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  1. Birds used to fly into my picture window so I had it framed and replaced with four small windows. Looks fine & cheaper
  2. Max Eclipse time is more like 7:47 not 6:47 ..........no?
  3. CNN International in English 24 hours daily plus Bloomberg on Dish TV 237 pesos monthly. Many other English Station plus Fox Sports ESPN and more. They have a booth at Soreanos Spanish CNN is also included in the 237 peso package. It's the step above the basic Dish service.
  4. Walmart. Also Soriano -- Inflateable $9,999 pesos - looks and works great
  5. I've heard that there are actually more Canadians here but for less than 6 months so they don't lose there medical benefits - and thus are not counted as permanent. Americans keep their benefits forever no matter for how long or where they live
  6. Look to me like it's Canadians who saw the largest increase in Deaths. I wonder why?
  7. Ugly? Go out to the statue -- turn around -- and get a different view of Chapala. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. I think it's BEAUTIFUL
  8. If you are a Canadian you are not a Gringo. Sorry. Canuck. Shop somewhere else. Lots of Canadians don't like American businesses. Go to Copels. They pay less
  9. could be the altitude. Try the beach for a week. If it improves, that's what it is. I go every few weeks and I am fine.
  10. Ck GDL Reporter my bad its a Mass not a Mem Service
  11. Don't know what to do. There is this big object over my casa. It appeared out of the lake. Now there is a beam drawing to it. Don't know what to do. They are sitting down for dinner. Think I'm the main course. Don't know what to do. Will broadcast as long as I can. Now I am
  12. a truly Great Dr. There is --- according to the GDL Reporter --- another Memorial Service this Thurs @ Francisco Church ( wherever that is ) in Chapala this Thurs ( no time given ) I'll be there if I can fid the time & place .......
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