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  1. I stayed with a friend at Hospital Country 2000 for 3 full days about a month ago, and then was replaced by other friends. There was a long leather sofa in the patient’s private room for me which was fine for sleeping. The hospital provided a blanket and pillow, but no sheets. There were plenty of nurses and doctors coming and going to check on the patient. My tasks involved sometimes using the buzzer to call the nurse when the IV machine beeped because it was running low, handing things to the patient, moving her pillow or blanket, talking to the doctor and communicating with friends. Dur
  2. I am glad to hear your experience. Initially we were told three O negative OR two O negative and one O positive donor were acceptable. A young Mexican friend who was O positive went to the Country 2000 blood bank this morning. Initially she was turned down because she was O positive. We were shocked because we thought we were complying with their request. Then the blood bank staff reconsidered and said they would take her. Then she was turned down again because some “blood level” was too low. The patient has two gringo friends who are O negative, but of course, they are too old. I a
  3. We need two O Negative blood donors for a patient who has already received blood during surgery. The requested donations are to replace the blood at the blood bank. The biggest restriction is that donors must be age 18-65 and be quite healthy. But there is an extensive list of specific requirements for donors that is too long to post here. It covers medications, diseases, surgery, dental work, alcohol and drugs, sometimes with specific waiting periods. You would be donating for a specific patient. If you are O Negative, age 65 or under, and willing to go to Hospital Country 2000 in
  4. Marlowe's Marvelous Market is on Encarnacion Rosa just north of Constitucion in Ajijic. Encarnacion Rosa is called Donata Guerra south of Constitution. The store has a Facebook page.
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