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  1. I have a good friend sells meat there on Monday market she delivers now if you need any. I am sure others do as well.
  2. I went to QC and seen Dr ignacio Valaderas and they charged 800 pesos since it was my first visit. He was very professional and kept in touch almost every day since on our progression. Very good. I believe the use of US insurances may be the reason some doctors charge in Dollars. My wife thinks I am crazy but I usually ask what the charge is before I go. (Scottish blood)
  3. last week the monday Riberas market was closed until further notice.
  4. My only wish is that people would use Pesos when they talk about cost of services and NOT US dollars. The doctors get paid in Pesos.
  5. I have been following this closely and I understand everyone's thoughts but there is people taking this drug in America (in hospitals) I seen a video of a man on the news who was dying and was saved by this drug. Bottom line is get your doctor to check you out for using (everybody is Different) The other thing is how long can we wait all these experts will not give us any positive answers before they okay the tests. Sure people try to get ahead and end up in big trouble but I really have a problem with everyone shouting about the suide effects (anyone read the small print on any drugs we take. Boy we would all die. Lastly FDA has said last night the drug can be used if your doctor gives the okay. They said its in the market and can be used this way. Remember people have been taking this drug for about 70 years if it was that bad they would have pulled it long ago. I say lets use it and save lives ASAP. Gov Cuomi has just announced he is using the drug TODAY.
  6. I have been involved in purchasing streaming programs (paid for) for many years now and never needed to pay for anyone to repair services. There are many systems around the world offering these type of programs for a reasonable cost. Much more reasonable costs than anyone could imagine. and consider no large initial setup fees etc.. Sure you need to have some kind of ability to set up the system but believe me it can be done very easily. The services are consistent and cover almost everything in some cases all languages.
  7. I must have asked to deliver my bill by email but now I have to run copies off and make available to pay at Soriana. I also miss having an official CFE bill for my records. Any idea how to get the bill delivered again to my home.
  8. What I really want to know is will the hospitals accept a written declaration similar to Spensers without Legal representation. And family having document.
  9. We already hve wills made out and arrangements for Funeral but DNR are confusing. I want to know if DNR are legal when made out and held by the spouse or family or do we need a legal document. I have read most of your overview on Chapala.com but does it need to be legal or just held by the family doctor.

  10. nope and We have tried putting chrlorex in the drain before and after
  11. Chloro will not stop this smell.. been proven that is true but Mudgirl you have the same thoughts as me about dormant water in pipes being culprit but what is the solution. and yes I do have a dishwasher attach but never used. The water for sprinklers comes from Our wells and from holding tank
  12. Sorry if I was not specific. We are on septic water. We have cleaned the tenaco. So my problem is why its only water in the kitchen that has the smell. same source as the washrooms and never a problem. Now when We drain the water in the kitchen sinks after washing dishes the smell is bad. Not every time but 3/4 times a week. The kitchen is the furthest point in the house from the Tenaca
  13. I am in Nuevo Chapala and have real problem in water from our supply in the morning when I put the sprinkler on the smell is terrible. Now I also have a problem at night after washing our dishes and let the water go in fills the house up with rotten stinky smell. I have a tenaco above the house (filters and I put chlorine tabs in always). and I never get the smell in any of the washrooms.e.g. filling showing or draining. Seems weird to me but could it be the length of time I leave the kitchen dormant. The water in the morning is straight from the supply it does not go into the tenaco.
  14. shaw canada actually charges you for more than 2 devices? Just a heads up I have been using a similar (fantastic) system for 1 year no No slowdowns at all. On Android box. Take it from me nobody needs 8k channels.
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