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  1. Well....as I read it, he said will you all be leaving soon? I assumed I was part of "all"...and part of complaining about Paradise, even though that was never my intent. I was merely asking for some advice and to hopefully see what could be accomplished to solve the trash issues. After the answers I received, I will try another forum as too many of the "Advanced Members" don't seem to want to be involved in helping solve issues.
  2. McAllen may be slightly closer, but we stick with Laredo as it is the major crossing point from the US into Mexico. I have never crossed at McAllen....have you? Let us know what your experience was so it can be compared to Laredo...thanks!
  3. Thanks for the Facebook update.....after the answers I received about trying to solve the trash issue, I will not be using this Forum again. I will use Facebook instead. Too bad, but this Forum is dominated by some old and really jaded expats. Only so much rudeness one can abide by. This is a dead communication tool, these oldies have just offended all the newcomers, so won't be long before this is forum dead and gone. The nice thing about Facebook is you have to use your name....you can't hide behind some "handle" so no one knows who you are and you can feel free to be a jerk, because you're RVGringo, and no one will ever know your true identity.
  4. No...I will not be leaving soon as it seems that you have. I do not have any complaints, I am just looking for ways to help with some obvious problems. I didn't realize I was upsetting a group of jaded expats, who have long since given up on life. Hope you are enjoying Arizona! Probably no trash issue to solve there!
  5. Thanks....but you forgot to mention where I should properly dispose of all the trash...let me know where that may be....thanks!
  6. Great....and where should I dump all those Walmart bags....in the arroyos??? Thanks for your wise advice!
  7. I would stick to the toll roads, not the trucking roads. I would use Laredo as it is the closest crossing to Lakeside, and is the fastest to get to with the toll roads. I would present the TIP and tourist papers at the border....never send anything ahead...it will be lost. Never turn over any documentation that they will not return to you without knowing why. Consulting a Mexican Immigration lawyer is always worth the pesos, as they will tell you what to do, what not to do, and what to expect.
  8. Thank you, El Cartero, I think the issue with contractors and construction, is that we pay them to dispose of construction debris in an approved dump, which they then pay a fee to for the disposal. I think the issue is with the poorer residents who cannot afford the fee to dump trash....and that is why we have this issue with garbage. I am sort of appalled that with all of the expats living here, more of an attempt has not been made to clean it up....besides the arroyo and water problems caused by the garbage, there is also the health issue as all this garbage attracts vermin. Perhaps we need a program like the roads is the US have....families or groups sign up to "adopt" certain blocks, and they do the work to keep that area trash free. Is there anything like that here? As I drive through Lakeside, I find garbage to be pretty pervasive, and I don't think it's doing our Lake any good either....thanks you for any help you can give.
  9. ComputerGuy, Last Saturday we had torrential rains and the arroyo on Rio Bravo was blocked with debris....mostly trash that had been dumped down the arroyo. This caused great flooding down Rio Zula, the street Tabarka is located on. Hence the parking lot was a sea of mud, and all the Mexican homes just north of Tabarka were completely flooded. The dogs were thee because they had nowhere to go due to the flooding. I can tell you that Tabarka has had a road grader smoothing out the parking lot this week, and they want to resurface it, but the arroyo is still clogged with garbage. Please read my posting regarding the trash issue we have here at Lakeside, and perhaps you can help with some solutions! Thanks!
  10. We just retired to Ajijic and have been wondering about the trash/litter problem. We enter the Carreterra at Rio Bravo, and have been astonished by the amount of trash being dumped at the corner. It seems like whole truckloads including furntiure and construction waste are being abandoned there. During the last rain storm the arroyo near Rio Bravo was totally clogged by what appeared to be construction debris and trash....this was noted as pieces of concrete and wire plus plastic bottles were streaming down Rio Bravo and Calle Ocampo. We're having some remodelling done on our home, and we asked our Mexican contractor about this situation, and he indicated that there really is no dump for people to take trash to, so they dump it in the arroyos or wherever. Do the expats have a volunteer system to help clean up Lakeside? Does anyone know if there is a dump? Please let me know what you guys who have lived here longer know....and what we can do to make Lakeside clean and beautiful...thanks!
  11. Yes, All of the crossing was under construction when we drove down at the end of August. We crossed at Bridge #2, and being unfamiliar with the border, we just followed the narrow dirt construction road which led us to Customs, but not Immigration. We were checked out by Customs, and paid the 16% tax they wanted on a 27" Apple computer, but they did not check anything else, and there was no route going to Immigration, just a narrow dirt road into Nuevo Laredo. SO BEWARE....it's a mess, and you do need to go through Immigration to have your Passport stamped, but the roads are bad, and they have no indication as to how to get from Customs to Immigration. Fortunately, we have a good Immigration attorney here in Ajijic who helped us with the missing documention that we did not get at the border. The crossing did not take us very long, but then we only went through Customs, and not the full deal....and we were headed South, not North. I would just prepare for a longer crossing with not much communication between Customs and Immigration.
  12. FritzLeona, I'm not sure why you copied and pasted Lisa's email into this forum. No one except for Lisa knows what exactly happened, so you could also be harming a local business by spreading this around without the facts. Please consider deleting this until more facts are known. Suegarn, If there are more facts, Lisa should not have sent this notification out for public consumption. I don't think it would be my place to delete this, but Lisa's place to have never posted it without more facts. I am new to this area, and I find things like this to be very unpleasant and upsetting. (Were all those friends who warned me about the bad stuff in Mexico right?) I was hoping some of the longer term residents had some clues as to what this is about, how serious it is, and if I should be alarmed or not. Thank you for helping me to understand what is going on in Ajijic.
  13. Has anyone else received this?? Hola amigos, I received an invitation last week from Chapala’s Ministerio Publico to have a discussion with Yolanda (Yoli) Martinez Llamas, owner of an Ajijic beauty salon, and president of the Chapala Cruz Roja. Attendance was voluntary, and the invitation didn’t say what the subject matter was. I had no reason or purpose to meet with her, and was too busy working, so I didn’t attend. Oddly, I received word today that since I didn’t attend the meeting, the next step for me would be immigration. If this means deportation, then this is harassment. Unfortunately, local bullies and criminals often prefer to bribe corrupt officials using money and/or sex to harass people instead of being civilized. We all lose when that happens. Yes, we are just guests here, but we’re part of a community that we expect to have a basic decency. It’s a tourist town, after all, not the Wild West. So, can she really have me deported? I don’t know. I have anecdotal information that she has done it before. In this case, though, since you now know about this threat in advance, and since I have a pretty sizeable email distribution list that I can use from the US, she may decide against it. But, if she decides to use corruption instead of civility, at least the community will know which beauty salon to avoid. I'll keep you posted if this goes any further. Lisa Jorgensen
  14. Bennie2, I read your information, which states you are a social critic interested in cultural libertarianism, but you don't think the author of this book should approach this issue from a social stand that benefits society and the community…rather you indorse she print a harmful misguided book and that is a "good thing". Perhaps you should change your description?
  15. We should all consider that it is important for all of the Lakeside residents to have a conversation about the existence of scams especially those targeting the elderly. Unfortunately this proposed book is NOT the way to have this conversation. If the author cared anything for the community, she would not be writing this book, instead she would be partnering with the community to solve the issues. I hate to suggest this, but the author has several businesses and perhaps we should encourage the community to cease patronizing them. One is a dress shop in the Bugambilla Plaza and the other is an online "news" publication called the "Lake Chapala Reporter". Perhaps if we don't buy into her views, and refuse to patronize her, she will get the message that this is not the right way to deal with this issue, and that all she is doing is harming the entire community.
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