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  1. Noise was from a Police party. I bought ear plugs. They work fine
  2. Might be a little dirty but there are REAL MERMAIDS out there. Honest they come out after dark in front of the Beer Garden. They are beautiful Before you go out make sure you have a shot of tequila. It’s a Mexican law
  3. Double Decker bus in front of Beer Garden on the Malecon ain’t bad.
  4. there was a lakeside UFO club a few years ago Does it still meet? Google Lake Chapala UFO Lots of posts and even a photo or 2
  5. Wheelchair bound seeks fax/scan/Internet cafe in Chapala Centro. Any help?
  6. Drop stamped envelope at Am Legion -- whomever is going to US next drops all letters in Airport US mail box. -- FREE. Never had a problem in over 30 years L
  7. My neighbor got his maid pregnant & didn't pay a peso. All he did was marry the girl. Two years later they seem happy with another on the way
  8. Typical Canadians Mark that was uncalled for. I, locking this topic Mod5
  9. Swatter Airlines is the BEST. Fly Swatter every chance you get
  10. Ever since I arrived to this solar system from Galaxy thirteen I also need a solar system tech Please help
  11. Am Legion but not every day. Only when they have a delivery or you schedule a pick up
  12. I have Dish but heard they have Internet. How do I get in touch with them? 

    They had an office in Sorianos but no more

  13. There has to be a law against this. Consider yourself warned. I'm reporting you
  14. My once barking dog now only quacks
  15. I am.also looking to adopt a Mexican lady. She must cook and be between 21 & 31. Thanks
  16. Not too many Mexicans flocking to live in Canada or Italy. Mexicans love Americans here because they TIP
  17. Canada & Italy are good friends of Mexico? Be serious. You find too many Mexicans flocking to either country. Americans tip. That's why they are loved here

  18. Italian City ranked 60 in the crime stats and Canada can claim 43.What's the point?
  19. Thanks Bisbee Gal I stand corrected - They were visitors as I recall and had just arrived from Canada. Couldn't find the article on GDL Reporter Archives but I remember the comments: "Don't complain about the music. This is Mexico not Canada"
  20. Not that funny (lol?) Actually the last non Mx murders here at lakeside were 2 Canadians who complained about the loud music of construction workers next door. Next day they were robbed & killed (about a year ago) Warning says beware of kidnappings. Do you really think yelling "I'm from Canada" will help?
  21. Most crime is not reported. Be concerned. Very dangerous. Cancel trip
  22. As a college student I used to inject monkeys with drugs to see if they died before the drug manufacturer went to the FDA for permission to do human trials. Some died. I thought this was cruel until my boss said "would you prefer we conduct human trials 1st?" Great video. A true Art Form. Bull meat is given to hospitals orphanages prisons etc so you are actually doing a community service when you buy your tickets. Plus it's a show. Better than cock fights.
  23. There a place in Jojo and another in W Ajiji Any place closer to Chapala or better yet someone who makes house calls?
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