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  2. this is just some information of rummers of loosing shaw this year here is what I found Early in 2013, Shaw Direct launched their much anticipated G1 Satellite. Now fully operational, High Definition Local programming is now available throughout most of Canada. Unfortunately for anyone south of the Canadian border will not receive this Satellite. It most certainly will not reach Mexico. Shaw has already placed most of the Local HD programming on it and a number of NEW HD channels as well. Unfortunately we will not be able to receive any programming off this Satellite. We are still able to receive signal form their existing Satellites, F1 and F2. This is not expected to change until they are replaced. Since these Satellites have an average lifespan of 15 years, we should be okay for another 5 or 6 years. I do know that they have an interest in keeping some coverage for Mexico, so they may always have some channels available here, but this is just an educated guess based on my conversations with several Shaw Representatives that we work under. As to which channels will be moved to the new G1 Satellite, they have not made this knowledge public. We could lose some channels and gain others, there really is no telling. The reality is that we expect Shaw to continue working here in Mexico for the next 5 or 6 years. We just don't know for sure what channels we will get.
  3. anyone know how to Phone 800 numbers in Canada
  5. I am not a doctor also but I have experience that many people have not. I also see myself as a pretty good judge of Character and what I have seen is impressive as far as doctors are concerned in the Old Seville hospital. I have spent time in 2-3 other upscale hospitals and found them to NOT have the best patient client approach and private room or not the service is minimum. At PR there are trainees and they are involved with specialist doctors who are pretty good. I gave you some real hands-on feedback some people will like and others don't like to accept this type of service.
  6. As someone whose wife has used SG and we just signed up again for 3 more years we are happy with the system. My wife had an emergency hernia in her lower intestine and was in old Seville for 8 days and a pretty major successful operation with great doctors 6-8 of them. all spoke english well. we were charged a pretty small amount in comparison to private hospitals but we were charged and were very happy. The hospital is very old and old-fashioned, you need to have someone there 24 seven but the doctors are great.
  7. Actually, I am with a lot of others so unhappy losing Salvadors and the thought of going from a cosy quiet retirement area to a bustling overpriced small town is kinda outside my reasons for being here. I knew what we had here and was and still is happy to be in Chapala for the long term. I am way past hoping for future expensive growth in this lovely Mexican retirement area.
  8. I am down now in Chapala (Nuevo Chapala) I dial first 3 number s of any number here and it cuts off
  9. For years I have been jumping around from one free app. to another for all kinds of reasons and usually ends in the owners of the apps giving up updating the program or just shutting it down. I also got fed up updating and changing to bigger and better apps so often it became hard to remember which was best. so My opinion to anyone is find a good pay service. It is totally worth it. Now that does not mean it will be available forever but it is a choice you have to make.
  10. excellent information Thank you very much Jrod
  11. I read in the Reporter some time back that there was some key points to ensure we do when flying out of the country. We have our permanent designations and I did read on the reporter that if you did not follow some procedures you could lose your Permanente status. Any help on this will be appreciated.
  12. Of course Permanent residency is harder to get approved in Canada as it now is in Mexico but purchasing a house and splitting your time between countries like a lot of retirees do is fairly easy and welcomed. . Living in Canada part time is the easiest route. While traveling to Canada is relatively easy for U.S. citizens, retiring there permanently is a different story. Katz explains immigrants must fit specific criteria such as being a skilled employee or have Canadian family members willing to sponsor them. When applying for entry through some immigration programs, age may be a factor, making it difficult for older Americans to gain permanent residency. Fortunately, you don’t have to jump through any hoops if you’re willing to split your time between the U.S. and Canada. You could buy a second home in the country and stay in it for up to six months of the year as a tourist.
  13. you are joking here's a comment from USnews When searching for a place to retire, many Americans look south of the border. If you can adopt another language and feel at home with another culture, the savings that come with moving south can be a big help in retirement. However, moving north can be a good option as well. While retirement in Canada isn't the cheapest option, it can be a solid choice for Americans looking to stretch dollars and live in comfort. Here's why you should consider Canada for retirement:
  14. Very happy hear that has changed. I know you cant get that type of help in Canada.
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