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  1. nope and We have tried putting chrlorex in the drain before and after
  2. Chloro will not stop this smell.. been proven that is true but Mudgirl you have the same thoughts as me about dormant water in pipes being culprit but what is the solution. and yes I do have a dishwasher attach but never used. The water for sprinklers comes from Our wells and from holding tank
  3. Sorry if I was not specific. We are on septic water. We have cleaned the tenaco. So my problem is why its only water in the kitchen that has the smell. same source as the washrooms and never a problem. Now when We drain the water in the kitchen sinks after washing dishes the smell is bad. Not every time but 3/4 times a week. The kitchen is the furthest point in the house from the Tenaca
  4. I am in Nuevo Chapala and have real problem in water from our supply in the morning when I put the sprinkler on the smell is terrible. Now I also have a problem at night after washing our dishes and let the water go in fills the house up with rotten stinky smell. I have a tenaco above the house (filters and I put chlorine tabs in always). and I never get the smell in any of the washrooms.e.g. filling showing or draining. Seems weird to me but could it be the length of time I leave the kitchen dormant. The water in the morning is straight from the supply it does not go into the tenaco.
  5. shaw canada actually charges you for more than 2 devices? Just a heads up I have been using a similar (fantastic) system for 1 year no No slowdowns at all. On Android box. Take it from me nobody needs 8k channels.
  6. I have a name of a man who does this type of work but I cannot get through to him. his name is Ruben rubio. I have a number for him (cell) does anyone have where I can find him.
  7. I have been in Chapala 23 years and find you do what you can with what you need. I live on a pension from Canada most (Canadians know how much that is ) I was covered by private insurance when we first came here (ended up badly trying get reinbursed) it finally helped then but we can't afford the fee and then deductible and we all know it doesn't end there. We joined mexican government insurance and used it in Guad and everything was fine. We also used Ajijic Clinic overnight 3 days and meds and very reasonable. I understand peoples worries about the new hospital prices but look at it like they are not there and use them if you have no other option. There are hospitals and doctors cheaper than even the regular ones around if you look 200 pesos is still a fee for some in Chapala and even less if you just need a checkup.
  8. I went to make an appointment for my van (in which they have parts I ordered and Paid for) and to my surprize the shop is closed and looks deserted. Anyone with any information on this.?
  9. Wondered if anyone knows what happened to Frats Auto shop. I went to make an appointment today and it is closed Looks deserted. They have some parts for my van I paid for and need.
  11. this is just some information of rummers of loosing shaw this year here is what I found Early in 2013, Shaw Direct launched their much anticipated G1 Satellite. Now fully operational, High Definition Local programming is now available throughout most of Canada. Unfortunately for anyone south of the Canadian border will not receive this Satellite. It most certainly will not reach Mexico. Shaw has already placed most of the Local HD programming on it and a number of NEW HD channels as well. Unfortunately we will not be able to receive any programming off this Satellite. We are still able to receive signal form their existing Satellites, F1 and F2. This is not expected to change until they are replaced. Since these Satellites have an average lifespan of 15 years, we should be okay for another 5 or 6 years. I do know that they have an interest in keeping some coverage for Mexico, so they may always have some channels available here, but this is just an educated guess based on my conversations with several Shaw Representatives that we work under. As to which channels will be moved to the new G1 Satellite, they have not made this knowledge public. We could lose some channels and gain others, there really is no telling. The reality is that we expect Shaw to continue working here in Mexico for the next 5 or 6 years. We just don't know for sure what channels we will get.
  12. anyone know how to Phone 800 numbers in Canada
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