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  1. I understand your concern, but there is an open door for us tu improve our food (and there always will be) and now we have a something to focus on. And still, I want to invite all your guys to give it a try, maybe you can join us this saturday to hear some good live music, also, because this dĂșo has never play at lake Chapala before and they are really good. Regards.
  2. Because we want to celebrate with you, come to Burgueria de la Ribera and we will give you 10% off your total bill if you show us your Canadian ID, EH?
  3. Tomorrow night (Saturday 2nd of july) Daniel Cordero is going to perform for us, its a one-man-band performer. acoustic rock, he has a repertory of about 800 songs english and spanish, rock, pop, reggae, funk... and from the 50`s to this days. we are still looking for something interesting to offer next Saturday, but will keep you inform of who is coming
  4. We are open tuesday to sunday, tuesday-friday 1:30pm - 11pm, saturday 1:30pm - 2am sundays 1:30om - 9pm
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