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  1. 1 person needed to share mail box at Ishop.
  2. Clear Choice i an app on my firestick programed by the gadgetsguy stated above, picture is crystal clear, the price is reasonable for what I receive. More channels than I can imagine. For anyone to say it's not a good service should perhaps go to another provider.
  3. Lakeside TV has clear choice , works great as long as internet is available. info@thegadgetsguy.com 24.95/month USD.
  4. Anyone having issues with Telcel this morning,, my phone says not registered on network???
  5. I too stopped going to her, my issues always turned out to be cost related, the plan she offered one day turned out not to exist. Fed up with her excuses. Went to a 249 monthly plan and was able to use it in Canada, she promised the 200 peso package would work in Canada , wrong would not work. The package purchased at main office (Centro laguna) works in Canada. No more ANNA!!!!!
  6. Lakeside TV 317 268 8390 info@thegadgetsguy.com
  7. A friend and I had lunch Saturday at the new Al Mergi. Located in the walk through at Plaza Bugambilias Ajijic. Had butter chicken my friend ordered Ginger chicken, spiced to our liking a #4 on a scale of 0 to 10. Was perfect, not overpowering. i30p and 140p respectively. The rice was tasty, not all sticky. Served in separate dishes so we could share. Nan included, neither my friend or I eat bread so we passed on the nan. Would recommend trying them out. Something a little different. The staff are friendly very accommodating to our taste buds. Will defiantly go back again
  8. yes, he still comes to LCS. Mondays after 10, some Saturdays too. Just got hearing aids erom him few weeks ago. You can call or Whatsapp him at 331 511 4088 Dr Polo
  9. Orange and White , answers to Nacho in the Camino Al Rincon area. Sorry I do not have photo. 3322528093
  10. Anyone have any experience with BX+ Ve Por Mas. New to this area I believe....
  11. Further to the above,, Memo is a vet and owns horses himself...
  12. I would give Memo a call half a block east of Colon on Constitution. 3334974097
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