 10mbs down...
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