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  1. The Monday 9Am men on the hill will miss you forever.
  2. bosscast.net I use this site a lot. I stream a hockey and football game on 2 laptop at the same time.
  3. Carmen Canales FUMI-TECH Carmen 333 369 3737 Luis 333 100 9027 email fumitechmx@gmail.com very good and reasonable pr[ce
  4. so I guess your answer is NO you have not had work done by this 12 year old.
  5. anyone out there had any work done by a very young dentist (Dennisse Boanegia)at dental express???????
  6. nutz

    cell calls

    It's so easy to get you folks off track. fake news about Apple vs Samsung................all I asked was HAS ANYONE HAD ANY ISSUES WITH THE 333 OR 331 PREFIXES. PERIOD
  7. nutz

    cell calls

    a note 4 is a cell phone.......just as a point of interest the new Samsung is out selling and out performing the newest Apple... take a bite out of that
  8. nutz

    cell calls

    anyone having issues calling 331 & 333 areas on their cell phones. when calling these exchanges it goes right to voice mail...using a samsung note 4 no problems till yesterday????????????
  9. nutz

    meat pie

    Thanks., will give her a call
  10. nutz

    meat pie

    I don't need info . I need pies!!!!!!!!
  11. nutz

    meat pie

    does anyone out there know where to get real French Canadian meat pies for Christmas. I don't know French so can't spell the real name of the pies.
  12. as a long time Canadian I had no idea ... thanks so much
  13. Good luck in your new venture. Perhaps someone on this board could explain to me what a Canadian butter tart is as opposed to any other butter tart.
  14. nutz

    water heater

    Anyone out there have a handyman familiar with gas water heaters?? Preferably english speaking ...
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